Gel for teething babies

Gel for teething helps your child safely through this stage in his life and help alleviate the unpleasant symptoms. Today, parents don’t need to resort to old methods in order to calm the baby. Pediatric dentistry distinguishes between the different types of effective modern drugs that differ in composition, activity and possible side effects.

Symptoms of teething

In that case, if the baby is teething, this process provokes the appearance of certain symptoms depending on its individual characteristics. Experts identify the following signs that may appear in children when they cut teeth:

  • enhanced by saliva, gums turn red and become swollen;
  • in the area of appearance of the tooth is a white streak;
  • swept deteriorating General condition of the child;
  • the sleep becomes restless, and the child begins to refuse to eat;
  • newborn begins to pull in your mouth all of the items that caught his eye.

In addition to this symptoms of a possible rise in body temperature, combined with a wet cough and runny nose. Possible indigestion and the emergence of diarrhea, which is considered one of the main features in the appearance of the first teeth in babies. If you experience such symptoms it is recommended that your child see a specialist, because they can be symptoms of other infectious diseases not related to the process of teething.

The growth of teeth is accompanied by release of biologically active substances, under the influence of which there is a rise in body temperature of the baby. Normal is considered to be the child’s condition, when the temperature rises to levels 37-38,5 degrees. The appearance of the diarrhea in this case is due to stimulation of intestinal peristalsis, which occurs at a constant swallowing of saliva. Temperature rise above 38.5 degrees and the preservation of the diarrhea for several days, be sure to show baby to a specialist.

How to relieve a state of crumbs

Many doctors suggest to apply a special gel for the gums teething for children, the components of which is present anesthetic. It has a superficial effect on the inflamed tissue and does not penetrate into the bloodstream. Thanks to the anaesthetic fails to deliver a baby from the pain and to alleviate his condition.

Some is anesthetic ointments are plant compounds that also help to achieve the due effect. In a separate dental tools, there are other components, which help to reduce the severity of the inflammatory process in the mouth and eliminate other symptoms.

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Many moms wonder what gel for teething is the most reliable, and which tool is best used when there is a Fang? Given the contained components, all the gels and ointments for the treatment is divided into the following types:

  1. Pain gels for teething, which consists of an anesthetic or lidocaine hydrochloride. Such gels have a surface effect on the gums and allow her to be numb in a relatively short time. In fact, such tools are components, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and homeopathic effect on the child’s body. Thanks to this gel for gums can completely save a child from the unpleasant symptoms that arise at the time when teething.
  2. The gels used in the growth of teeth and inflammation on the gums. Such medicines are made on a homeopathic basis and they include extracts of various plants, providing analgesic and anti-inflammatory action on the gums.
  3. Gels teething with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic based and providing local action. In fact, such tools cannot guarantee the elimination of pain for a long time. These gels are allowed to use teething up to 6 times per day.

To relieve pain during teething, you can use this device as a Nibbler. It is a massager for kids and its use can significantly alleviate the condition of the baby.

Rules for the use of the gel

It is important to remember that before using any medicines you should read the enclosed manual. You should pay attention to age restrictions as a violation of the requirements may not produce the desired result. In order for the gel for the gums as much as possible facilitate the child’s condition, you must comply with the following rules:

  • use this drug as the gel is only necessary in case the child severe pain and discomfort;
  • drug use is allowed in every 3-4 hours, but not more than 5 times a day.
  • on the inflamed gums, you should apply a small amount of gel;
  • smear gums means you need a finger or cotton swab using a circular motion.

Medical practice shows that the use of such a gel teething babies typically have for several days.

A variety of gels teething

Today in the pharmacy you can buy gel for gums, which facilitate the process of teething in children. What’s the gel with the appearance of the teeth is better to use grudnichkovye age, and what should be discarded?

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Among gels from toothache the combined action of the most effective are:

Kalgel — a gel teething in infants that have analgesic and antimicrobial action. Usually experts recommend the use of this gel to relieve pain in a child that occur while teething. When using this drug should remember that it is shown to children after 5 months, and apply it on the gums are allowed up to 6 times per day. To abandon the use of the gel will have, in that case, if a child has hypersensitivity to the individual components of the drug, and disrupted the liver, kidneys or heart.

Anesthetic gel teething dentinox is a local anesthetic means by which it is possible to get rid of unpleasant feelings children of different ages. The composition of such a drug is tincture of chamomile, mint broth, lidocaine hydrochloride and polidocanol. The use of Dentinox helps to eliminate inflammation of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and reduce gum irritation. It should be remembered that this gel for a toothache are not allowed to apply to children with hypersensitivity fructose, as it contains sorbitol. The application of this gel may cause the development of such side effects as rashes on the skin and itching.

Kamistad baby gel is analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial drug, which is used in childhood. The main components of such a drug is considered a chamomile decoction and lidocaine hydrochloride, which help to quickly relieve the child from pain, remove the inflammation and accelerate the healing process. You should know that during the day are allowed to use this gel not more than 3 times, and children under 12 years treatment with it is under the supervision of a specialist.

Popular drug among mothers is the gel Panoral First teeth, containing a variety of herbs without anesthetics. To achieve a soothing and softening effect is possible due to the impact on the gums of plant extracts present in the ointment for the gums while teething.

To facilitate the child’s condition with the growth of the teeth is permitted to apply for such a dental cream as Baby doctor. It is ideal for children of any age, including for babies. The composition of the gel for teething relief consists solely of herbal ingredients making it absolutely safe. In addition, he has inflamed gums anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, to see which able to quickly. Grease the gums with a gel can be an unlimited number of times during the day. It should be remembered that may develop allergic reaction in the presence of the baby individual intolerance to individual components.

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The use of the gel Holisal helps to eliminate inflammation of the gums and relieve the baby from the intense pain accompanying the process of teething. The advantage of such drugs is the fact that it is not washed off by saliva and retains its anti-inflammatory effects for several hours. Holisal possesses protective properties, i.e. it prevents the penetration into the oral cavity of various viruses and bacteria, and supports at the necessary level of its microflora. This gel can not be applied to those children who have a hypersensitivity to salicylates and other components present in the composition.

Effective gels, when it begins to erupt teeth, are those in which there is only natural and semi-synthetic components. Despite the fact that they have a less pronounced analgesic effect, and it persists for quite a long time.

In order to understand what gel is better, you have to carefully study their composition. The high concentration of the drug lidocaine and other anesthetics allows for a short time to achieve the effect of anesthesia. However, returns pain syndrome as fast as it disappears.

Parents should remember that to resort to the help of the gel should be only in a situation when a cause of worry and poor health of the baby getting teething. The use of such funds helps to relieve inflammation of the gums and pain and also to prevent the infiltration into the oral cavity pathogens. Before purchasing gel for gums is recommended to consult a specialist, as some of them can be substances that provoke Allergy in your baby.