Is it possible to rinse inflamed gums with hydrogen peroxide and salt?


Hi Lily, I have a trivial question. Please tell me whether it is possible to rinse gingivitis hydrogen peroxide with baking soda and salt? And how to prepare for a solution? which day die from the pain…


Hello. With stomatitis, the more that continues not the first day, you should visit your dentist to determine the causes of the condition. Only after the inspection is assigned an effective treatment. Homemade rinse can be performed with baking soda: half a teaspoon of soda in half a glass of room temperature water. But the analgesic effect of it will not. Soda will give antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. A slight analgesic effect and has the Taste and some others. But I strongly recommend to use these funds after advice from your nearest doctor because thrush is as an independent disease, often accompanying other disease in the body.

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