Calendula tincture for gargling: how to breed?

Calendula tincture for gargling is the most popular natural remedy because how to build pharmacy infusion, is known to many, and it will not be difficult. Calendula or marigold officinalis is an annual plant that has nutrients. Among them, volatile, carotenoids, arnidiol, calendar, lutein and organic acids.

Doctors often prescribed this remedy, because it has a high efficiency. Propulsive mouth and throat, you can reduce the pain, discomfort, to reduce discomfort when swallowing and remove the accumulated mucous masses from the nasopharynx.

The description of the drug

The pharmaceutical industry produces a calendula tincture, aqueous or alcoholic, the ratio of raw material and liquid is 1:10.

It is used to rinse the mouth and throat, to wipe abrasions and contusions, the treatment of wounds and the manufacture of compresses. Tincture of calendula is well-known for the treatment of colds, SARS and female diseases.

The tool has different actions:

  1. Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.
  2. Analgesic.
  3. Binder.
  4. Tonic.
  5. Immunostimulant.
  6. Wound healing.


Tincture of calendula is widely spread as a drug, and it is also used for cosmetic purposes:

  • when infectious-inflammatory lesions of the eardrum and the outer ear Department of calendula is used for backfilling;
  • when purulent and inflammatory diseases of the pharynx and larynx, and also for sore throat, infusion of flowers used as a rinse;
  • gynecological diseases, such as erosion and colpitis recommended douching water decoction of marigold;
  • inflammatory processes in the mucosa of the oral cavity subside after performing mouth trays;
  • when violation of the health of hair produced them rinse;
  • cutaneous lesions are well eliminated after applying the compresses.


The only absolute contraindication to the use of tincture of calendula is an allergic reaction to the base material.

  1. In children and pregnant women apply nails, made of water-based.
  2. Patients with low blood pressure should use the drug with caution.
  3. Bronchial asthma medicinal tincture is allowed to be used for medicinal purposes, however, carefully monitor the reaction of the organism to the plant.

How to gargle with calendula tincture?

In order for a healing potion of calendula made up all the difficult to access areas, you must observe the technique of rinsing:

  • preparation for full contact of the drug with the mucous membrane of the throat should be rinsed with water to remove the lumps of mucus;
  • the methodology of dial in my mouth ready solution, move the head back in such a position that his chin was on top, and the neck stretched out in a line with it, intensively and gargle for half a minute. To implement good access, language lift and say the sound «a» liquid to swallow;
  • the features of the — for the effectiveness of the procedure power rinse should be sufficient for the elution of all the folds of the mucosa, and the temperature of the solution is comfortable, while not causing burns and hypothermia;
  • regularity – for treatment it is necessary to rinse up to 8 times a day.
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The method of using medicinal calendula applicable in adults and in children. However, rinsing the child is under parental control.

Usage instructions

If the doctor recommended for the treatment of diseases of the throat use calendula, in most cases it is used in any of the three presented in the pharmacy.

  1. Alcohol tincture of calendula flowers in a dark glass container with a volume of 40-50 ml.
  2. The water infusion.
  3. Dry flowers of marigold.

For rinsing it is better to apply water infusion of a plant, it can be purchased at a pharmacy or make your own. It has a gentle action and has anti-inflammatory efficiency.

When using a solution of alcohol should be read in the instructions how to breed, because the proportions of the drug and water can cause chemical burns and irritation. To obtain the final solution, take 250 ml of water, to which add 45-60 drops of alcohol tincture.

If you purchased the plant in the dried form, then pour boiling water over one filter pack and allow to stand for about 60 minutes.

How to prepare a calendula tincture at home?

Methods of prepare a medicinal infusion of marigold lot:

  • infusion on alcohol – mix 200 ml of alcohol and 10 grams of dry calendula, pour into a glass dish and left to stand for 14 days in a dark place;
  • traditional infusion – pour into a thermos flowers and pour hot water, after infuse for 4-5 hours, the product can be used for gargling and mouth;
  • a solution of salt in water tincture add 5 g of salt or baking soda, pre-filtered residue;
  • oil infusion – 4 tbsp. spoons of inflorescences pour 100 ml of olive oil and leave to saturate for 30 days. This tool can long remain in a dark place;
  • decoction to brew calendula flowers, place them in a container with enameled coating, cover with water, bring to boil and allow to cool.
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Application features angina

If worried about a sore throat, then gargle the mouth and throat, a good tincture of calendula. Dissolve a teaspoon of tincture in a glass of water (30-35 °C). The solution helps to reduce the inflammatory manifestations, pain relief, decontamination and disposal of gray-white plaque tonsils.

Treatment course lasts 7-10 days, and the frequency of daily rinsing reaches 5-6 times a day. If the soreness is gone before, it is not necessary to stop the treatment because the disease can return.

Yourself easy to prepare broth from the flowers of chamomile and calendula:

  • 4.5 g dried inflorescences of chamomile;
  • 3 g of flowers of calendula officinalis;
  • 500 ml of boiling water.

Pour water over a dry collection of medicinal plants and leave to infuse for one hour. After cooling to room temperature, and straining, you can begin rinsing.

Video: calendula tincture at home.


Ruslan, 32 years

Tincture of calendula I grew. Until now she’s always in the spring. At an early age, when I had a sore throat, grandma was bred infusion of marigold. A few days constant use – and the pain is gone. I and for your child often use this method.

Olga, 24 years

In the first trimester of pregnancy I got caught in the rain and cold. I was tormented by sore throat so severe that even swallowing saliva was a problem. Naturally, in my situation, I did not want to use chemical drugs, so I turned to folk medicine. On the website I found how to cook the broth yourself. Calendula flowers are cheap, so this method of treatment is not only effective, but also budget. After the first two days it became easier for me to swallow, pain diminished. It is a good treatment method is perfectly safe for baby and mom.

Svetlana, 39 years old

Spirituous extract of marigold, I recently discovered a whole new way. Used only if I have a sore throat. Friend the beautician told me that this tool cleans well zits. I tried, I really did. Reddened area was wiped with a cotton swab soaked in the drug. The next day, the redness decreased, after all, calendula is a good antiseptic and anti-inflammatory medication.

Further questions

► If you can gargle with calendula tincture during pregnancy?

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Pregnant women should not use many drugs in order to avoid harm to the baby, and calendula does not apply to such funds. The only thing better to apply water infusion. Phytotherapeutic drug is a good tool for the prevention of weakened immunity.

► Features gargling children

In children under 12 years of age is recommended to use water infusion. For the treatment of the throat the child should be able to rinse and not to swallow the broth, making sure that control procedures adults.

► Helps with stomatitis?

Calendula can relieve the inflammation, therefore, its use in stomatitis promotes effective healing of erosions and ulcers.