Intracanal bleaching of teeth: price, reviews

How to return the luster and whiteness of the smile? You will help in teeth whitening. Find out about the price of the procedure and read the reviews that have been published, as patients and doctors.

With a beautiful almost Hollywood smile you will be more confident, more will reach the intended goals. Whitening toothpaste and special mouthwash will not give the same effect as intracanal bleaching. It is able to restore the natural whiteness of the teeth with removed nerves.

The technique

► The first time you visit:

  1. Pass routine inspection of the oral cavity.
  2. Making x-rays to detect hidden processes and quality seals. The doctor will determine whether there are inflammatory diseases of the gums and identify the cause of darkening of the enamel.
  3. The next stage removes the old filling and the cleaning of the tooth. You must carefully remove all materials, as they can stain the enamel. Avoid contact with substances in root canals, to the place of entrance is a pad of medical cement.
  4. Completing this step is a temporary seal which can be installed on up to 2 weeks.

► During your next visit:

  1. The practitioner will apply a safe gel with whitening effect after removing the seals.
  2. Indoitalian after the first time not always satisfy the requirements of the patient, then the procedure is repeated and you can have the whole year to enjoy shining healthy teeth.

Whitening system Opalescence appeared recently in dentistry, but has already managed to win the trust of doctors and patients, dreaming of the white smile. What is that method in which the teeth become whiter and are not subject to strong chemical attack? Called effective:

  • in the case of age-related changes in color of the enamel;
  • in relation to teeth affected by tetracycline antibiotics;
  • to stains from fluorosis.
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As before any procedure required a visit to the dentist with the conclusion about the possibility and necessity of indoitalian. He will examine the teeth and note the degree of darkening, will talk about the rules of preparation and the procedure itself.

Indications for the conduct of intracanal bleaching are:

  • significant damage to the tooth with bleeding;
  • lifeless tooth nerve or pulpless tooth;
  • darkening or custom color enamel;
  • cracks in the enamel, permeable dyes;
  • silver (a grey and black shade) or resorcinol-formalin sealing (stain the enamel in pink).

To whiten teeth without harming the enamel in the home, although it is worth noting that the effect will not be so visible.


It is impossible to endotelialna:

  • children under 16 years of age;
  • expectant and nursing mothers;
  • people with hypersensitivity of the enamel;
  • for those who have allergic history or reaction to hydrogen peroxide;
  • in inflammatory processes in the oral cavity;
  • with excessive attrition of teeth;
  • when significant tooth decay and multiple cracks;
  • diabetes and thyroid disease.

Indoitalian ineffective on a dead tooth with an old filling.

Photo: before and after

Preparation indoitalian

Pictures of teeth helps the technician to determine the treatment regimen, to identify the nature of the problem. In need of complete rehabilitation of the oral cavity. Before treatment, the patient rinses the mouth with antibacterial solution to prevent infection.

The selected method required for the efficient and gentle opening of the tooth:

  1. The old filling is removed.
  2. Checks the condition of the roots.
  3. Inflamed areas are removed.

How do intracanal bleaching of the tooth?

Vnutrikoronarnogo bleaching is carried out after careful preparation and cleaning of the tooth. Then:

  • to clean the tooth cavity is filled with a whitening solution;
  • temporary filling is set (it can be in place up to a month);
  • put a permanent seal (when the result is visible and suits the patient).
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Enamel bleached tooth color is compared with other that there were no sharp differences.

The price of intracanal bleaching tested in clinics begins from 3 thousand rubles. Is the price of 1 thousand, and this is the main cost, because the procedures is not associated with the use of special equipment and usually at a time doing 1 tooth.

Video: on intracanal bleaching of teeth.

The pros and cons

The advantages of this method are obvious:

  • no need to grind the tooth and remove the layer of enamel;
  • the painless and safe (with no contraindications);
  • treatment of a single tooth without damaging neighboring;
  • the high efficiency of bleaching;
  • reasonable price for the procedure.

There are some drawbacks to indoitalian:

  1. Increased fragility of the tooth.
  2. Unsatisfactory result in the individual characteristics of the organism.

The results can be unfortunate if intracanal bleaching is not carried out in a special medical institution, if the doctor has no sufficient qualification and experience of such manipulations. The procedure of indoitalian not recommend more than 4 times.


Tina, 35 years

The teeth began to darken after removal of the nerve and seals. Brushed my teeth with whitening effect, used the folk remedies, but to no avail. Dentist recommended intracanal bleaching and now my teeth are the same as before. I love it.

Lana, 27 years

I had a yellow teeth from childhood, then do not pay attention and was not taken to the dentist, as it did not bother me and caries it never did. I was no longer happy with its appearance and I heard about internal bleaching. Dentists tried to impose upon me expensive veneers, but I refused. And here at the clinic volunteered to guide me the procedure, but first treated channels. It turned out, after a trauma in my childhood, my nerve was dead and had to be removed for a long time. The composition of the hydrogen peroxide very quickly gave the result that the tooth began to brighten. After re-laying the gel acquired natural tooth color. I am very pleased.

Lisa, 23 years

One of the front teeth, where you already removed the nerve, darkened. I was annoyed and I turned for advice to the dentist. He offered to open the rear surface of the tooth and lay special whitening toothpaste. Then he closed the hole with a temporary filling and I did that for a few days. Tooth brightened and I replaced the seal. I didn’t feel anything, because the tooth was dead, but I’m enjoying already the 2nd year.

What do the doctors say?

  1. In the presence of dark teeth without treatment, in the beginning it is necessary to treat the channels, and then carry out intracanal bleaching. The procedure in some way weakens the tooth, but with proper manipulation with subsequent remineralization therapy is absolutely safe.
  2. The effectiveness of intracanal bleaching of up to 80%, but failure to comply with hygiene moments, unpleasant color can come back again.
  3. Before installation of crowns, you can try the procedure indoitalian, teeth glowing from the inside and you know that they are real.