Had the seal out tooth: how long can you go without it, what to do

One of the common, but rather unpleasant situations when you lost the filling from the tooth. How long can you go without it, and what to do with this story next.

Such trouble may occur as a result of using poor quality material or improper actions of the doctor. And in some cases to blame the patient. Each of the options to respond and to do anything. The most important step is to visit the dentist soon.

Why drop the fillings out of your teeth?

It is not always necessary to blame the doctor that had the seal. Although it is a big responsibility. The reasons for this occurrence can be very different situations:

  • Not dried tooth cavity. If, during the sealing caught the saliva or other liquid, the material could not properly be attached to the surface.
  • The incompetence of the doctor could appear that it has not completely cleared the cavity, leaving a particle of infected tissue. As a result, the caries continued to destroy the tooth under the filling.
  • If treatment of the tooth surface was not executed fully, so it could be particles of enamel, which can damage the seal, occasionally chipping.
  • When you install the seal in the connecting area between the chewing and the lateral can sometimes be her slacking. This is due to the uneven and multidirectional pressure on the surface.
  • When the seal was installed on the pulpless tooth, it can also quickly fly out. This is because the channels were nutrients that strengthen the tooth. And without the nerve of the enamel is exposed to destruction. As a result, the seal is not able to stay on the fragile surface of a dead tooth.
  • When the wrong diagnosis the doctor may make a mistake and spend only partial treatment. After the sealing a toothache, and the patient is experiencing discomfort. When she flies, and under it black, it just says that the treatment is defective, and the dentist missed something. So, he could cure tooth decay, but did not notice a hidden periodontitis.
  • Use of the material, which has expired, or the quality was initially not up to par. In this case, the seal also will not last long.
  • Incompetent doctor can permanently disrupt the process. And if after visiting this dentist all fillings are out, it is better to change doctors.
  • Too large a cavity involves the installation of volumetric filling. In some cases it may even be destruction of the lateral surface of the tooth. The pressure on the material becomes too strong, and the support is almost absent. The result – the filling falls out. Perhaps in this case, it makes sense to choose another way of correction of the tooth.
  • When there is the slightest clearance between the filling material and the tooth surface, there will constantly get saliva and food particles. Sooner or later this seal will fly. If discovered inside black, it means that trapped in the gap portions of food has provoked a new infection of the tooth cavity.
  • A strong influence on the surface of the tooth seal can lead to its loss. Eating sticky candy (taffy), biting thread or raskusyvanii nuts often leads to the fact that the filling falls out or even broke a tooth.
  • Insufficient oral hygiene leads to diseases of the teeth. In case of installation of seals failure to follow simple rules of cleaning and rinsing also encourages the spread of caries, which negatively affects chemical material. Whereby the seal out.
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How long can you go without it?

The lack of seal appears unpleasant and sometimes painful sensations, and therefore to go without it, you won’t. If had the temporary filling and the canals are sealed, the tooth does not hurt. But leave such cavity mouth open for a long time is not recommended.

So, if you have a permanent or temporary filling should immediately sign up for the next possible appointment. If the meeting has already been scheduled, it is best to make a test call the dentist to confirm his recommendation regarding your urgent action.

It so happens that the seal leaves on vacation, where a dentist is unavailable. Many patients immediately try to find a way than you can close up her or lay the wool. Do not recommend, because by doing so you will provoke the infection of the opened cavity.

What to do before the appointment?

What actions to take in case of loss of the seal depends on the specific situation:

  1. At loss of temporary seal, especially do not worry. Because of it, and so sooner or later had to remove, and it’s the place to put permanent. You just have to rinse the mouth soda solution and try all the time until visiting the doctor is not from the side where the formed cavity.
  2. In the case when a temporary filling was laid with arsenic, it is urgent to undertake measures of neutralization. That is, to thoroughly wash the tooth and clean the surface. Most often, arsenic is painted in a bright color to be visible. After you have cleaned the tooth cavity and mouth from medication, additionally make rinse soda solution.
  3. If a temporary seal took off almost immediately after visiting the doctor, you need to contact him for immediate assistance, because it was laid with a purpose. What to do in this case, the doctor says.
  4. At loss permanent seal, you should immediately make an appointment to the dentist. Also avoid eating from the side where a hole in it and thoroughly rinse it after every meal.
  5. If you feel tenderness in the place where was the seal, it may temporarily help the solution using soda and salt. In a glass of water is enough to give a teaspoon of each ingredient and rinse your mouth as often as there is pain. Such a solution reduces inflammation, eliminates pain and partially disinfects the cavity of the tooth.

How they will be treated at the dentist, if you had the seal?

Depending on the cause of her loss, as well as the opened cavity, will be carried out certain therapeutic procedures:

  • If the seal is busted due to the fact that the decayed area is too large, then the second time put the same does not make sense – it also will not last long. The doctor is likely to offer to put crown.
  • In the case of pulpitis, periodontitis, recurrent caries or other serious diseases, will need to hold high-quality treatment. Only after all procedures you can install a new seal. If time does not intervene, it will lead to the complete destruction of the unit.
  • When the seal fell out of the pulpless tooth, for better fixation, the dentist will offer to install the reliable artificial substitute – pin. It’s a metal stem, which seal will be fixed on a permanent basis. To fall out or loose she will no longer be possible.
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With the obvious errors of the dentist, when the blame for the loss of the seal rests on it, you should check the price re-work. After all, the professional doctors give a guarantee in such situations, make a replacement absolutely free. If you are a dentist put a filling of poor quality and wants re-payment, it makes sense to change the clinic or doctor.

Features temporary fillings

They are more weak material that is easily crumbled and can be removed even by yourself at home if necessary. Do this only when the tooth hurts very much and the reason may be a reaction to stuffy medicine or too tight seal.

If she left immediately after installation, you need to go back to the doctor and re-sealing. And in the case of its loss after a few days, no worries, just wait until your appointment at the dentist. It is important to see that left medicine or arsenic in the tooth cavity or mouth, it must be washed thoroughly.

Had the seal from the milk tooth of the child

If the situation is happened on children’s teeth, do not ignore the problem. Even considering that the child they dairy, and soon themselves replaced, still better to consult a doctor. After all, in case of advanced caries, problems may arise in the future with the permanent teeth. But because this situation requires immediate treatment by a pediatric dentist.

Until the kid opened the cavity from the seal, to make sure that he brushes his teeth twice a day and after each meal rinse your mouth. Only after cleaning, you can be sure that the tooth is not infected again.

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What to do in this situation during pregnancy?

During pregnancy due to hormonal background, and also a strong lack of calcium in a woman’s body, unable to fall sharply fillings. No matter front tooth or distant happened like that, need to go to the dentist.

Some believe that during pregnancy to treat the teeth is dangerous, but it’s actually much worse if you leave them as is. A bad tooth can adversely affect the pregnancy and even compromise during delivery. Indeed, in an infected cavity develops a multitude of bacteria – streptococci, staphylococci, various fungi, and even E. coli.

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Today dental practice has many techniques and medications that can be used in the treatment of the tooth in such a delicate position. You only need to inform the doctor about it.

Preventive measures

Any disease is better prevented. And in order to keep your teeth intact and healthy, and to prevent loss of installed seals, it should be:

  • To visit the dentist every six months, even if nothing bothers you. The doctor in time to detect the problem before the pain manifests itself. After all, it is the emergence of evidence already about the running process.
  • Constant thorough oral hygiene will help prevent many dental problems.
  • Try to avoid solid food and harmful habits that can damage healthy teeth and installed the seals.
  • When any disease of the mouth the best time to start treatment until the destructive process has not resulted in the complete removal of teeth.
  • In the diet it is advisable to increase the consumption of foods with a high content of calcium.
  • If you notice that your doctor is incompetent, it is better to change to a more professional.

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Further questions

► How to prove to the dentist that had the seal was his fault?

To prove the mistake of the dentist when treating your teeth in two ways. First talk to him and point to his poor performance. If that doesn’t work, you will have to Tinker to make the examination, and afterwards to sue the hospital to recover for material and moral damage.

► Temporary filling fell out, and the arsenic remained – what to do?

Arsenic is a poisonous toxic substance, so it should be there urgently to remove. Arsenic is usually painted in the blue color that it can easily be seen. Try to completely clean tooth cavity from it and then rinse the mouth soda solution for cleansing the mucous. Don’t forget to inform your doctor about it as soon as possible to visit it.

► Seal staggers but does not fall.

In violation of the integrity of the seal there is a high risk of infection of the tooth, therefore, should immediately visit a doctor and fix it. The prolongation of the situation may lead to deterioration, and as a result will have to remove the whole tooth and deal with his prosthetics.