How to whiten teeth at home: how to make yellow teeth white

Looking in the mirror, not infrequently, the question arises, how to whiten teeth at home. Appearance becomes a big nuisance, because a white smile today is a definite indicator. This is especially true of those who have sphere of activity is tied to dealing with people. No matter how good it was, yellow teeth create a feeling of revulsion. In order to begin to whiten your teeth at home you need to find out the reasons why they have lost the natural color.

Symptoms and causes of changes in tooth enamel

White, the colour changes due to the formation of plaque that is firmly eats into the enamel. The cause of the RAID be different factors which often influence from the outside. A man by his actions he exposes the enamel destruction that is drawing a color change. There are several main reasons for the formation of plaque.

  • Alcoholic beverages and Smoking. These are the main parasites of modern society. The compounds have strong chemical compounds, substances which are firmly deposited on the enamel. In addition, tobacco smoke contains tar and oils that produces strong absorbent effect. The teeth of the smoker are often seen immediately, they are allocated a characteristic yellow tinge. People who quit Smoking and started bringing order to the hygienic condition of the oral cavity will notice very quickly how to change the color of the teeth. To lighten teeth smoker toothpaste will not bring due results, it is better to eliminate plaque and other drugs.
  • Is it possible to clean the enamel of the teeth if they are brown. To get started is to understand where it came from. Brownish enamel is formed from coffee, black tea, alcoholic drinks that contain a lot of dyes. It can be not only drinks but also food, which is saturated with colorants. So the first thing you should minimize the number of used products, after which the shade of the enamel will change. Plus, to make a mouthwash to restore the white color of the teeth.
  • How you can eliminate the cause of the dirty plaque on the teeth, if it is a large amount of carbohydrates deposited in the oral cavity. It is necessary to abandon the large use of sweet, from the remnants of whose mouth formed the germs, badly damaging the enamel of the teeth. Excess eating of sweet food leads to dentin, and the teeth will be kind of transparent. In other words, the enamel base of the tooth are exhausted, and this is due to this transparency and appear yellowish coating on the surface.


  • Will have to resort to bleaching your teeth at home even if the yellowing caused by independent of man. Excess of tetracycline forms a yellow plaque, which need to be eliminated to teeth had a beautiful view. Susceptible to the disease during the period of tooth formation. Also can appear yellow, if a woman during pregnancy, taking tetracycline. Affects the enamel of the teeth environment, i.e., poor, polluted air in regions with large industrial enterprises, poor quality water, food low quality.
  • Hypoplasia — violation of the structure of dental tissues and their mineralization. This defect begins to form in the formation of teeth. Often, such a defect is born in the womb of the mother, but, sometimes, a pathology manifested after the birth. Hypoplasia is associated with the following:
  1. infectious disease during pregnancy;
  2. incompatibility of the RH factor in the mother and fetus;
  3. the consequences of severe toxemia;
  4. injury during childbirth or premature birth, and the newborn rickets, dystrophy;
  5. diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and more that may affect the fetus and on the child during or after birth.
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There are two forms of occurrence of hypoplasia — light and heavy. At first it will be enough to produce lightening, while the second will require the intervention of the dentist, because the teeth will have to seal or prosthesis.


When deciding on cleaning your enamel, you must know the number of features in which procedure to implement is not recommended.

  1. If you decide to quickly whiten teeth at home using solutions, you should remember that if you are sensitive and allergic to hydrogen peroxide to brush your enamel impossible.
  2. Also do not clean the mouth, if there are sealed sections, because the material, which closes the canal of the tooth, bleaching is not exposed, get assorted colors of enamel. It’s not so bad, if a sealed tooth is in the background and in the forefront of this result it looks ugly and dramatically catches others eyes.
  3. Do not neglect the cleaning of the teeth on their own, speeding up the procedure, as well as bleaching at an early age. This may spoil the enamel on the teeth due to constant load cleansers or weaken it in children whose teeth are still forming.
  4. The presence of caries did not give the desired beauty to stand out among the bleached teeth. So to start you must consult the dentist for treatment.
  5. The ban applies to pregnant women and women engaged in breastfeeding, as well as individuals, on the recommendation of doctors who are forbidden whitening because of the medication.

How to clean the enamel from unpleasant shade

There are several ways that you can use at home. But first we need to see a doctor, which States the existence of a healthy mouth.

When the disease of teeth, gums, the poor state of the oral cavity, to make whitening impossible. This not only will bring the desired results, but can aggravate the condition in the mouth, causing a complication or symptom of other more serious diseases. Therefore, the dentist must give the necessary recommendations on how to make teeth whiter at home. If all of the above are eliminated and the doctor gave a nod, then you can use the following techniques.

Cleaning strip

Modern cosmetology is not standing still and quickly developing in the field of dentistry. Therefore, there are unique whitening strips that will allow for 1 month to achieve remarkable results. Quality, composition of the solution applied to the strip, as well as the manufacturer affect the price of the product. One will have to use longer, others are able several times to change the color of teeth, giving them a white appearance. Cheap strips will give the result about 1-2 months, after which the enamel will darken again. The use of expensive materials will retain a beautiful smile to 1.5 years. The principle of operation, technology application, period of use, retention time and all the subtleties of the technology specified by the manufacturer, which step by step explains how to use cosmetic product. Do not forget that overdose of application will not produce the desired results and will only compromise the integrity of enamel, which will expose the inevitable appeal to the dentist for treatment. The disadvantage of the technology is that strip is not able to clean the space between teeth that is not a hundred percent result achieved by bleaching the enamel.

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There are two kinds of gels, by which the teeth become lighter. The first is a liquid form applied with a brush to the surface of the enamel, after which the mass solidifies and remains until all are not washed away by saliva. The second is used with a silicone cap that is put on teeth, and the space is filled with the whitening gel. There are risks of using the gels, because the process of prolonged contact with the enamel, gums, oral mucosa may cause harm and lead to irritation or allergies. Capa will be more secure, because it will prevent the migration of gel to the entire cavity of the mouth. However, it should be remembered that the gel, which includes hydrogen peroxide, effectively achieve results, but increase the risk of side effects. Therefore it is better to use products based on carbamide peroxide. The term bleaching will increase, but after half a month will notice a significant change for the better. There is another way to apply the gel to the surface of the teeth using a special pencil.

Cleaning pen

A quick way to bring the teeth in order, not giving a complete whitening for a long time. You can use it at work after a meal or before a business negotiation. In General, will quickly result in the question of how to make teeth white in a short time. This method will help to eliminate the shade of teeth after Smoking, drinking coffee, tea. Apply gel with a brush that comes with it. It is produced in two forms, one of which involves removing the damage after a while, the second is washed away by saliva.

Hydrogen peroxide


This component is typically contained in a paste for cleaning teeth. In addition, the solution for rinsing the mouth and brushing the enamel can be made at home. Used half a Cup of water and about 25 drops of 3 % peroxide, which are mixed into one mass. After rinse the mouth with liquid, and also clean each tooth with two sides of the pad with a stick, moistened in the solution. Finished rinsing the mouth with tap water. It is recommended to resort to cleaning no more than 2 times a day. Overdose capable of burning the mouth, gums, harm the integrity of the teeth, causing teeth sensitivity. Is brushing your teeth with hydrogen peroxide successful event in a short period of time will bleach the surface of teeth, allowing to enjoy the white, beautiful smile.

Soda and activated carbon

How to whiten teeth at home using common kitchen component, baking soda. Simply using a cloth or gauze with which soda is applied on the enamel of the teeth. In this case, the powder plays the role of abrasive materials. Alternatively, soda can not a lot to add to the cleaning paste, the effect is no less impressive. The drawback of the procedure lies in the fact that the use of the substance can break, to spoil, to damage the enamel of the teeth. Therefore it is not recommended to resort to this method more often than once a week.

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Similarly, activated carbon is used, which is a fixture in our medicine Cabinet. It is ground to a powder and also applied to the enamel, or gauze, or adding to pasta. Also a negative, because it is an enamel to abrasive that can cause damage. In addition, the use of coal will be weak most effective method of whitening of the enamel on the teeth.

The easiest way of bleaching

What you can whiten your teeth, if the house had nothing of the above. There is fruit, which included huge amounts of ascorbic acid, which is very positive impact on the oral cavity, and also helps to remove different kinds of pigment spots on the enamel. This universal antioxidant is lemon.

For application it is enough to RUB the enamel with a lemon slice or peel, and then be thoroughly rinsed with water. It is possible to use in a different form, causing a few drops to the paste for cleaning the oral cavity. To the interdental space was exposed to the healing power of lemon can thoroughly chew its peel, then also rinsing the mouth with water. Lemon not only can affect the enamel brightness, but will become a good preventive thing to combat bleeding gums.

A beautiful smile is a guarantee of attention to yourself

The result is easy manipulation with the use of as traditional medicine and in products of industrial production can in the shortest possible time to achieve the desired results whitening of the enamel.

It is important to make a rule that any self-interference and the more the treatment will entail is far from positive effect, but on the contrary aggravate the condition or cause complications. Therefore, even basic teeth whitening can be done at home should include pre-consultation with a dentist and also a thorough examination of the oral cavity on the subject of the inspection by identifying problem areas. You need to undergo treatment, removal, prosthetics, i.e. everything that will bring back oral perfect hygienic condition. Only then can we whiten your teeth at home, creating a smile that will impress not only others, but also will give great self satisfaction to the person.