How to keep a tampon after tooth extraction

Not all patients are thinking about how to keep the tampon after removal of the tooth. However, the correct term removal of material affect the speed of healing wells. For example, if you overdo the cotton swab longer time, along with the bleeding from an extracted tooth will disappear blood clot, which is one of the key points for a speedy recovery. He prevents into the wound, various infections.

What to do with a cotton swab

Normally, the blood stops on its own within a few minutes. If this does not happen, then comes to the aid of a gauze swab. The main cause of abundant bleeding can be hypertension (high blood pressure) or normal psychological stress caused by the removal procedure.

In addition, the irritant may be damaged during the complex operations of the vessel. This occurs when the gum is cut and the tooth is drilled. In such cases, a cotton swab from the oral cavity it is necessary to remove. This is best done 15-20 minutes after removal, and hypertension — in about 40 minutes (consult your doctor). Additionally, the first time the patient should regularly measure blood pressure. If the blood pressure is high, you should take the appropriate drug.

If the bleeding began a few hours after removal, the patient needs to make out with a sterile gauze swab ball, put it on the wound and firmly squeeze the jaw.

Remove the tampon after about 15-20 minutes. To do this, bite your wool to feel squeeze the bulb to a disposal point. The pressure on the aching tooth promotes rapid blood clotting.

You can moisten a cotton swab with a small amount of 3% hydrogen peroxide and applied to the wound, but not prakusya. To remove a tampon have in 15 minutes. If bleeding is profuse, immediately go to the nearest dental clinic or medical center where the patient is likely to be stitched. In other cases, this procedure is undesirable. If no bleeding, under strong pressure on the wound with the swab removed and the blood clot, the absence of which may subsequently cause inflammation. Besides blood-soaked tampon is a great breeding ground for infection. Prolonged contact with the oral cavity, it can cause additional problems of an extracted tooth. For example, the formation of a hematoma, which in the future will have to open it surgically.

To prevent edema of the face after removal of the tampon should be applied to the cheek cold. Within 5 minutes the patient will have to change the ice in the first hours after surgery. Further, such a procedure would be ineffective.

Drugs that stop bleeding

If after tooth extraction the first day the wound is sore, you can take pain drugs, such as Nurofen or Pentalgin. For acute intolerable pain to the removal and anesthesia need to take tablets strong analgesic that will work to the end of the operation.

Will help and the drug Ketanov, which is sold only by prescription because it has a number of contraindications and side effects. Tool quickly causes addiction. But this should be done only in cases if the pain is very strong, and have no strength to endure. Usually this discomfort is caused by a faulty dentist’s work. In addition, it may arise in complex operations when it is necessary to drill the bone around the tooth.

In some cases (problems with blood clotting in a patient or heavy blood loss during the procedure) appoint hemostatic agents which enhance blood clotting and stop the bleeding, for example, Menadione or Traneksam. Sometimes after removal of fever. In such cases, once you can take Paracetamol, Ibuprofen or Aspirin. When re-increase consult your doctor and never try to lower a fever by yourself.

After the procedure can be treated with antibiotics if the tooth was difficult, caused additional inflammation, or have undergone amputation of a wisdom tooth. Antibiotics appoints only the attending physician. After a complicated tooth extraction should be taken Lincocin capsules 3 times a day. When purulent inflammation of the remedy administered in the form intramuscular injection, 2 times a day.

Additionally, patients are taking Metronidazole 3 times a day. If you have problems with the stomach intramuscular injection is contraindicated, in such cases, administered flemoksin Solutab or Yunidoks Solutab in effervescent tablets that are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream without causing significant harm to the intestines. They are long, but not aggressive affect the body.

For more tips

To after tooth extraction, the patient will be able to hold a tampon, and then removed without complications, he should follow some General guidelines. For example, the patient needs to follow a diet. Can not eat or drink after deleting 3 hours.

Some days you need to eat only mashed or pureed foods. Nuts, seeds and crisps can get stuck and cause suppuration. Need to give up eating hot and spicy food as they cause an increased blood flow at the site of an extracted tooth, and enhance the pain. In order to avoid getting pieces of food in the affected area, a person should always chew on the opposite side.

In addition, it is necessary to refuse for some time from hot drinks, saunas and steam baths. Heat can cause bleeding.

After removal you can not touch the wound with your hands (particularly dirty) or language. If the patient feels discomfort, the issue should be left to a professional. If the first day the patient feels the sharp edge of the hole, do not be afraid, because after a few days they will disappear and no longer cause discomfort.

While brushing your teeth to gently to brush in the place of tooth extraction, do not press on the wound and not to hurt her. But best of all several days not to use paste or apply it in minimal amounts. The formed foam should be rinsed gently, not making sudden movements. But at the same time you cannot abandon brushing: plaque buildup will only cause suppuration blood clot, will provoke the inflammation of the dental hole.

Rinse better to use different kinds of concoctions and solutions, but only a day after the surgery. In no case do the procedure using alcohol tinctures, because they cause additional pain in the removed tooth. Old but effective methods you can choose: 1 tbsp salt in a glass of cold water, solution of potassium permanganate or sodium.

From herbs you can use any plants with antiseptic properties and a variety of essential oil that promotes rapid healing. Often rinses prescribed to remove blood clots from the hole, but only on the advice of a doctor. At this time you need to refrain from Smoking at least for a few days, because this bad habit can cause the effect of dry holes, after which the healing process will be delayed for a longer period. The same side effect and have alcoholic beverages.


A few days after tooth extraction the person should refrain from activities that require strong physical exertion. During sleep it is better to put 1 pillow, locking the head in the raised position. Such simple and available to all councils will allow people to protect themselves from infections, injuries and complications after the amputation of the tooth and removal of the tampon from the wells.

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