Braces and Clarity SL Advanced: benefits, price, reviews

Quite popular systems of bite correction are Clarity SL braces and Advanced. Will discuss their advantages over other designs, prices with the installation in the clinic and reviews of patients who have already cured their problems with them.

Crooked teeth do not paint a smile, and a broken bite leads to health problems. But to treat this defect accounts for a long time and throughout this period a person wants to look their best and not feel any discomfort. Therefore, the choice often falls on the comfortable and nearly invisible options of products.

Design features

Manufacturer 3M Unitek tried to develop the most comfortable and most discreet system of orthodontic treatment and releases it in a series of articles called Clarity (Klariti).

Its reputation among physicians and patients of these constructions has earned through well thought-out technological features:

  • Used for the production of fine ceramics having a high strength and the shade blends with the natural color of the teeth.
  • But the roasting process provides a matte surface that does not reflect sunlight and does not attract outside attention.
  • Miniature size products capable of delivering a minimum of discomfort to the patient and significantly reduce the period of adjustment. They are virtually invisible to others, easy operation and hygienic processing.
  • Perfectly polished surfaces, absence of sharp corners prevents any damage to the soft tissues of the mouth when wearing braces, even in a period of adaptation.
  • Anatomical designed shape of the product helps to better adhesion with the tissues, as the surface of the plates and the teeth is in contact, without creating unnecessary gaps.
  • Due to the presence in the structure of the design of the hub voltage, it is easy to remove from the teeth at the proper time without the use of additional tools and risks damage to the enamel.
  • The presence of a metal groove and self-ligating attachment provides the strength of fixation of all elements among themselves and the absence of any friction of the parts, which speeds up and simplifies the treatment process.
  • The use of special adhesive for gluing of ceramic plates helps to keep the enamel healthy, to minimize the ingress of bacteria between the elements of the design and significantly reduce system installation time. It is applied in a thin layer, just adjusting the right amount, and the resulting space is easily filled for improved protection and fixation.
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Of the latest and popular variants of the company offers such products:

  1. Clarity SL self-ligating design using lock clips, and special schemes for easy removal of all items at the end of treatment. The arc is mounted in the groove due to the comfortable spring and lock, which enhances the corrective effect and minimizes the friction of parts between them. Anatomical contours, smoothed and polished surface maximize patient comfort while wearing the design. It is believed that due to the self-ligating fixing open groove metal treatment process is reduced by 25%.
  2. Clarity Advanced – the latest developments of the company, which is the most aesthetically pleasing looks on the teeth. Due to the low profile, minimum size, and the manufacture of ceramics almost all elements of the design, its virtually invisible when smiling or talking. Of the metal parts remains only the thin arch, fastening the plates together.


Advantages and disadvantages

Due to the used production technology data system braces have a distinctive advantages:

  • high levels of aesthetics while wearing due to the natural shade of the ceramics;
  • in the use of colour food plates and any other structural elements are not painted;
  • the high strength of the products;
  • self-ligating attachment speeds up the healing process and makes it more comfortable;
  • because of the reduced number of fasteners, all care for your teeth and design is quite simple;
  • also with the ease of installation and removal of the plates in the dentist’s office;
  • sleek lines and minimal product dimensions help you quickly adapt to the system without disturbing the diction of a smile and without causing trauma to the mucosa.

Among the minuses can be noted a higher value than metal structures, which is justified due to the «invisibility» of items and more neat appearance.

And we must remember that though such ceramics and has additional strength, with solid products should be careful, and it is desirable not to exclude them from the diet while wearing braces.

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The nuances of the installation

There are no special difficulties in mounting and removing such structures are foreseen as the technology of their fixation designed maximum. You need to pass the usual stages, similar to other systems:

  1. Initial examination of the oral cavity, the installation defect of the complexities of bite, especially the location of dental units.
  2. The surface of the hard tissue advanced scan for accurate diagnosis and selection of each item.
  3. Removed the casts of the jaws to simulate the process of treatment.
  4. In the lab, create all of the braces, maximum producing them for effective correction.
  5. Produce sanitation of the oral cavity and thoroughly clean the surface of plaque, stone, bacteria, and treated, if necessary, carious disease.
  6. Enamel pre-treated with a special polishing paste, and the braces themselves cause a special adhesive glue.
  7. Attach the plates in the right places and pull them together into an arc one.

The whole process of installation may take from one hour to one and a half and it is completely painless.

How to care and wear?

Typically, patients come to the dentist in the treatment process braces very often with the following complaints:

  • design rubs the mucosa, ulcers develop arc or the sharp corners of castles scratched;
  • the interdental space is itchy;
  • the teeth themselves can get sick from excessive pressure;
  • breaks diction and have difficulty in getting used to the product;
  • ligatures are stretched and should be replaced, and the position of the arc to adjust.

Due to the peculiarities of production and the latest technology of braces Clarity cause minimum discomfort in the process of operation, so the doctor will have to apply much less often. Self-ligating system also implies the lack of need to constantly change alloys and arc, which simplifies the overall care of the design.

Still, the doctor will give some General guidelines for proper use of braces:

  • to avoid very hard or sticky foods;
  • do not attempt to adjust any elements;
  • to make the appliance and teeth after each meal special devices – special brush, Waterpik and more likely to use mouthwash.
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Periodically still need to come to the appointment with the specialist who will control the process of bite correction, to monitor the state of the structure and health of the oral cavity. Only in this case we can speak about a full and proper treatment with the foreseen, the ideal result.

Video: fixing brackets Clarity.


In addition to the cost of the product, when you pay in the dental office should take into consideration ancillary services:

  • the work of a doctor during the installation of the structure;
  • diagnostic procedures;
  • professional teeth cleaning;
  • additional treatment;
  • specialist advice in the process of wearing braces, their correction or repair.

Total price for ceramic design firms Clarity on one jaw will cost 45-60 thousand rubles, but in prestigious hospitals such amount may be more.



Once in adolescence, resisted the installation of braces. Now, understand what treatment is necessary and chose invisible ceramic options. Of course, nuts with them, not chew, but I am absolutely not ashamed of their smile, even with similar designs on the teeth.


Very worried about correcting the bite, because a few years had to wear a plate. But prescribed by the doctor products Clarity was very comfortable and almost invisible. I quickly got used, and after a few months and the teeth are smoother.


Set such of his daughter. She is very happy, because the braces do not attract intense attention, and the treatment process takes place almost imperceptibly. Teeth become straighter.