Damon braces (Clear, Q, 3): before and after photos, prices, reviews

An elegant solution for correction of malocclusion of teeth – orthodontic Damon braces (Clear, Q, 3): before and after photos, prices, reviews on the different models of readers.

Self-ligating design of the company Ormco (USA) became a real breakthrough in orthodontics. They have proven themselves as a way of correcting distal and mesial occlusion, achieve a beautiful smile, improving the shape of the face by connecting to the correction of the teeth forces the facial muscles.


Vestibular metal braces Ormco company different design features that reduce the load required for displacement of teeth, the formation of occlusion.

Designs require the presence of an element (a latch), the locking arch in the groove of the bracket. There are a large number of modifications of the latch from the device depends on how comfortable the patient feels in the chair of the orthodontist.

The Damon braces are used, the latch Tek Spin (Spin Tech) with unique characteristics, providing:

  • low friction design elements;
  • the alignment of the teeth under a small load, not causing compression of the blood vessels;
  • painless, safe treatment.

Low friction in the grooves of braces allows the arch to slide easily, naturally increasing the load on those areas where it is needed.

The benefits of installing

When you install Damon braces are usually not necessary to remove teeth. Even with strong crowding using the Damon system allows to achieve excellent results.

The advantages of using self-ligating braces include:

  • the reduction in total treatment time;
  • fewer corrections after installation are required to visit the orthodontist 1 every 4-6 weeks;
  • simple hygienic care.

Self-ligating braces Damon allowed for the treatment of children with 9-12 years. Apply Clear ceramic, and metal Q from this company.

The wear time depends on such factors as:

  1. The degree of curvature of the teeth.
  2. Age.

The minimum period of wearing braces Damon is 6 months, the result of the treatment becomes noticeable after 3 months after installation. Usually to correct bite requires 1 to 2 years.

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When using self-ligating brackets it is impossible to prevent the appearance of plaque on the latch. Turning it into Tartar can infer the cover mechanism out of action.

Video: braces daymon and their working principle.


► Myth 1 — Damon braces – the most comfortable of all.

In fact, to self-ligating system, the Damon System also includes the Smart Clip braces, Clarity SL. The snap lock mechanism developed by Smart Clip allows precise dosing of the supplied force to each tooth. The braces themselves Smart Clip feature high quality performance, almost unnoticeable when worn.

► Myth 2 — do not cause pain.

This view is mistaken. Braces sometimes cause severe pain that is due to the movement of teeth against their natural growth.

► Myth 3 — has no negative sides.

In fact, this quality plays a positive role in the beginning of treatment, some time after installation.

► Myth 4 — using the Damon System eliminates the need to remove teeth when severe crowding.

This view is mistaken. In some cases removal of teeth is carried out, if not removed, can cause problems:

  1. Exposure of the tooth neck.
  2. Periodontal disease.

► Myth 5 — the use of the Damon System eliminates the need to frequently visit the dentist.

To visit the dentist still have, especially in the later stages of treatment aligns the teeth still not braces, and the orthodontist. Without medical supervision to achieve the desired smile will not work.


The popularity of the Damon System is not only a unique design but also a wide range of products. The popularity of the company helped to win the following bracket system:

  • Damon Clear;
  • Damon 3;
  • Damon 3 mx;
  • Damon Q;
  • Damon Clear 2.

Damon Clear

The development of Ormco different set of exceptional qualities that distinguish it from other self-ligating orthodontic appliances. In the list of advantages of ceramic braces Damon Clear are:

  • protection from stains and discolorations due to the presence in the composition of polycrystalline alumina;
  • the use of laser etching to facilitate fixing of the structure, good adhesion of the enamel of the teeth, easy removal;
  • high-tech latch Spin Tek, which simplifies the change of arcs.
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Latch Spin Tek is equipped with a «sliding door», bevelled entrance to facilitate introduction/withdrawal of the arc. The lid opens easily, without pressure, without causing discomfort in the correction system.

At a constant wear braces do not cause any discomfort. This almost invisible design safe, discreet, easy to use and guarantees excellent results.

Video: sapphire or iron braces? The Damon System.

Damon 3

Model Damon 3 self-ligating, which provides for the use of passive efforts to correct the bite. The bracket is made of a material containing 40% metal, 60% ceramic.

The applied force is calculated in a way that does not disrupt the blood circulation, has a stimulating effect on the physiological processes of tissues.

Damon 3 mx

In the production of metal braces Damon 3 mx used the technology eliminates the use of ligatures. To hold the arc was improved lock mechanism.

The advantages of this model include its strength, the roundness of the component parts of the design, although design 3 is inferior to mx Clear.

Damon Q

Damon Q braces are durable, extremely small size, reliability. The model uses the updated lid design Spin Tek with the «sliding door».

The design uses the principle of passive ligation. This means that the lid does not press on the arch in the groove of the bracket, but only keeps it from slipping out. The system is very convenient for the orthodontist and the patient.

Damon Clear 2

Esthetic transparent model Damon Clear 2 based on Insignia technology that enables the use of 3D computer modeling to individually count and making braces to correct the bite.

Installing Clear 2, according to the manufacturer, it is possible to shorten the period of treatment, to exclude the improper tooth movement, worsening of side clamping and other possible errors.

Photos of braces and teeth before and after wearing them

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Anna Chebotareva, 26 years

Happy with the result. Improve not only the bite, but the shape of the face. Disappeared difficulty with diction, I began to feel more confident, freer in communicating.

Lyudmila Savinov, 32 years

The pain is there from the first days of treatment and was not passed until the withdrawal. Irritated also need to thoroughly clean your braces after every meal. But patience was worth it. It turned out even better than I expected. I even began to look younger.

Natalia Netrebko, 29 years

I had to correct the position of the tooth, which grew horizontally. The orthodontist said that if I didn’t put the braces, then after 5-6 years due to malocclusion of the teeth will be destroyed. Unpleasant thing was that I had to remove 2 teeth. But the result I am satisfied, recumbent tooth managed to raise.

Video: the pros and cons of wearing braces Damon Q

Further questions

► How much are braces daymon?

To one jaw the prices in Moscow on the braces, Damon, on average (RUB.):

  • Damon Q – 74 000;
  • Damon 3 — 72 000;
  • Damon Clear – 83 000.

► What is the difference between the model Clear and Q?

Damon Clear ceramic model often breaks down is more expensive, have to be treated for 4 months longer than when using the Damon Q. the Second is more solid metal model, with a relatively low cost, rapid, compared to Damon Clear, treatment.