How to treat tooth decay at home: to remove folk remedies

Caries-a disease infectious nature, occurring with the same frequency as among adults, and among children. The incidence in different regions of Russia depends on many factors: the quality and accessibility of dental care, levels of prevention, the amount of fluorine and calcium in drinking water, ecology, the number of Sunny days a year and heredity. This process is in advanced stages discomfort when eating and delayed treatment leads to loss of teeth and dysfunction of dentoalveolar system. a very unpleasant and painful condition in which is impossible to eat anything, not to mention their favorite dishes. If early treatment, you can maintain healthy teeth for life. However, there is nothing better caries prevention. But if still you have pain from sweet, sour or cold, then it is better to consult a specialist. What to do in that case, if a visit to the dentist for one reason or another is impossible? How to treat tooth decay at home folk remedies?

What is tooth decay and how it happens

Caries is the defect of hard tissues of tooth, caused microorganisms. For anybody not a secret that in the oral cavity are home to the largest number of bacteria. The most «dangerous» ones are Streptococcus Mutans. In the result of the activity of bacterial plaque (colonies of bacteria on the enamel surface) formed by the acidic environment in the habitat of the bacteria.

Because of the violation of the acid-alkaline balance of the enamel of the teeth leaving the ions of calcium and phosphorus (the loss of minerals dental tissues is called demineralization), and it becomes loose. It occurs against a background of poor hygiene, nedookislennye hard to reach areas of the tooth and in between teeth. Also fixing microbial plaque contribute to the roughness on the surface of the tooth (presence of dental calculus). The use of products such as toffees, candy bars with caramel, inexpensive varieties of chocolate contributes to the filling of natural cavities on the tooth surface (blind holes, fissures of teeth) and fixing them plaque. Dentists there are several forms of caries:

  • caries in stage of spot;
  • surface;
  • medium;
  • deep;
  • complicated caries (pulpitis, periodontitis).

Depending on the form, vary and symptoms of the disease.

Caries in stage of spot

In this situation, the enamel of the tooth is formed of white or pigmented spots. Patients do not experience any discomfort. Very often there are multiple forms of the surface cavities after the removal of braces.

Surface caries

Accompanied by destruction of the tooth enamel-the hardest tissue of the tooth. In this regard, can appear the first symptoms: intermittent complaints when receiving hot and cold food.

Middle caries

With an average caries of the process involved and even the underlying layers of dentin, pain from thermal stimuli become more intense sensitivity occurs after taking sweet food.

Deep caries

In this pathology, the tooth is literally reacts to all stimuli, but the pain goes away after rinsing with water at room temperature. In acute pulpitis and periodontitis the pain is severe and rinsing it off is impossible. This caries treatment folk remedies is not subject.

Forms of caries

Distribution is possible to allocate following forms of caries:

  • single;
  • multiple;
  • acute (blooming);
  • carob (caries the children).
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A single form

This is an easy and very rare for. Affects from one to four teeth.

Plural form

More than 4 teeth affected. The carious process usually proceeds in different stages, there are complicated forms of caries.

The acute form

Amazed almost all teeth, as a rule, the neck of the teeth (near the gums). Develops on the background of various related diseases-scurvy, radiation sickness, chemotherapy. In some cases, it is accompanied by dryness of the mucosa. When there is insufficient secretion of saliva does not occur natural cleansing of the tooth surface, and failure of antibacterial substances in saliva gives the full right for the bacteria to behave as they please. This form will also include the computer caries, developing users mostly previous generations of computers. A very common form of the disease among fans of sweet carbonated drinks. In addition to the acids, further affecting the enamel, they contain large amounts of sugar, which is food for the notorious streptococci.

Carob form (bottle caries)

Such a process may occur in children during the first two years of life. The reason is the imperfect formation of enamel as a consequence of illnesses of the mother during pregnancy or use for feed mixtures with a high content of sugars. Very often children suffering from this form of tooth decay, fall asleep with a bottle of the mixture in the mouth or on the breast of his mother, because otherwise they can’t calm down. Accordingly, cleaning of the oral cavity have also hampered and bacteria all night get the nutrients (sugar) for their livelihoods.
Based on the foregoing we can identify the main areas for action in the fight against disease:

  • removal of dental plaque and dental plaque;
  • the destruction of bacteria;
  • strengthening the enamel of the teeth.

Accordingly, the treatment of caries in the home boils down to the following events:


  1. Brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day after Breakfast and after dinner, preferably after each meal. Compulsory use of dental floss and interdental brushes for cleaning the spaces between teeth. To control the cleaning teeth at home can be recommended a special dye tablets or a dye, manufactured by Curaprox. Useful application of such funds after the professional hygiene training. These dyes stain the plaque a different color. So the purple color indicates that the plaque on the teeth is more than 5 days, and the light pink color is quite fresh dental deposits.
  2. Means for plaque removal and rinsing. Twice a week to prevent formation of Tartar it is recommended to brush teeth with a mixture of tooth powder, soda and citric acid (one box of powder 1 tablespoon of baking soda and citric acid). And after brushing, it is advisable to rinse your mouth with solution of sea salt.
  3. Consumption of carbohydrates. Sugar is included in many products, including milk or yogurt, is food for bacteria. Is it possible to resist the disease, when frequent snacking and drinking tea constantly maintain optimal for growth and reproduction of bacteria. It’s best to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and to drink tea and coffee without sugar, but if this is not possible, then you need to brush your teeth or at least rinse your mouth after meals.
  4. The use of chewing gum containing xylitol, immediately after a meal. When chewing is not only a mechanical cleaning of the surface of the teeth, but also stimulates production of saliva. However, chewing gum is recommended no more than five minutes to prevent excessive secretion of gastric juice, and with it the hydrochloric acid. In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract reflux-reflux of hydrochloric acid from the stomach into the mouth, and the acid destroys tooth enamel.
  5. Regular visits to the dentist, rehabilitation and realization of professional hygiene at least 2 times a year. Cured tooth twice more in need of care and prevention than is healthy. In the presence of dentures, crowns and bridges or periodontal disease conduct occupational health need often as yourself to brush your teeth in the area of marginal integrity of the crown or under the overgrown gums is almost impossible. It is recommended to study the doctor-the hygienist, to the house on their own in the best way with the use of specifically selected for You the means to take care of my teeth.
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Caries treatment of folk remedies

To influence dental caries in the home conditionsthey will not, but will bring the feasible help in treatment by slowing down the growth of unwanted bacteria. These traditional remedies have proven themselves quite well in the fight against disease:

Infusions of herbs, cooked in a water bath. The collection usually pour boiling water in an enamel pot simmering on a water bath for 45 minutes. The resulting solution rinse your mouth 3 times a day. For the treatment of caries of the house usually use the following herbs:

  • calendula, chamomile and St. John’s wort;
  • peppermint leaves and raspberry, infused with 100 grams of vinegar;
  • strawberries, propolis, nettle and guys;
  • the fruits of fennel, peppermint and St. John’s wort.

Rhizome-«Tatar potion». According to legend, the Tatar-Mongols, who used it for disinfection of drinking water is the best antiseptic. At the root of calamus accumulates iodine, which gives it antibacterial properties. Treatment at home can be performed in different ways: chew calamus root or prepare alcohol tincture, Bay 200 g plants 0.5 liters of vodka. Infuse for about a week and use as rinsing of a small (30 ml) doses before bedtime. The finished tincture can also be purchased at the pharmacy.

Extract (aqueous solution) or tincture (alcohol solution) of sage. The aqueous solution perfect for daily rinsing of the oral cavity, a cotton swab moistened with an alcoholic solution, can be applied to the aching tooth to kill bacteria. However, to carry out this procedure to be very careful not to burn the gums.


Propolis does not require advertising, since its medicinal properties have saved the «life» of more than one tooth. A small part of propolis have to mash these on a cotton swab applied to the affected surface of the tooth.

The usual tea, replace the tea from the fruit of schisandra chinensis. Light, refreshing beverage will quench your thirst and at the same time will make treatment of caries at home in a pleasant tea ceremony.

A decoction of onion peel. This natural dye is a great way to prevention and control of incipient caries. Peel two or three onions, pour boiling water and infuse. The resulting solution rinse your mouth three times a day after meals.

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Phytoncides, contained in the garlic cloves, not only affect microorganisms, but will also relieve the symptom of pain that develops with deep carious process. A few cloves must be crushed or skip through chesnokodavku, and the resulting slurry is applied on the affected tooth twice a day.

How to get rid of tooth decay at home with the help of soap? As it is made only from natural ingredients and has antibacterial and antiviral effect, it is easy to harmless flora of the mouth and will help to cope with the fungus. It is recommended to treat them after brushing, your toothbrush, this will prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria in its bristles, and along with great cleans.

To remove incipient caries at home is impossible, especially if there is an obvious violation of the integrity of the tooth or change the color, and significantly reduce the growth of pathogenic bacteria is quite real.

Pain relief at home

Recommend applying to the aching tooth

  1. fir oil
  2. sauerkraut juice
  3. the alcohol camphor
  4. mix olive oil with sea salt

How to heal cavities themselves at home

To strengthen the hard tissues of teeth at home is the responsibility of the assets acquired in the pharmacy or by using traditional methods. Usually held of an application twice a day after brushing your teeth and after the procedure it is recommended to refrain from eating at least an hour.

  • ToothMousse-product containing calcium and phosphorus. Made on the basis of casein (cow milk protein). Can be used in both adults and in young children (there are batterista shape). When the disease in the stage of white spots, he can remove tooth decay at home for a few months. After brushing, the gel is applied to the outer surface of the teeth and tongue is distributed over the entire oral cavity.
  • Toothpaste containing calcium. In a ten-minute applications of demineralized saturates enamel with calcium ions. It is important that the paste does not impinge on the gums, as this can cause burns.
  • Calcium gluconate tablets can also be used as appliqués.

Daily consumption of egg shell powder will enrich the body with calcium from within, which also has a positive effect on dental health.

Tips and advice

And of course, do not neglect the classical way of treatment. Caries -the process is destructive and his treatment of folk remedies time consuming and not always reasonable.

It is possible to combine both methods, so it will be safer. Especially if the treatment process is under the control of a competent specialist. Self-medication in this disease is not effective and can have adverse consequences.