Alpha Bio implants: advantages, disadvantages, reviews

Israeli Alpha Bio implants are among the leading manufacturers of dental prosthetics. Reviews say the undoubted benefits, but they have certain disadvantages.

Also describe the process and the installation of structures, types of implants of this brand, know the cost and contraindications to the installation.


Implant system Alpha Bio made in Israel, but are popular all over the world. The company is constantly improving its products, manufactures not only implants, but the surgical kits to install them.

Each product before using tested. Exercising control over quality, manufacturer Alpha Bio firmly holds its positions in the world market.

What material the implants are made? Most of the products are made of titanium, but sometimes there are other materials. Regardless, Alpha Bio products are always of high quality and reliability.

Intergrowth with bone tissue is provided by the porous surface of the implant and the natural shape of the insert contributes to the safest possible implantation. The lack of bone density kompensiruet with adjustable shape, which allows the installation immediately after removal of the tooth.

Types and characteristics

Product catalog Alpha Bio contains a solid range of implants for all occasions. Differences in the shape of the design implemented with the purpose of their correct selection for each individual patient. The name of the structure is used together with an English acronym.

Arrow Press (all arrp)

Apply in the case of bone tissue of low density. The prosthesis has a conical shape and is initially connected to the abutment, thereby reducing the process of installation. Some of the features of these implants:

  • option one-step installation;
  • combined with removable dentures;
  • the design features ensure the reliable fastening of the implant in the bone tissue of the jaw;
  • self-tapping thread allows you to adjust the design during installation.
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Spiral (SPI)

This kind is suitable in the case of a very narrow jawbone. The spiral shape allows to implant it in patients with very high tissue sensitivity.

  • single-stage installation;
  • option samobrazovaniya and seminarski;
  • the possibility of adjusting the prosthesis during installation.

Dual Fit (DFI)

Indicated for implantation in the fragile bone tissue, where it is securely fastened with a double thread. Its characteristic features include:

  • simplicity and reliability in installation;
  • strong fastening in the bone tissue in the early stages of installation;
  • self-tapping thread.

Alpha-Tech (ATID)

Universal implant from Alpha Bio. Has a porous surface, which ensures reliable fixing in the bone tissue immediately after installation.

  • minimal chance of rejection of the structure and a weak load to the bone tissue;
  • self-tapping thread;
  • reliable primary fixation.

Characteristic features of all types of implants alpha-Bio is the presence of a self-tapping thread and versatility in any bone density. These factors provide a loose structure on all stages of the installation.

The advantages and disadvantages of implants Alpha Bio

As in any other implants, Alpha Bio designs have their pros and cons. The former include:

  • reliability and safety during installation and during use, which is achieved through the inspection of goods by the manufacturer;
  • installation on any parts of the dentition;
  • aesthetic appearance and affordable price;
  • long service life and a wide range of designs that will suit any patient;
  • with implants the manufacturer offers the tools to install them;
  • low chance of rejection of the structures due to the use of modern technology and materials (titanium);
  • no need for preliminary preparation of the jaw for the implantation of the implant;
  • a small number of contraindications, rapid rehabilitation after installation.
  • installation of structures immediately after tooth extraction.
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Such a large amount of benefits does not mean the absence of faults and considerably less:

  • the impossibility of implantation of the implants without surgical intervention and of cutting the soft tissue;
  • the need for highly skilled dentists to correct installation.


Despite the high quality of implants and the universality of their application, they have a number of contraindications:

  • circulatory system diseases (problems with blood clotting, disorders of blood-forming organs);
  • complex disorders of the Central nervous system, Oncology;
  • teeth grinding;
  • problems with connective tissue;
  • acute diseases of the oral cavity;
  • a high number of bacteria in the mouth, lack of hygiene;
  • pathology of the structure of the teeth-jaw system.

Some of these limitations can be temporary and eliminated through targeted treatment (diseases of the oral cavity), but it is not recommended to install the implants, if there is at least one of the above factors.

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Anton, 39 years old

«A few years ago, established implants alpha bio. Remember, choosing then between them and the production company Nobel. Choose the first solely because of the fact that they were cheaper and in that time have never regretted. Was some discomfort, but only in the first few days after installation. The doctor said that the prosthesis can be loaded almost immediately, but I tried to chew on the opposite side of the jaw a few more days. I recommend to all!».

Margaret, 45 years

«In my 45 years had a huge problem with dentition and decided to go to a dental clinic. The doctor said that I have a very thin bone, but dental implants alpha Bio should be good for me. Means that I then was, had only 3 teeth, but the healing process went very well. Now plan to install two».

Nicholas, 37 years

«A year ago, set alpha bio. Was pleasantly surprised by the price and duration of installation, which took less than 30 minutes. The implant was installed in the hole of a recently extracted tooth. At first, the sensation was not very pleasant, but the pain itself was not and after surgery, any discomfort I felt. The doctor said regular rinsing, I carefully did, although mi was feeling great».

Further questions

► Counterparts

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The closest in quality are Swiss and German Nobel implants Ankylos. It should be noted that they are much more expensive.

► A comparison of implant Nobel alpha Bio

They are about the same in quality, with a slight preponderance of products Nobel. It offers high-tech implants over a wide range. This affects the price, since implants Israeli firms are three times cheaper than the Swiss.

► How much is alpha Bio?

The price will vary depending on their type and clinics where they are installed, but is around 10 thousand rubles. This includes the cost both for the implant itself and for the work of the dentist, depending on the use of additional funds it may increase. Scrip is certainly not small, but it’s much cheaper than other foreign manufacturers.