Braces during pregnancy: is it possible to put and carry reviews

Many women are interested in the ratio of doctors to the braces during pregnancy. Is it possible to put and carry them in this delicate period, the opinions of girls who already tried such a combination. Is orthodontic treatment a risk to the fetus or expectant mother?

And though it is impossible to predict the result of the correction of the bite in such a difficult for women time, and especially to give generic advice, you need to weigh the pros and cons that may arise.

Compatible pregnancy and braces? For and against

Since the period of carrying a child to every woman in its own style and is highly unpredictable, you need to consider all the individual characteristics of its condition. Therefore, the final decision is made by the attending physician based on collected analyses of health and emotional disposition of the patient.

We will try to outline some of the advantages and disadvantages of such a treatment is at this moment a woman’s life. So, pros are the following factors:

  • at this time, social contacts are significantly reduced that would not cause psychological discomfort from wearing design;
  • enhanced nutrition, vitamins and careful selection of products has a positive effect on the health and strength of teeth;
  • even without braces she should conduct a qualitative and a full treatment of dental diseases and other dental problems;
  • the reduction of activity in pregnancy is good for portability orthodontic appliances;
  • released more time for myself and visiting the dentist;
  • the availability of systematic care of the oral cavity, the woman pays more attention to their health and adhere to medical recommendations.

But there are serious contraindications, which speak in favor of having to wait with treatment of occlusion to the end of carrying a child:

  • body burden becomes so great that to cope even with the correction of malocclusion, it can be difficult;
  • when hormonal changes and General weakness risks of complications increase significantly;
  • discomfort in the process of correction may increase the nervousness of the pregnant woman and to provoke nervous breakdowns;
  • due to the active recoil all the vitamins and minerals the fetus, a woman’s body is not getting the right amount of calcium and fluorine, which has a negative impact on the enamel, it becomes thinner and becomes brittle;
  • you receive a soft bone tissue, which may cause unpredictable results from mechanical damage to the roots of the teeth.

The majority of doctors-orthodontists opposed to having to put braces for pregnant women because of risks and difficulties are much greater than the possible pluses. In the end, if the woman did not correct the bite or crooked teeth, standing before this time, it does not matter if she can wait another year or so to pursue orthodontic treatment.

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What can be complications with the installation?

By itself, pregnancy is a high load on the entire body of a woman. Braces will only increase discomfort and cause a number of difficulties, to endure them without the need to anything. And even today most of the diagnostic procedures, manipulation and ways of dental treatment are gentle enough, to carry with them is not worth it.

So, at the preparatory stage, the woman should undergo x-ray examination that during pregnancy is strictly prohibited. Even with minimal exposure it can cause underdevelopment of the fetus. The installation of braces is also not very pleasant procedure, during which you also need to sit a long time in one position. A pregnant woman stand it will be extremely difficult.

And yet, there are risks of complications, much more serious, which can lead to irreversible consequences:

  1. The violation of the root structure of the teeth – due to the lack of mineral trace elements and pressure braces form the roots may unexpectedly change, if not decrease.
  2. Inflammation of bone tissue – a weakened immune system, and also intense displacement of teeth will lead to pathological changes treated would be very difficult and painful.
  3. Even the process of gestation that orthodontic treatment will have a negative impact – unstable emotional state and General discomfort from awkward design, discomfort during the professional cleaning of surfaces and the installation process will lead to psychological strain.
  4. Malnutrition – known fact that adaptation, and the whole period of wearing braces requires a special approach in the selection of products. Many of them will have to give that may lead to a lack of vitamins needed for the fetus and woman.
  5. Hormonal disruptions and surges will lead to unexpected results, and without x-rays to monitor their doctor will be able.

Is it possible to wear braces during pregnancy?

A separate topic is the situation when the installed orthodontic design the woman prior to the scheduled expiration of treatment found himself in a delicate position. What you should do in this case?

Doctors decide these issues individually. In a lot of it depends on the physical and mental condition of the patient, parameters of the fetus and the availability of the micronutrients in a woman’s body, etc. Universal answer in this case, it is all about the specialist.

It happens that the braces began to fall away as the enamel has become more fragile and can not withstand mechanical loads. Or to endure the discomfort, the patient can not. Then the doctors figure out how to consolidate the achieved results and move it to a later date.

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And the majority of women easily tolerate such treatment even in position and does not suffer from the presence of complex structures in the mouth. They combine malocclusion and child bearing, and from the decree come out with a dazzling smile.

Does the term pregnant?

The decision on whether to bet or not right now braces the woman is largely influenced by the term of gestation. The first trimester is the most dangerous for any intervention. Even to treat caries in this period is undesirable as it can cause various problems.

In the third trimester is also particularly neat about any of the effects, because of stressful experiences, severe discomfort, unnecessary medical intervention or even medication premature birth can begin.

Highlights of the second trimester of pregnancy, when the fetus is highly protected by the placenta, and the emotional state of a woman comes back to normal. It was during this period allowed dental treatment and installation of orthodontic appliances, which will be held with the least impact on the fetus and female patient.

Preservation procedures

In the case where it is obvious the negative impact of the braces on the condition of the pregnant woman or fetus, the decision on their withdrawal. But in order to secure the achieved result prescribed the wearing of retainers is a special silicone trays able to hold the position of the teeth.

To wearing them you will have until the birth and then for some time until it will occur breast-feeding. After this period the installation and wearing of braces is also considered to be a bad decision. Only after all the hormonal changes in a woman’s body, it is possible to continue treatment of the bite.

Change orthodontic procedures

In those cases when the wearing of braces is not a contraindication and is easily combined with pregnancy, something needs to change. Doctors particularly insist on such rules:

  • Visit to the dental office is becoming more frequent and mandatory. The specialist should carefully monitor the condition of the teeth, their position and react to unexpected changes.
  • The self in this period is completely eliminated. Any complaints should immediately contact your doctor.
  • Requires special attention to the oral cavity and set design. You need to clean them with a toothbrush, paste, irrigator, pipe cleaners, yarns and other accessories after each meal.
  • Especially it is necessary to treat the diet. Consult your doctor which foods to prefer, to simultaneously preserve the integrity of the structure and to saturate the body with necessary trace elements and vitamins.
  • Arc the doctor will change less frequently, which will increase the time of wearing braces, but it is necessary for a gentle impact. The tension should be minimized so as not to overload the nervous system.
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Recommendations for expectant mothers

It is very important to listen to the person who is watching you. Only he has the right to decide whether to continue or to start orthodontic treatment, or it will have to wait. If there are risks to the unborn child or the state of your teeth, it is best to postpone the treatment of the bite for a year or two. Because the consequences can be serious and irreversible.

If you decide to install braces during pregnancy, to carry out all diagnostic procedures and sanitation of the oral cavity is necessary prior to its occurrence. So, you will protect yourself and the unborn child.

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My pregnancy was caught by surprise in the middle of the malocclusion treatment. And even though the doctor said that it is better to withdraw from the design and then continue, I still decided to bring the system to the end. Fortunately, my body was moved this process easy. Before the birth got my braces off finally.


Long could not decide on correction of the bite, and still wanted a child. Thought possible to combine these two complex cases, to have to go to work in all its glory. But the doctor recommended first to give birth, and then to engage the teeth.


I wore braces for about six months, then got pregnant. I had to remove them, so as to withstand the total load simply could not. The doctor gave special splints, which I wore the whole period before the birth and then while feeding the baby. Now going to install braces to continue the treatment.