Implants Nobel (Nobel): prices, reviews, description

Implants brand Nobel (of Nobel) is one of the most popular types of premium structures, their quality and reliability is recognized and dentists, and patients.

Consider the main types of them, we give a detailed description of the products, analyse their cost and look at the reviews of patients. This information will be useful in the choice of brand and specific type of product.


The Swiss manufacturer Nobel is one of the world leaders in the market, high positions in this area has been achieved owing to the stable quality of products. The Nobel system offers groundbreaking solutions in the field of dental surgery and orthopedics.

Their quality implants helps to minimize the discomfort of tooth loss a patient by restoring the dentition. Dentists have the opportunity to get acquainted with the types of products of this brand, and trained in their proper installation.

Design is best suited to patients suffering from significant bone loss because of the special system Nobel biocare possesses the highest percentage of compatibility with it – more than 99%. This allows you to avoid complications after the installation, the so-called peri-implantitis.

The manufacturer of the implants is done under the key, therefore, after their implantation can be directly set any types of prostheses. What are they used equally effectively with partial, and in the absence of the dentition, and features of the structure to minimize the load on the bone tissue. It uses a special system TiUnite, which is a patented technology of the manufacturer.

Production company Nobel is protected from counterfeiting by assigning each item a serial number by which to determine the originality of the product. Also it is lifetime warranty and installation is performed exclusively by certified dentists.

Unlike implants, the abutment shall be warranted for a period of 10 years, depending on types of products, which we describe in the next section.

Types and characteristics of the product Nobel

Firm Nobel provides a wide range of products that allow you to correct any problems associated with tooth loss. The manufacturer offers the following types of products:


Suited to patients who have problems with the shortage of bone tissue, as it is used in the system of implants All-on-4. Its peculiarity is a large number of dentures is attached by only 4 implants, which significantly reduces the load on the bone tissue during and after surgery.


  • cone-shaped design that stabilizes implant and provides good contact with the bone tissue;
  • the use of dual-threading, which facilitates the installation process;
  • the coating TiUnit, which effectively fused with the bone tissue;
  • allows the use of prostheses of various types.
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Speedy and Speedy Groovy

Apply when you need a quick restoration of the dentition. They are well implanted in the bone tissue of low and medium density.

This type of implant is also suitable for the installation of a number of of your teeth with All-on-4. Features:

  • the use of technology ТiUnit;
  • form provides excellent stabilization immediately after installation;
  • suitable for one-stage implantation;
  • improved fastening system of the abutment ensures reliable installation of dentures.

Speedy Groovy implants differ from speedy to those used practical in any occasions loss of teeth and have a deeper thread, which contributes to a more durable fixation.


The most common type of implants from Nobel, which is used in any clinical cases. Distinctive features:

  • triple fastening system;
  • the use of coatings TiUnit;
  • the apical part of the implant allows for a procedure for implantation immediately after resection of the tooth, and after healing of the hole;
  • marcinowska using colors makes it easier to specify each design element.

This type of implants has two subspecies – Replace Select Replace and Groovy.

  1. Replace Select offers the possibility of implantation at the different depths that can help you better attach construction, this effect was achieved by using a highly polished neck of the implant. They are adapted for one-stage implantation and with technology TiUnit and a triple fixation.
  2. Replace Groovy fit for any look and occasion implantation, equipped with a triangular bracket and have the stability at the initial stage of installation.


Considered to be the most gentle, require minimal surgical intervention. Features:

  • with the help of computer programs, a special three-dimensional model of patient’s jaw;
  • then calculated the reasonable installation technology;
  • the implant is implanted without the use of incisions and sutures.

Thus, it is possible to avoid injuries soft and hard tissues of the jaw, disorders of blood circulation in the problem area, a long process of rehabilitation, use of various medications.

Was conical

The use of this type of implants is possible in any clinical case, which makes it quite popular among dentists and patients.

Nobel was Conical equipped with a cone-shaped hexagon clamping system, which is considered more reliable and suitable for implantation in the jaw.


Universal implant system offered by the manufacturer. Feature:

  • design that allows implantation into bone tissue of any density;
  • hex screw ensures the high reliability;
  • the last coil of thread as close to the neck of the implant, because this improves the fusion with the edge of the bone.
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The research process Nobel Branemark is not finished yet and the design undergoes constant improvements and refinements.

Video: how is this done? Dental implants Nobel.

The advantages and disadvantages of implants Nobel

With years of manufacture experience Nobel have a large number of advantages:

  • the only step-by-step installation manual that makes this process easier, more reliable and predictable;
  • fastening system allow you to choose the design depending on the bone condition of each individual patient, which guarantees stability in the primary stage of installation;
  • aesthetic appearance of the prosthesis;
  • individual prosthetics;
  • the installation in one or more stages;
  • protection against counterfeiting and lifetime warranty.


  • high price due to the difficulty in manufacturing and installing;
  • for implantation requires a highly skilled professional.

Overall, more than minus, but in most cases the cost of the procedures associated with the production of Nobel, will cost a tidy sum, so patients often stay on the cheaper counterparts.


To install implants, Nobel are the main contraindications as other firms. Themselves designs of this manufacturer, on the contrary, have a high degree of applicability in most clinical cases. Factors impeding the application of implantation:

  • individual intolerance to the components of the structure;
  • allergic reaction to medicines that are applied during implantation;
  • the presence of inflammatory processes or complex diseases of the oral cavity;
  • pregnancy.

To avoid complications during and after the installation of the implants the doctor diagnose the condition of the oral cavity of the patient, determines which drugs and materials that are allergic.


Maria, 44 years

A few years went by without the two adjacent molars on the lower jaw. Was terrified of implantation and all that goes with it, but a friend was advised by a good dentist and dental implants Nobel. First was a little upset at the price but thought that health is important and decided on surgery. Since then have not regretted my decision. Did not have any complications, and the surgery was quick and painless.

Igor, 49 years

Several times installed implants, Nobel and always been totally satisfied with them. Yes, the price is a little bite, but the product corresponds to 100. Especially appreciate them after a friend who installed the products of another company happened serious complications and had to reinstall the implant. In the end it was more expensive than I have, although initially he wanted to save.

Elena, 50 years

Over the last five years, twice set implants Nobel. I have the feeling that every year they are getting better, although this is not surprising, since technology is not standing still. My doctor said that Nobel provides an excellent range of prosthetics for all occasions. Recommend them now to all my friends, because I had no complications or other problems after their installation.

The cost

How much is the implantation of the Nobel? The price is different depending on the complexity of the procedure and type of implants, but in any case, it won’t be cheap. Biocare, for example, will pull on 30 thousand roubles. To this add the cost of additional structures. Thus, the abutments from the manufacturer will cost in the amount of from 10 to 15 thousand rubles, and the dentist’s work – from 10 thousand.

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Installation 4-5 implants to create a beam structure Procare will cost 200 thousand rubles, but without the work of the dentist.

If you are offered to place dental implants at the Nobel price which is much lower than the average dental clinics, cheerleaders – this means that you sell the fake. Remember, the high price of the implants from this manufacturer caused by the adaptability of their production, to fabricate high quality which is impossible.

Video: reviews of Nobel implants from Sweden.

Further questions

► Nobel or Ankylosis?

Both are high quality, versatility and a wide range of products, which makes them competitors. At the same time, implants Ankylosis affordable in price, which allowed them to capture 45% of the market, modern dentures.

► Alpha Bio or Nobel?

Nobel is considered to be of higher quality than the Israeli alpha Bio, but they are much more expensive. However, alpha Bio can be called cheaper alternatives, but still high quality.