Diarrhea teething: how many days, than to cure

Diarrhea during teething — this is quite common, but not mandatory for all. Some kids teething is transferred easily without any violations, for others the process becomes a real nightmare accompanied by fever, runny nose, diarrhea and other unpleasant symptoms. But in addition, diarrhea may be the beginning of an intestinal infection. when to worry and what to do consider in this article.

How to distinguish a disease from the norm

Diarrhea during teething can be a byproduct of the process, and it can be a rotavirus infection or a symptom of poisoning.

Whether the first stool softener kid to panic and call the doctor at home? Obviously not. Diarrhea on teeth occur for a few days from the beginning of the eruption and continues until the triumphant appearance of the tooth.

  • Loose stools during teething does not exceed 4-5 times a day, the body temperature is maintained in the range of 37.8 degrees.
  • Kal, despite the modified texture remains normal without any pathological inclusions, and slime.
  • The child feels relatively normal, anesthesia when the patient’s gums and willingly plays quite normally eats.

Many wonder how to treat diarrhea and whether, teething, consider in detail.

If diarrhea in a child not agitated, a special treatment is not required, just simple observation, not to miss possible changes. The only thing that is required from parents, additionally give your child to drink water, especially in hot weather, to avoid dehydration. To soothe you can apply smectite, restoring the chair baby.

Could there be diarrhea when teething reflection of another disease? This is also possible. Teething in infants is impacted the body’s immune response to malicious factors that could cause the accession of any infection.

The causes of the violations chair

Diarrhea while teething may occur due to the following changes occurring in the body of the baby. Every mother should be able to recognize a violation and to prevent.

  1. When the teeth erupt the baby is often observed hyperthermia, which causes a violation of the chair;
  2. anxiety crumbs in connection with pain provokes increase in the peristaltic movements of the intestine, which is reflected by the occurrence of diarrhea;
  3. in addition to increased excitability and increased locomotor activity that promotes increased peristalsis;
  4. penetrate tooth provokes salivation, which leads to the thinning of the chair due to the imperfections of the digestive system of the baby;
  5. in addition the baby all the time the awning in the mouth of different items (all that will be able to grasp), and this may lead to the accession of intestinal infection.
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Diarrhea can also occur due to poorly treated toys that the little one pulls all the time in the mouth to relieve itching inflamed gums.

Considering all these factors the parents of the baby is exposed to penetrate the tooth have to be patient and to alleviate the suffering of the child. To distract the baby from disease and to ensure compliance with the sleep mode and power.

The duration of diarrhea

How many days will be a violation of the stool depends on many factors, including from the child’s body. Typically, violation of the chair is not more than two days and disappears on the day of the appearance of the tooth.

When you save the disorders of this function more than 4-5 days you should consult your doctor for qualified help.

You should also show the child the doctor if the following symptoms:

  • child worried, screaming, does not allow to touch the belly;
  • frequency Styla comes to 10 times a day and above;
  • there was dry or pale skin;
  • the baby is lethargic, refuses to eat, hanging on the hands;
  • difficulty swallowing;
  • diarrhea did not stop with the appearance of the tooth;
  • the appearance of vomiting;
  • in Calais you can identify various violations: mucus, color change, odor;
  • body temperature can reach 38 degree m higher.

It should be remembered that intestinal infection is a serious disease, accompanied by rapid dehydration of the baby. Leading to severe conditions.

The actions of the parents during diarrhoea on teeth

The main task of the child to provide the child with water, to prevent dehydration and prevent infection.

If you experience any symptoms of concern for the health of your baby you should contact your pediatrician, possible intestinal disorders can be dangerous to the life and health of the baby.

The main aspects of caring for denouncing child will be to ensure the body’s fluid. Infants should be breastfed, it is better to do it on demand, not focusing on time.

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Older children to give children’s herbal tea (rosehip, berry, Melissa, and others), prepare fruit drinks, drink juice. All that the child is ready to drink what he likes. If necessary, water with a spoon (if you didn’t drink alone).

Diarrhea good to use blends to dehydration, can be purchased at any pharmacy. The advantage of such mixtures before drinking water that they contain large amounts of minerals washed out matter with diarrhea, especially from the child’s body.

The rest of the treatment depends on state of health and signs of illness in your baby. What you can treat diarrhea teething at home:

  1. to combat the temperature rise to use wiping soda solution or alcohol, because drugs are acceptable to use paracetamol or Ibuprofen in dosages appropriate to the age and weight of the child;
  2. when watery stool up to 5 times the use of means of influencing stop diarrhea can lead to constipation, which kids tend. Use a decoction of oak bark or wild cherry, or Smectite, not exceeding the age-dose;
  3. to relieve itching gums offer the kid a special teether sold in every pharmacy item. To give biscuits and other food is strictly prohibited. A child can choke or injure the gums, causing the occurrence of stomatitis;
  4. you should monitor the condition of the feces. The appearance of the veins the blood should be non-negotiable signal to call the doctor. For diarrhea teething the blood in the stool, and mucus is not characteristic;
  5. if your child has irritation of the skin, it is necessary to lubricate their Bonpatron.
  6. All sorts of probiotics, eubiotics are not the products of treatment of such conditions. Their action is not proven clinically, which suggests the futility of spending money on these drugs;
  7. painkillers for gum disease should be used with caution, not exceeding the norms specified in the regulations, excess funds are dangerous for the baby’s health;
  8. the use of antibiotics can be prescribed by a doctor in case of bacterial infection, self-assignment of such funds to the kids is not acceptable;
  9. in those days, should strengthen adherence to personal hygiene. In addition to the hands of the careful processing should be subjected to everything that comes in contact baby;
  10. walks on the street it is better to delay, especially when temperature;
  11. to avoid visiting crowded places, not to invite guests. The child at the time of eruption of teeth reduced the protective properties of the organism.
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Observing simple rules of care in violation of the chair, the child more or less easy to outsource the process.

Feeding a child with diarrhea to the teeth

If the child is breastfed, nothing more is required. Older children must be removed from the diet of fatty and hard to digested food.

It is good to include in the diet products with a reinforcing effect:

  • boiled rice on water;
  • mashed potatoes;
  • kompotik from pears;
  • jelly;
  • bananas;
  • apples baked.

The largest share of the diet should be porridge and vegetable soups, and drink plenty of liquids.

Folk remedies in the treatment of diarrhea toddler

If desired, you can secure the baby’s stool using the tools of the green pharmacy, but only after consulting a doctor, without fanaticism.

The safest and most common tea used for diarrhea — chamomile. Chamomile in addition to astringent properties, has anti-inflammatory action that will be a good prevention of emerging infectious diseases. Apply a decoction can be with 2-4 months, assuming no allergic reaction.

The occurrence of diarrhea in the eruption of the teeth is not a reason for concern, the main thing is to be able to distinguish signs of a more dangerous condition. The main aid is the care and drinking plenty of fluids, children can easily tolerate this condition, if not observed complications.