How to stop the bleeding after tooth extraction at home

How to stop the bleeding after tooth extraction at home if it continues to go for several hours after the intervention?

After all, going to the dentist, people hoped that exhausting pain is gone, and instead gets a similar problem. It is important to know not only the reason why long flowing blood from the holes, but cases when to contact the doctor must.

Why is there bleeding after tooth extraction?

Severe bleeding is uncommon in a situation when the tooth is removed, but always profuse discharge can be caused even internal diseases. The most frequent reasons comprise the list:

  • poor blood clotting;
  • damage to the bone or major blood vessels that pass in this area;
  • the lack of professionalism of the dentist;
  • inflammation of the surrounding tissues;
  • failure to comply with the recommendations of the patient;
  • with wide open wounds or severe excision of the gums.

Longer period of bleeding is observed at the ejection of the chewing tooth or wisdom tooth. The removal of the latter always causes some difficulties, so dentists are trying to take some measures to prevent complications.

Heavy bleeding due to the location of a large number of vessels in the surrounding tissues that are unavoidably injured in the removal of the tooth. However, even with complex operations, when I had to cut the gum and cut the roots separately, the formation of a clot should occur during the nearest half hour.

The reasons are long, but not heavy bleeding, can be the following:

  1. Alcoholism is more a result of the deterioration of the whole organism, and especially in the regeneration process.
  2. The end of the anesthesia and the epinephrine. The completion of the effect leads to the expansion of blood vessels. This happens immediately, so the symptom appears after an hour or two after the procedure.
  3. Damage to the vascular system caused by internal diseases such as disease of Vergola, leukemia in the acute form.
  4. Hypertension is often worse maybe it was the result of an increase in AD.
  5. Anemia.

Blood can flow continuously after surgery to remove. In such cases, the clot is not produced at all. If the problem arose after some time, then it is secondary the bleeding.

Sometimes it happens that the allocation accept pus, you start to worry and even calling the doctor. To avoid confusion, it is necessary to pay attention to the character and color of discharge from wells. Not considered a complication arises if a yellowish or whitish fluid for 1 to 4 hours.

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Sometimes this phenomenon is accompanied by a man most of the day. In the secretions may be blood, which also should be alerted. This reaction normal for the body. But in what cases then to go to the hospital?

  • the gums are swollen and there was marked tumor;
  • pain extending from the holes on most of the face or head;
  • you have to spit every 3 seconds;
  • originated extreme weakness;
  • did the temperature.

How to stop the bleeding after tooth extraction home?

If not the blood stops, then you need to perform one or more of the recommendations described below. Typically, these measures help the formation of a normal clot.

At home to stop the bleeding after tooth extraction you can try the following ways:

  • to produce the compacted tampon of sterile bandage and bite it. If it is soaked with discharge, replace it, but be slightly moistened in hydrogen peroxide;
  • to take the supine position and to the cheek to make a compress with ice. To keep him on the cheekbone need to 7 minutes, then remove it, making equal time for a break. Repeat the procedure up to 5 times. What not to do categorically is to apply cold directly on the gums;
  • when lifting pressure immediately to take the medicine. In General, you should not miss the drug therapy for hypertension, especially if you previously marked jump the HELL is happening on the background of stress. You can use such drugs as Captopril, Nifedipine, Verapamil;
  • hemostatic sponge to acquire better still on the way to home at your local pharmacy. The composition comprises human blood, which increases the antiseptic properties and helps to stop the oozing. It is enough to attach it to the wound, covering them with a pledget. After a while it will simply dissolve on the gums and will only have to remove the bandage;
  • the above-described effects have sponge made from animal blood – with gentamicin (additionally contains antiseptic), collagen and gelatin hemostatic «Krovostok». They are all sterile.

These methods have the fastest effect, but if they are not helped, then you can use folk remedies. Many recipes of alternative medicine have a pronounced hemostatic effect. Effective such measures:

  1. Moisten a cotton swab in aloe Vera juice or solution Furatsilina and then apply on the affected area. Likewise, use a decoction of Echinacea, Valerian, calendula.
  2. Brewed a black tea bag applied to the hole. It is desirable that it was high quality because it will have more tannins. The last narrow the vessels so the blood gradually stopped.
  3. Compress of chamomile should be imposed on the gum. Before the wetting of the bandage, you can mix the decoction with infusion of stinging nettles.
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Apply various concoctions as a means for rinsing is impossible, despite the fact that many of them have a fairly strong antiseptic or healing effects. After only 3 days you can start rinsing, because they no longer hurt.

Not worth anything there, even cold, up until the blood. Eating will only make things worse, especially ice cream, which many people like to eat after a tooth extraction. Carbohydrates accelerate the growth of bacteria, so treat is better to postpone the formation of a full clot. When painful feelings are allowed to drink painkillers.

In any case, when the blood is flowing very strongly, not stopping for several hours, such a problem to solve independently not only difficult, but dangerous. Deaths for this reason, although recorded very little, but that’s no reason to create a risk of wound infection and bring yourself to dizziness.

To pinpoint the cause, you can make an injection with hemostatic medicine Dicynone, Vikasol, calcium gluconate.


Why do we need prevention? A bleeding hole is an open wound, and the mouth is considered the most contaminated place in the human body. Even assuming that all the teeth are sanitized, there are no internal infections and plaque accumulation, still creates a risk of penetration of bacteria into the wound.

Their proliferation can provoke purulent complications, sepsis, and many equally serious consequences. That is why compliance is so important for the rapid formation of a blood clot.

The dentist himself is taking a number of measures to reduce the likelihood of prolonged bleeding. Carefully we study history to find out how the patient is prone to such. So, hypertension, many dentists prefer to apply 2-3 sutures to prevent the situation. This measure is recommended for the removal of several teeth or tooth, located in chewing row.

If the wound sewed up, the patient should not use some time to actively facial expressions. To complications such as inflammation of or bleeding hole has not appeared, it is necessary to take a number of recommendations:

  • not to perform physical activity;
  • to abandon hot baths;
  • do not take Aspirin;
  • to control the pressure level;
  • not to drink intoxicating drinks or smoke;
  • do not rinse mouth with mouthwash and water;
  • not hot, solid meals;
  • do not chew in the area of the hole, careful to hygiene in this place.
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In the future it is necessary for 1-2 weeks regularly to rinse oral cavity with antiseptic compositions in order not only to speed up the regeneration, but also to prevent inflammation.

Video: how to stop the bleeding from the root canal after removal of tooth.

Further questions

► How much bleeding after a tooth extraction?

Bleeding is normal after tooth extraction. The hole is the same injury as any other wound on the body. There are no deviations, if the blood is allocated for 30 minutes after the start of the procedure. A clot can be formed before. If selection already started at home, then this is cause for concern. Better call again to the clinic and get the advice of a doctor.

It is noted that the bleeding resulting from the removal of wisdom teeth, sometimes takes place for 6-7 days. This is due to the complexity of the surgical procedures, but detachable usually scarce.

► Bleeding more than 5 hours – what to do?

It is advisable to consult a doctor immediately. If this is supplemented by the symptoms such as dizziness and weakness, you can even call the ambulance. Initially, the doctor will try to stop the bleeding by means of hydrogen peroxide, and if this method does not produce results, the patient will be transported to the hospital. In such cases, impose a full seam.