Lumineers what it is: Lumineers on teeth

Many dream of an attractive smile, so one of the urgent problems today is the restoration and teeth whitening. Achieving this goal is possible through such prosthetic constructions, as Lumineers. Due to such overlap to elegant and attractive smile can be quite fast without pain and discomfort. Many patients first hear about such designs, so you can often hear the question, what are Lumineers, in some cases, you need to use them, and do they have any drawbacks.

Differences from the Lumineers veneers

Not quite the correct view is that Lumineers is a regular false teeth. In fact, they represent a thin plate, which is made of ceramic. These pads are attached to the tooth surface, and their shape corresponds to the outer side of the tooth surface. Thanks to such features with the help of Lumineers is possible to achieve a perfect aesthetic result with no effort.

Sometimes a patient can sometimes be problematic to make a choice between veneers and Lumineers, so you must know their characteristics. In fact, we can identify several differences between such prosthetic constructions:

  1. the thickness of Lumineers is much less than veneers;
  2. Lumineers are considered to be more simple plates and when it is worn completely eliminated the probability of occurrence of cracks;
  3. in the manufacture of Lumineers uses modern modeling technology, which overlays get as close as possible in shape and color to the teeth;
  4. unlike veneers, Lumineers can be removed from the teeth when necessary;
  5. vinilovye pads can be worn for 5-7 years, and service life of luminaires is 20 years;
  6. the process of installing Lumineers do not require the prior conduct of the preparation.

The use of orthodontic plates allows you to simultaneously solve several problems in the field of aesthetics. With such plates it is possible to remove various dental defects and to create a «Hollywood smile». Many experts call this method instant orthodontics, because to make a attractive smile possible in just one visit to the dentist. In fact, modern Lumineers are different from veneers in its practicality and perfection, so they give preference to many patients.

Indications and contraindications

The main challenge when using Lumineers is changing and improving the appearance of teeth. This means that using such a thinnest plates possible to adjust the color, shape and wrong position of the teeth in the oral cavity.

Experts identify situations in which it is recommended to use the Lumineers:

  • the appearance on the teeth of different defects, for example, cleavage or erosion of enamel;
  • correction pricesadobe have an irregular or uneven shape;
  • the enamel on the teeth is beginning to wear off;
  • teeth improperly positioned in the mouth;
  • teeth have changed colour or have they formed dark spots;
  • the appearance of gaps between teeth.
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Experts identify some contraindications to wear Lumineers and abandon them when you have a complex curvature of the dentition. In addition, it is not recommended to apply such designs in dental caries, bruxism and periodontitis. Do not install these plates with heavy bite and strong teeth enamel damage.

In fact, using such plates can remedy many of the shortcomings, however, in complex cases, this method of correction will not be effective. These plates can be installed in absolutely any age for teeth whitening.

Advantages and disadvantages

Lumineers are often used for bleaching and correcting of teeth, since such inserts have many advantages over other orthodontic devices:

  1. Lumineers compared to veneers is much thinner, which greatly simplifies the process of installation. The large thickness of the veneers leads to the fact that a specialist is necessary to perform additional steps to grind and remove the outer layer of tooth enamel. This is necessary in order to be superimposed on the teeth of the plate have a natural look. In that case, if you use Lumineers, there is no need of taking additional actions. In addition, if desired, the patient can remove these plates at any time, without worrying for their health. Unfortunately, it is impossible to make veneers since it is problematic to restore some of the enamel.
  2. Lumineers look thin and fragile plates, however, it does not. Such orthodontic devices, in fact, quite durable and their lifespan can reach 20 years. This feature stems from the fact that the plates are made of special material. *
  3. While wearing Lumineers snug to the dentition which helps to protect enamel from different damages. When using such plates can not worry about the possibility of cracking, as well as on the penetration of various infections. Another advantage of Lumineers is the fact that their attachment to the teeth is cement, which has on the enamel strengthening effect and makes teeth stronger.
  4. You can pick up Lumineers any color and shape in accordance with the needs of the patient, so it is often quite difficult to distinguish them from natural teeth. The production of plates made of porcelain with high accuracy to reproduce the color and opacity of the enamel of the teeth. In addition, committed not worry that the color change under the influence of nicotine and various food dyes.
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In fact, the process of installing Lumineers do not cause any pain and discomfort. This is due to the fact that there is no need grinding tooth, as is done with the installation of veneers. Lumineers can be applied absolutely on any teeth, including dentures and crowns.

Despite all the advantages of Lumineers in some cases of their use have to give. This usually occurs if the patient is diagnosed serious pathology of the oral cavity. In addition, it is forbidden to use these plates with a weakened, sensitive and pulpless teeth

One of the main contraindications to the wearing of Lumineers is considered to be a disease of the mouth, like stomatitis. In any case, if you want the patient to change the color and shape of their teeth should seek the advice of a specialist. For correction and teeth whitening often use Lumineers and what it is and how to care for them will tell the patient the doctor.

Despite their many advantages, such plates have one significant drawback is the high cost and the necessity of waiting of the installation procedure. In addition, such designs are not always possible to install on a curved tooth row. Many experts believe that in cases of severe malocclusion to correct it is best to use the braces or aligners.

Features of manufacture and installation

Placement of Lumineers can be done in two ways:

  1. used traditional method of installation of the plates, which entailed a turning of the teeth;
  2. installation in the oral cavity can be performed without prior turning.

Often patients prefer the procedure to install Lumineers without prior turning, as it does not cause them pain and discomfort. Experts distinguish several stages of this procedure:

  • you prepare the teeth for installation of a plate and, if necessary, undergoing treatment;
  • specialist performs diagnostic wax-and the computer performs a simulation of the image;
  • according to the obtained mold is a thin plate whose thickness does not exceed 0.3 mm;
  • when you visit the dentist is fitting Lumineers;
  • the final step is to install and fix the plates to the tooth using a special adhesive.

To fix the structure of the teeth using a special adhesive that has a high resistance to the effects of various food acids.

In fact, the process of installing Lumineers is not so simple to carry out such a procedure, not everyone can be a specialist. Despite the fact that the installation of such plates do not require special preparation of the teeth, the treating physician must have special training and qualifications. Only an experienced specialist can install Lumineers on the teeth so that they will be impossible to distinguish from natural teeth.

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The only company that manufactures Lumineers, located in the United States. The main material of such prosthetic designs is the porcelain, and the process itself is simulated on the computer. The use of high-precision equipment allows to maintain the strength of the material used, even at its minimum thickness.

Features of the care of plates

In fact, Lumineers require the same care as your teeth. To overlays for a long time retains its attractive appearance, every day is recommended to perform the following procedure:

  1. to monitor the hygiene of the oral cavity;
  2. toothpaste to clean the teeth and plates on them;
  3. after each meal rinse your mouth with warm water;
  4. for removing pieces of food stuck between the teeth, to floss;
  5. in the preventive purposes it is recommended to visit the dental office;
  6. when wearing Lumineers is recommended to abandon the consumption of solid foods, and especially nuts and seeds.

To date, Lumineers are considered as effective designs, which manage to make a smile attractive. This method of correction allows you to quickly and painlessly whiten teeth and correct the bite without a long wearing briquettes.