Cyst on lip symptoms, causes, treatment, pictures

A cyst is a benign tumor that can affect any part of the body such as lip. Let us examine in the article the causes and symptoms, and treatment methods.

If time does not start treatment, then the disease process to worsen and the tumor will begin to affect the surrounding tissue.


Cyst well the lip is a soft, round shape fabric that absolutely does not show itself. She has a transparent color, and sizes reach 0,3-0,5 cm In delayed therapy, the tumor will become more dense, and its color is white. The external signs of the cyst are similar to fibroma

Affect the development of the following causes:

  • injury to salivary glands — this leads to the fact that the channel fails to break, and saliva remains in the channel and forms a kind of knot in it and focuses all the liquid. This tumor gradually increasing. The shell of the cyst, such as tumor growth occurs beyond the boundaries of connective tissue;
  • inflammation, which is formed as a result of trauma — formed a cyst on the lip can affect the person is absolutely at any age. In addition, growth can be hereditary;
  • the necrosis of the excretory ducts — this phenomenon leads to stagnation of saliva, therefore, creates favorable conditions for the formation of cysts or scar. Disturbed motion of the fluid and the wall of the duct is stretched.

An autopsy home is not recommended. This will lead to severe pain and the cyst will continue to grow, causing severe inflammation because of infections.


To accurate diagnosis, you need to determine what kind of cyst was formed on the salivary glands. In medical terminology there are the following types:

  1. Sublingual — it focuses on the hyoid and jaw muscles. Can affect the submandibular area. The size large that it interferes with normal talking and eating.
  2. Submandibular — she strikes the region of the submandibular triangle. When probing the cyst presents as a smooth rounded tumor. When it is increased in size it can affect the upper regions of the oral cavity. This leads to the displacement of the cyst in the sublingual region. In this case there is a malfunction sljunootdelitelnoe functions.
  3. Parotid cyst — this type of growth is diagnosed less often. It is located in the duct of the parotid gland. At a deep location of the cyst determine the fluctuation it is not possible. The reason for the formation of a parotid cyst is a mechanical damage, plugging, interlobular duct cancer and inflammation. In the first stages of the development of cysts is carried out without visible symptoms, and then the person experiences difficulty during mouth opening
  4. Ekstrawazata — this cyst is formed due to mechanical defect. Inside her formed granulation tissue. And its shell serves the salivary gland.
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A cyst on the lips can be identified by the following features:

  • at first, the size of tumors up to 1 cm.
  • growth growth is slow;
  • the cyst is rounded and spherical;
  • painful and unpleasant symptoms, moreover, that creates a feeling of a foreign body in the mouth;
  • if the growth is large, then the person in problematic eating and talking.


As a treatment?

Treatment of cyst on the lip is carried out in several ways:

  1. Surgery.
  2. Medicines.
  3. Folk remedies.

Let us examine in detail each of the methods.


To get rid of wart on the lip, it is necessary to conduct surgery. But not always, the doctors resort to this method of therapy. For a start, they suggest to wait a few days, as there is a possibility that the cyst will dissolve itself.

  1. Process cyst removal carried out surgically, and performs surgery dentist.
  2. For this, the patient is administered local anesthesia in the lip and after the surgery suture.
  3. After surgery for several days you may experience swelling of the lips.
  4. During the removal of the tumor the doctor needs to be very careful not to harm the thin shell of the cyst. If this happens, then all the liquid in it will flow and will be difficult to understand where the end of growth.
  5. If the cyst was not removed entirely, then there is a high likelihood of relapse. The second time the operation is performed to remove the salivary gland.

Today to remove a cyst on lip doctors use an innovative method of treatment is laser technology. Thanks to this procedure the risk of complications is minimized. The procedure lasts 30 minutes.

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The popularity of laser treatment due to the fact that there is no excessive bleeding and the damage of mucous membrane of salivary glands. These factors complicate the process and increase the duration of the operation. In addition, with conventional surgery, doctors use strong anesthetics. Laser therapy method relates to gentle, as it involves the use of anesthetics lower power operation, and it reduces the risk of complications.

Surgery laser is performed under local anesthesia, and then impose fine sutures, they will dissolve in a week. The contents of the build-up should be sent for histological examination, this procedure is required for the removal of various tumors. Through this diagnosis we can understand the nature of the tumor and the time to exclude complications. The operation lasts 40 minutes. Complete healing of the wound occurs in a month, and the likelihood of relapse is minimal.


Cure cyst on lip some medicines can’t. As a rule, apply them after surgery in order to speed up the healing process and prevent complications.

After it was removed the cyst, a specialist cleans and leaves a seam. It dissolves in a week. The patient has at home to treat the wound with chlorhexidine for disinfection.

After each meal causes ointment Furacin. It has a healing effect. Fully wound will last only six months. If the kill were small, the expected recovery is possible before. During the first few days after surgery, the patient will feel discomfort, difficulty in speaking and eating.

Video: the process of removal of retention cysts of the lower lip.

Folk remedies

To remove a cyst on the lip of folk ways. They can be used as prophylaxis or in combination with other therapies. The most effective include:

  • salt solution — must be placed in a glass of warm water a small amount of baking soda. To get the maximum effect possible, if you add a few drops of iodine. To use the solution for rinsing the oral cavity. To carry out such activities several times a day. The prepared solution has an excellent disinfecting effect and reduces inflammation, preventing the growth of distant tumors;
  • alcohol tincture of horseradish — should be crushed hell, put the pulp into alcohol and insist 3 days. Apply for rinsing. The solution has an antiseptic effect, removes foreign bacteria;
  • broth for cooking, you can use chamomile. Calendula, sage, oak bark, yarrow. Presented herbs you can combine or use separately. Prepared decoctions perfectly cropped inflammation and disinfect the mouth;
  • garlic since ancient times garlic was considered a great antiseptic product. Take a few cloves of garlic, chop them and put the pulp on the affected area of the lips. This product is great heals cracks and wounds, makes stronger gums;
  • the juice of Kalanchoe — plant leaf to turn into a pulp and apply it on the affected area of the lips. The juice has a healing effect and relieves inflammation;
  • tincture ficus — finely chop the leaves of the plants, send them in alcohol and wait 3 days. The resulting solution was diluted with water, moisten a cotton pad and apply to affected part of the lip.
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Further questions

► Code for ICD-10

Cysts of the mouth (К09.-).

► A cyst on your lip can pass on your own?

To get rid of a cyst on the lip only an operation, so by itself it can’t pass.

► To what doctor to address?

Treatment presented pathology deals with the dentist.