Ceramic braces: installation, cost, photos, reviews

Describe the ability to change the appearance of the smile with ceramic braces. About the peculiarities of installation and cost will elaborate and provide pictures and testimonials of successful results of orthodontic treatment.

Reluctance to smile, chat, meet, difficulties in promotion to more responsible posts, health problems are all consequences of malocclusion. Not surprisingly, at the forefront of his professional correction.

Features of ceramic braces

This system refers to aesthetic orthodontic structures capable of adjusting the position of the teeth in a row and the bite. For this purpose they are fixed on the upper and lower jaw in accordance with the position of each unit. Wearing braces takes about two years, sometimes longer, so it is not surprising that the way they look, comes to the fore.

Many people are embarrassed of metallic systems, which greatly detracts from the appearance of the smile and even refuse treatment because of this. With the advent of ceramic braces aesthetic problem was solved, because they are almost invisible on the teeth, and in some cases elements make even transparent.

The pros and cons

To understand what is the difference between ceramic braces from metal and other similar structures, highlight their key benefits:

  • aesthetic appearance provided by a similar tone plates with natural enamel;
  • the simplicity of adaptation, it passes much faster;
  • relatively affordable price compared to other invisible braces systems (sapphire, lingual, etc.);
  • ceramic does not cause Allergy, does not oxidize and does not harm the body by various exhalations;
  • due to the smooth surface and rounded shape of each element does not occur injury to hard and soft tissues in the mouth;
  • chosen shade brackets will remain the same and a few months after wearing, as it does not have properties to change color;
  • them easier to care for than, for example, for metal structures.

And yet, the systems are not perfect and have their drawbacks:

  • though adaptation is faster than with other materials, but the initial redness and some discomfort can not be avoided;
  • ceramics correction of the teeth will be a little longer;
  • the locking elements can themselves be marked or stained by colored foods and beverages;
  • the fragility of the material leads to breakage.

The before and after photos

The nuances of the design

The whole system is largely similar to the other, made of different materials. It has the following elements:

  1. Plates themselves, attached to each individual tooth. In this case, they are made of ceramics and are fixed with special orthodontic glue.
  2. An arc that connects all the elements together and making them one. It is responsible for the pressure plate, which ensures the reversal of the tooth in the desired direction. Usually made from metal, but for those who are shy about the appearance of braces color in the natural color of the enamel and then the whole design with white arc becomes completely invisible.
  3. The mounting system may be different. Doctors give the choice of a fixation with ligatures (rubber rings or metal wire) and without (self-regulating system) using a reliable miniature castles.
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Since the elements can be made of different materials, there are the following options for braces:

  • solid-ceramic plates – when all parts are made of the same material and did not stand out in appearance, but they have a greater fragility compared to other types;
  • system with metal locks – relates to self-ligating, self-regulating method of attachment; it holds all the elements in the desired position, greatly speeding up the correction process;
  • ceramic plate with metal grooves is actual fixation on the basis of a more durable material also is characterized by a reliability;
  • combined braces, which are connected between ceramic and metal, which greatly reduces cost, but helps to correct the bite.

Due to this connection of different materials together can achieve not only savings, but also to correct defects in the best way. So, the visible part of the set smile of a plate of ceramic, and the side adjust the normal metal. This method is more reliable and speeds up the whole treatment process.

Also it should tell you about the most popular brands offering a similar system of correcting the bite, to better understand which one to choose:

  1. American Damon-3 – the company’s product Ormco, self-ligating, so-called passive design. Their peculiarity is that they are small, almost imperceptible at conversation, and for ease of removal equipped with a special locking clip.
  2. Clarity Advanced APC – specially created for expedited treatment due to the presence of hub stress. The grooves of the mounting is made of metal that ensures greater reliability and durability of the product. For fixing plates to the teeth not to apply orthodontic adhesive, which significantly reduces installation time.
  3. Reflections – the production of Ortho Technology. This actual design is made in a special form called «dovetail». They are easily attached to the jaw and do not require additional fixing elements. Wearing comfort is ensured due to the small size of the plates.
  4. Mistique – products of the American manufacturer GAC. Made of reinforced ceramics, which significantly affects their strength. Coating of silicone makes the system almost transparent and invisible to others.
  5. QuickKlear German designs on the basis of specially developed ceramic composition, which is absolutely not visible on the teeth. At the same time for fastening the metal clips with a self-regulatory basis, and the plate to the teeth prepisovanja due to the special coating.

Installation of ceramic braces

To correctly carry out a full orthodontic treatment, the doctor and patient must pass a number of important steps:

  1. Examination of the oral cavity, installation problems, and development of a plan of correction.
  2. Treatment of dental diseases.
  3. The dentist creates a plaster model of the patient’s jaw and makes x-ray diagnosis.
  4. Very important before installing the braces to perform a professional cleaning to remove Tartar and to eliminate possible bacteria in hard to reach places.
  5. Next is the installation process itself, wherein the surface of the teeth treated in a special way, she fixed the plate with glue or clasps and photopolymer lamp.
  6. Pull together the whole system arc, locking her chosen method – with or without ligatures. The edges of the remaining wire bite forceps.
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Feeling after the procedure

Though the installation process takes longer than an hour of time, but it is painless for the patient. The most difficult is the adjustment period when two days later after fixing the plates begin discomfort – pain when chewing, a sense of tension in the jaw. Doctors recommend at this time to only eat soft and mashed food.

Sometimes adaptation is accompanied by rubbing of the mucosa that can be easily removed special orthodontic wax. After applying to the affected area accelerating the healing process and over time the soft tissues become accustomed to the product.

How to care?

Many patients are concerned about the question of how to wear this system and how to clean the teeth and the design itself? It should be noted that depending on the complexity of the defect and the magnitude of the malocclusion, the treatment can last for a different period, but usually it is 2-3 years.

Care braces systems is not particularly difficult, but it requires the observance of certain rules:

  • for the sake of preserving the integrity of the ceramic plates should refuse solid foods;
  • it is also impossible to achieve the purity of the surface, if you eat sticky foods – prunes, chewing gum, candy «toffee», etc.;
  • after each meal is desirable to use dental floss for cleaning interdental areas and to rinse mouth with antibacterial solution;
  • to treat the surface of the teeth now, will not brush, special brush, holding it vertically for improved cleansing of the entire surface;
  • for better treatment doctors also recommend to use a Waterpik;
  • regularly come for a visit to the dentist, especially if there is suspected damage to any item, do the repair and edit the design by yourself is prohibited.

With adequate respect and avoidance of congestion on the system can achieve its long-term operation, when repair for the entire period of treatment is not required.

Video: about the ceramic braces.


To determine how much are ceramic braces, you need to focus on the pricing policy of the clinic in which you will install the selected kind of design and mounting, as well as the manufacturer. In each variant the cost will vary.

We give the average figures for Moscow:

Name braces Price
Damon-3 70-80 thousand rubles
Clarity Advanced APC 70 000-90 000
Reflections from 60 thousand
Mistique 30 000 rubles
QuickKlear from 65 000
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This is the minimum amount that will be spent on the installation of the design on one jaw. Although there is a VIP-dentistry, where the cost will be two times higher.



As a teenager my parents wanted me to correct the bite. But ugly metal constructions refused. Now, with the help of ceramic system, to fix things on their own. Visually they are very neat look.


Long chose a suitable design, which could accommodate the teeth as it should. After all, a crooked smile nobody paints. Due to work among the people had to choose something inconspicuous. Of all available options of ceramic plates were the most affordable.


Carried by this bracket system a year and a half and by prom I had a dazzling smile. Though had to suffer at first from the discomfort, but now I’m glad its smooth and healthy teeth.


First, the doctor gave me ceramic design. But it quickly broke. I had to change it on a metal plate, so as to align the bite is still necessary, but ceramics can’t handle.


I wear this product for a year and it became evident that the teeth are positioned differently, more smoothly. And though the end of the treatment still not close, but the result is noticeable. But to care for them is not as difficult as initially thought.

Further questions

► What brackets are better: ceramic or metal?

Depending on your needs and priorities need to choose between these two materials. The first are considered more neat and inconspicuous in appearance, but they possess a fragility and slightly increase the correction of the malocclusion. But the metal, though visible in the mouth, but it is cheaper and due to the strength of the material can quickly put the teeth into place.

► The difference between ceramic braces and sapphire systems

Both the first and second are designed to adjust the bite and at the same time remain invisible to others. However, sapphire jewelry began to Shine in the bright sun or under strong lighting to reflect light. And yet there is a difference in price – ceramic is much cheaper.

► How to bleach them?

Since the material does not change the hue of the entire period of operation, and bleaching them is not necessary. If the food was painted some fasteners, the doctor they may be readily replaced.