How much is teeth whitening at the dentist?

Aesthetic appearance for modern people is very important. And snow-white smile has become the key to success. We will try to answer the question, how much is teeth whitening at the dentist?

Modern medicine and cosmetology offers many options for such procedures. There are armchair methods are expensive, and you can pick up traditional recipes that are easy to make at home. The cost of the method in each case will differ considerably.

What is teeth whitening and why to perform this procedure?

From nature to have a perfect white smile is almost impossible. After all, usually the enamel has a grayish, yellowish or cream shade. But humanity is committed to its characteristics of beauty that do not always meet the natural world. Today, the Hollywood smile is the epitome of success and wealth. Many people tend to get the same snow-white, sparkling teeth, perfectly aligned, even if nature has endowed completely different settings.

Way to lighten up enamel is available in huge amount. The price of professional whitening will be much higher and it can be done in the clinic. Thus use expensive equipment, and the competence and skills of the doctor should be on top.

For those who want a little lighten the tooth enamel and does not seek to conquer the world available home remedies that everyone has in his first aid kit at hand. This way you can remove a slight darkening, dullness on the surface, if she came from the use of staining products.

Off in addition to the natural shade of the enamel, teeth become darker still, and for a number of reasons:

  • age-related changes;
  • diseases of the internal organs;
  • violations of acidity of saliva;
  • medications;
  • frequent eating of foods dye composition – tea, coffee, wine, beetroot, coloured fizzy drinks, etc;
  • removal of the pulp
  • injury of the enamel.

With the installation of fillings or crowns, the teeth can also change color. Especially if used outdated materials, then they themselves have a yellowish color, and that affects the appearance of the entire dentition.

Modern ways of teeth whitening in General can be divided into the following:

► I — Professional teeth whitening procedure in the dentist’s office.

There are variations:

  1. The outer methods – the doctor uses a special technology and tools that affect the surface of enamel. This includes ultrasonic cleaning, laser whitening, application of abrasive pastes, soda-jet device, photobleaching, chemical treatments, etc.
  2. Internal methods – at a reception the dentist with the aim of bleaching is laying directly in the tooth a special substance. Depending on how to lighten the enamel, it will make such a procedure a required number of times. But this method is used only if no contraindications, as well as one or two units. To influence a number of this method impractical.

► II — Light skin whitening at home.

These methods are accessible to everyone and are approximately several tens of rubles, as used in conventional food products or pharmaceutical preparations. More modern methods available for home use will cost more, but much more efficient. After using peroxide or baking soda tooth shade changes slightly. And if you can buy a dental fixture, the effect can be much better. Such methods include special sets, which is composed of burl and chemical means, as well as a variety of strips for teeth whitening.

How you can lighten enamel in each case will largely depend on its condition, the natural hue of the medication, method and many other factors. It is believed that the use of tetracycline can permanently change the color of the dentition and not even laser whitening. If it is a light patina from eating or Smoking, and simple folk remedies are effective.

You need to remember that any method of bleaching it is an aggressive procedure and very carefully perform the work, adhering to all guidelines and regulations. After all, any tool, even a simple hydrogen peroxide can burn the mucous membrane or too much to affect the enamel, forcing her to brighten, and partly to destroy.

Usually contraindications to such procedures will be as follows:

  • pregnancy;
  • hypersensitivity of the teeth;
  • diseases of the oral cavity;
  • outdated fillings, crowns and other foreign objects;
  • the use of certain medication;
  • Allergy to components of the selected funds.
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In any case, you need to consult with your dentist and make him aware about all the diseases that you have, and medications. Only in this case he will be able to select the appropriate method suited to your wishes.

When in the mouth has a lot of old fillings or fitted crowns, bridges, implants, bleaching them will not work. Effects give natural teeth. Therefore, you should decide whether to make such a procedure or simpler to change the old yellowed materials, new and bright.

If you installed the braces, then make whitening also will not be possible. This should wait until after the correction of the bite to withdraw from the design and then try to deal with clarification of the enamel to the desired shade.

The price for whitening at home

Improvised, which can be accessed and used daily, it is possible to allocate national and professional. Demonstrate affordability and ease of impact. These include:

  • Hydrogen peroxide. Its concentration should not exceed 3%. But to use this tool should not be too often, and after the procedure, you should thoroughly rinse your mouth. The action of peroxide is quite aggressive, therefore, when the first signs of sensitivity or reaction of the mucosa, it is necessary to stop the procedure.
  • Lemon juice works on the same principle as the acid affects the enamel and lightens it. Just add a drop of lemon juice on the toothbrush while brushing the oral cavity and can count on a lightening effect.
  • It is proven that even the use of the strawberries is able to clean excessive plaque. You can also crush the berries into a puree and some time to hold on the teeth.
  • Ordinary baking soda has abrasive properties. Therefore, it is often added to toothpaste during brushing to achieve the whitening effect. Under mechanical action to clean plaque, even a long time. But with soda, you also need to be careful because you can damage the enamel or hurt the gums.
  • The use of activated carbon is based on the same abrasive action. But in this case it is added and its absorption and that increases the whitening effect.

The cost of these funds is the most minimal – pack of soda, one lemon, a jar with hydrogen peroxide available to all and do not exceed 10-20 rubles.

Professional products for home use involve the purchase of the following products:

  • Set for whitening, which involves the standard trays and special chemical medium. The difficulty lies in the fact that when you buy in a drugstore a normal insert, you can’t be sure that they will fit your teeth. It is better to order them on an individual impression. Then the tray will not seep aggressive gel, and create a burn on the gums. Means you can keep quite a long time. In addition, the capacitor can be re-used. The downside is that the concentration of bleach in these gels is low, and therefore change the hue may be no more than one tone. If you buy a standard kit, it would cost 5000-6000 rubles. In the case of individual order by cast recruitment cost will increase thousand two. But in the future you will need to buy only the gel.
  • Strips for teeth whitening. Their size may vary, but most often it is used on the six units. If your smile is much wider, you will need to use two pieces on one tooth row. The disadvantage of such strips is that they only work on the front part of the tooth, without affecting the spacing and curves. In addition, the concentration of the substance is also not very high so don’t expect too much effect. Pack of 28 pieces ranging in the price range of 3000-5000 rubles.
  • Special whitening pencil. Its action is based on chemical composition. But the producers do not promise too much effect without the use of additional procedures. In addition, there is also a side effect of the pencil, which must be taken into account. Its average cost is 1500-2000 rubles.
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With the appearance of light plaque on the teeth from coffee or other beverages can be removed with the help of chewing gums or whitening toothpastes. Such means is also effective, but only in the case of simple fresh RAID. The very structure of the enamel, its natural color, they do not affect.

How much is teeth whitening at the dentist clinic?

Professional procedure which is performed in the doctor’s office, will cost more, take more time, but the result will be longer. Any whitening of the following is able to lighten the enamel on 5-8 or even 10 colours. In addition, to keep this effect will not week or month but years. True, the cost of treatments is considerably higher than any home method.

  1. Laser whitening as the most effective and durable. On the dentition by the dentist applies the tooth with a special gel and activates it with a laser device. The procedure does not last longer than 20 minutes, and the effect is fixed for many years. In addition, this gel has the additional properties, oral cavity disinfected, and the enamel becomes stronger. Thus, in addition to a tangible clarification is obtained and a health effect. The cost of laser teeth whitening is around 10000-20000 rubles.
  2. Method Air Flow also applies to affordable innovation. In this case, the jet impact with sodium, water and air. The advantage is that you can clean the interdental space and other remote areas. This method is fairly aggressive, but cleans only the surface of a soft touch. How much is the average is tooth depends on the clinic. This usually 1500-3000 rubles.
  3. Ultrasonic cleaning involves the cleaning of Tartar and plaque of any complexity. As a result, the hue of the enamel becomes lighter. Doctors say if done regularly brushing your ultrasound, you will not need many additional treatments for teeth lightening enamel and oral cavity is healthy on a regular basis. This also applied over the teeth with a special paste, which further strengthens the enamel and helps make it polished. The procedure cost on average 1500-2500 rubles.
  4. Bleaching using ZOOM technology, otherwise photobleaching. The action is also based on the use of the gel, but in this case, activate it with a special lamp. In this way it is possible to achieve a noticeable change of shade of the enamel, but only on the front teeth as 6-10 times corresponding to the smile zone. The result is fixed for years, which is significantly longer than most other procedures. True, the cost is significantly higher – 10000-25000 rubles.
  5. If to speak about internal bleaching method (indoitalian), it is used only on isolated teeth before installing the seal. Lay bleaching agent can be extremely open net space non-durable time. After remove the whitening gel, a tooth sealed in the usual way. The price is calculated for a single unit and is approximately 1000.

It is worth noting that professional whitening there are a number of contraindications which cannot be neglected in any case. Therefore, the physician should do a thorough examination of the oral cavity and to chose the correct method.

Video: the entire process of teeth whitening at the dentist.



«I’ve heard of photobleaching, but was not sure that it is effective. My dentist convinced me of the effectiveness and reliability of the method, and I agreed. After the procedure was a strange feeling, but after a few days they are gone. Now I am fully happy with my smile. Even though clarified only the front teeth and not the whole series, this quietly, so as to lighten the part that is visible in the conversation. And most do not».


«I could not decide on laser whitening. Tried to use other methods, but they did not come to me. Agreeing still for the procedure I was very pleased. It was a short, completely painless, and the effect was stunning! Moreover, the doctor ensures that this snow-white appearance of my teeth will continue for years to come».


«I don’t really suffer from the lack of a Hollywood smile, but Smoking and coffee make themselves known constant unpleasant bloom. I saved hydrogen peroxide. Conveniently, it can be used at home, and the effect is enough for me. The plaque disappears for two weeks, so I periodically use this tool».


«I saw something from your dentist a special strips for teeth whitening. Liked the idea of the simple procedure at home. I decided to try it. The result was fine with me, although I understand that those who wish to present a dazzling smile this effect will be small. But the way I came. Simple, convenient and affordable».


«I’m white smile to anything. But after reading that plaque is easy to clean with strawberries, began to use this method every summer. Now always take a berry and crush it in the teeth. Not to say that the result is brilliant, but some whitening effect is still there».

Valentine’s day:

«I decided to buy a mouth guard with whitening gel. Bought standard, but I apparently they don’t really fit, because some gel leaks out and gets on mucous membranes. It burns and inflames. As a result, I use them rarely, and only in the daytime, when you can quickly rinse the mouth if the gel is leaking. The whitening effect is noticeable, but it is not ideal procedure for me.»


«I ordered over the Internet whitening pencil. I liked that its action is fairly rapid and the effect is immediately noticeable. But I know what to use it for too long otherwise you may experience problems. It is not for everyone.»


«Of all the whitening procedures, which I have suggested dentist, has attracted the attention of the technique of Air Flow. Was it just the impact of the air with soda solution, no chemicals, gels, etc. the Procedure was tolerable, and the teeth cleansed from all sides. I think not every method will be able to remove plaque in these hard to reach places. Over time, when you need it, I’m going to use this method again.»


«After the doctor removed the nerve, I very quickly darkened tooth. Standing out against others, spoils the appearance. I agreed to internal bleaching and took extra time with the special composition in the tooth. Only after he became the same color as the rest, I put a permanent seal».


«Because I can’t fork out on expensive treatments at the dentist, looking for a way to whiten your teeth at affordable price range. It turned out that the most simple soda can be effective. Not every day but once a week I add it to toothpaste and thoroughly brush their teeth. As a result, the enamel shade was much lighter».


«Because every year I go through ultrasonic cleaning, do not need additional whitening. This procedure is long enough and the enamel becomes more shiny, lighter. That I was completely satisfied, so this healing effect. I almost don’t need to worry about oral health, so that timely cleaning eliminates the possibility of any problems.»


«My grandmother told me to use a conventional activated charcoal. It is interesting that he is able to whiten the teeth and make them healthier. Because it virtually eliminates bacteria from the surface, not allowing them to multiply. Never used expensive dental treatment, as my teeth are always fine. I think the activated carbon has played a significant role.»


«As a chemist, I can easily find alternatives to expensive drugs in everyday life. So, for the teeth whitening I always use a lemon. Its acidity is sufficient to clean the surface of plaque. I don’t need to change the natural shade of the enamel, given by nature, such bleaching is enough for my needs».