Lingual braces Win: review, price, reviews

Tell you about the benefits of lingual braces Win, let’s do a brief overview of the main characteristics, prices and reviews about these designs. After all, to create a beautiful and correct smile all you want, and the ability to correct problems with the bite imperceptibly eyes doubly valuable.

Needless to say that such treatment and changing unevenly spaced teeth must be done as soon as possible? But not every teenager agrees to such measures. More often in adulthood comes the understanding that some correction is required. At this time the burden of responsibility is completely different and accuracy of the dentition is not a whim, but an essential element in the appearance.

Features braces Win

On the Russian market products that Win (Win) provided in 2013. They created one of the best doctors and designers braces Dirk Wichmann. He tried to improve his previous popular Incognito braces. The result is to achieve maximum quality and convenience for patients.

So, these designs are characterized by the location of the lingual, that is the part of the tongue, on the inner surface of the dentition. It provides complete invisibility of the entire system. It is important to note that the braces are manufactured strictly under Win individual characteristics of the patient, takes into account the structure and the surface of each unit. Due to this, it turns out to achieve maximum comfort while using design.

Many patients who used exactly the data of German products for the correction of malocclusion, noted that it is easy to get used to, they do not impair the diction and deliver a minimum of discomfort from the very first days of operation. And due to the internal visit, the Clinician monitors the position of the teeth.

Such structures are well demonstrated in the treatment of adolescents and adults. They are suitable for installation in any age and can even change the difficult cases of malocclusion. Their effectiveness is not proven once and doctors say that the treatment is faster than any other designs.

Another important feature of lingual braces Win is that professionals who work with them, must necessarily undergo training and certification from the manufacturer. This guarantees their quality work and high level of professionalism.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Highlight the important and distinguishing design features:

  • the ability to correct even severe cases of malocclusion;
  • the accuracy of each product leads to the maximum treatment efficacy and a significant reduction of its term;
  • the flat shape and thin plates are very convenient for patients;
  • invisible to others, since they are located on the inner surface of the teeth;
  • each bracket tightly to the enamel;
  • short adaptation period;
  • to create all of the elements of design uses only the best and highest quality materials, alloy of chromium and cobalt does not cause allergies;
  • the possibility of treating patients of all ages ranging from 11-12 years old;
  • they are easy to maintain and clean, which prevents the development of all kinds of dental problems;
  • the strength of the materials used and the wide base of the plates ensures durability throughout the treatment period.

Of the shortcomings can be identified only a few, and those relative:

  • cost structures though is lower than other lingual products, but they are quite expensive, they can afford not everyone;
  • as with the installation of the other braces in this case there are some contraindications;
  • due to the high requirements from manufacturers to dentists to work with them maybe not every specialist, most of the clinics that provide these structures in Russia, located in Moscow.


This process is largely similar to other systems of correcting the bite. It usually requires the following stages, occupying some time:

  1. After the initial diagnosis and decision about treatment, the doctor takes a mold of the patient’s jaw.
  2. Further, they are digitized in the laboratory using computer programs to create 3D model.
  3. It has already at the firm in Germany using high-precision technologies to produce customized products in accordance with the position of each tooth of the patient and the desired outcome. This period may take up to three months.
  4. At this time is rehabilitation, that is, the treatment and cleaning of hard and soft tissues in the oral cavity of the patient. If necessary, change old fillings, cover the teeth firming gel, treat tooth decay, relieve inflammation of the gums, etc.
  5. When the braces are ready, comes the process of installation. It is absolutely painless, but at the expense of legalnogo location might take some time.
  6. Very important is considered the whole period of treatment, when you need not just wear design, but also to look after it correctly, and regularly visit a doctor for changing arcs and General observations.
  7. Completes the process by removing the braces that occurs without pain and damage to the enamel. To strengthen the result, a technician can give the patient wearing special retainers.
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To the treatment was quickly and safely, you should carefully choose the clinic and doctor that will do it. Not every orthodontist has the right to work with the systems Win.


It should be understood that in some cases, to change the bite is not available to everyone. Sometimes requires pre-treatment of other diseases, and in some situations, and not to refuse correction. Thus, the main contraindications to the use of systems to Win are:

  • complete disregard for patient hygiene care teeth, and in the future design;
  • expressed caries, which requires treatment;
  • periodontitis, gingivitis and other diseases of the soft tissues also need to be addressed;
  • the presence of osteoporosis, that is, problems in the skeletal system of the patient;
  • for many mental disorders, dental work becomes impossible;
  • any other diseases, infections, especially in the acute form.

How is the treatment?

The process of correction after the mounting of the braces occurs due to the pressure of the arc. Thanks to intelligent technology and individual shape of each element of the treatment time is significantly reduced. And the doctor has access to the visual inspection result, which gives him an opportunity to adjust the location of the arc.

Throughout the treatment the patient should visit the orthodontist during the appointed days. Some are forced to visit him every few weeks, while others may appear much less frequently, it all depends on individual circumstances and complexity of the defect. The expert tightens or change the arc accordingly the treatment plan, monitors the status of locks and monitors adjustment process.

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Video: invisible braces Win.


How much it will cost to get a treatment with braces Win, fully depends on the clinic and region in which you intend to install them. So, in Moscow the cost ranges from 130 to 250 thousand rubles for one jaw.

It should be understood that a portion of the payment will be made gradually in the early treatment of other diseases, with regular visits to and correction of the arcs and also at the end when removing the product.



Because I trust German quality throughout, and the braces decided to establish this firm. The result I am satisfied because the treatment was for a relatively short period, and all this time I did not hesitate to smile braces was not to be seen.


In my job, you need a perfect row of teeth and I took his correction. But ought to do it quietly and carefully. Had to fork out for braces Win, but I have no regrets.


I will say that the treatment ended is really much faster than I expected. These designs are very effective. But the prices are such that not everyone will be able to afford it. Me much had to be abandoned for treatment.