Malocclusion in adults: methods, prices, reviews

Disorders of the dentition is a common problem. It is not surprising that many interested in the correction of malocclusion in adults, what techniques you use, the price of a variety of ways and feedback from patients who have already tried them myself.

Often in adolescence the child does not want to «spoil» the appearance of unsightly braces, shy of such treatment. It seems that it is much easier to leave everything as is. And only with time comes the understanding that it is not only the problem of the appearance of the smile, but overall health.

Why is it important to correct an overbite?

Changes in the bite can be very different. The doctors there are the following types of anomalies:

  1. The distal or prognathic upper jaw extends far in front, and the bottom remains underdeveloped;
  2. Class III – when the lower teeth are particularly;
  3. Outdoor – part units in a row do not interlock between themselves as it should be;
  4. Deep bite – upper jaw overlaps the other by more than half;
  5. Cross – offset of rows in a horizontal plane;
  6. Dystopia – improper positioning of the permanent teeth.

All these anomalies develop for different reasons:

  • hereditary and genetic factor;
  • problems during mother’s pregnancy;
  • malnutrition in children;
  • bad habits;
  • frequent illness;
  • mechanical damage and injury.

To correct the bite necessary for the preservation of health and convenient functioning of the entire jaw. And if the child is unable to understand what threatens this anomaly is an adult consciously evaluates the consequences and encounters with some of them. So, complications of malocclusion can look different:

  • a tendency to increased abrasion of the enamel;
  • frequent breakdowns of the installed prosthesis;
  • wear and weakness of the temporomandibular joint;
  • visible changes of the oval face, the appearance of wrinkles.

Also incorrect positioning of the dentition can affect the diction and quality of processing of food that leads to chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, doctors especially insist to change the bite at an early age. It was then that the position of the teeth better correctable.


Treatment is needed if you find yourself at least one of the signs:

  • any visible aesthetic defects;
  • violations of the clamping jaws in any of the above options;
  • problems that appear outwardly on the proportions of the face;
  • painful sensations in the processing of food.

The before and after photos

Techniques of bite correction in adults

Depending on the patient’s wishes, peculiarities of his health and the complexity of the defect is selected as a more appropriate method of correcting malocclusion in adults.

  1. Braces.
  2. Surgery.
  3. Alternative methods.
  4. What can you do at home?
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These types of orthodontic appliances remain the most reliable in the treatment of all categories of patients. And with the already formed tissues and the skeletal system braces are the almost the only products that can cope with the problem of improper teeth alignment. Especially doctors insist on their application when there are severe abnormalities not amenable to other forms of treatment.

In this case there is a mechanical influence on each tooth that gradually shifts the root and stretches the connective tissue around it. Because of this gradually changing the position of the units and a number of.

But this system has also disadvantages:

  • they are visible to others the period of treatment;
  • wear them for at least a year or two;
  • addictive and a correction process accompanied by discomfort, and sometimes painful sensations;
  • such designs are quite expensive.

Surgical way

In some cases, even reliable braces can not cope and have to use the most radical method of correcting the defect is surgery. The operation is prescribed for the following problems:

  • severe open bite, when disturbed even the chewing and speech function;
  • occurs dysplasia chin, which distorts the shape of the face;
  • after maxillo-facial trauma;
  • special hereditary pathology.

Thus produce a cut bone tissue and the mucous membrane, so that the teeth are in their proper place, and the jaws are closed correctly. The decision on the mode of treatment takes only physician, taking into account all features of the malocclusion and the patient’s General health.

Alternative (Capa, trainers, veneers, etc.)

In addition to classic braces and radical measures, to be used and other methods of correction:

  1. Plastic dental trays (aligners) removable transparent plate fixed on the teeth and they should be worn at least 22 hours a day. It is possible to withdraw only for hygienic procedures during food. But they are only effective in cases of mild malocclusion. Especially recommended to use them in crowded teeth, narrow or wide arc or, if necessary, to correct the relapse of the displacement. Every 20 days you need to come to the appointment with the orthodontist and replaced the tray on the other.
  2. Special trainers are also transparent and removable constructions, made of silicone. In the first part of treatment pick the more elastic the product, and in the final six months wear is durable and solid trainers. They are used in the same cases, and plastic trays, and optionally, normalization of nasal breathing, correct diction and correct bad habits. A positive point is that you have to wear them only at night and during the day 2-4 hours is sufficient, which excludes the use during working hours, without constraining the patient.
  3. Veneers and Lumineers are more to the esthetic restoration of the smile zone, rather than to correction of the malocclusion. But some irregularities of the dentition can hide from them. Usually doctors advise to use such methods of correction in cases when for any reasons it is impossible to apply any of the above methods. But they help only when implied defects.
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What you can do at home?

Some would like to make correction of the bite on their own, without seeking medical attention, as dental office and all the tools scare. But it’s almost impossible. Specialists in the correction of malocclusion of orthodontic systems can advise to do some additional manipulation:

  • massage the gums;
  • special exercises.

But as a standalone procedure for the treatment they are powerless.

Correction of malocclusion in adults without braces

It is worth noting some features of the treatment of adult patients:

  1. Their work, social interaction and an active life put some demands on aesthetics and durability of applied designs.
  2. The choice of the correction method strongly affects the state of health, when many effective ways to become unavailable due to contraindications.
  3. The older a person is, the harder it is to affect the location of tooth roots, shift them to change the structure of bone and connective tissue.

Although modern technologies give an opportunity to select the most appropriate method of treatment. So, veneers and Lumineers can correct some defects of the smile in one session at the dentist, without the pain and prolonged suffering. And aligners and trainers will help change more serious anomaly almost at home, when nobody will notice.

The cost of treatment

Depending on the technique selected and the complexity of the defect, as well as specific dental clinics will vary and the total cost for the treatment. Consider how much the correction of malocclusion in adults in each case:

  • braces – from 10 000 to 120 000, depending on the material and attachment method;
  • surgical treatment of 300-450 thousand rubles;
  • aligners and Aligner – 90-160 thousand;
  • trainers – 2000-4000;
  • veneers – 10-20 thousand rubles;
  • Lumineers – 60 000-70 000.
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In each case, the cost may change as the clinics have their own politics. In addition, you need to remember about additional procedures that will have to carry out diagnosis, treatment of caries, periodontitis, consultation, etc.

Video: orthodontist about malocclusion in adults.



Braces I was embarrassed terribly. So the doctor advised me to use the trainers. They need to wear it only at night, so it didn’t caused any problem. Pain is also not felt, which is nice. But the treatment lasted a very long time, I think braces would be faster.


I tried to use different ways of correcting the bite, but had to put metal braces, since everything else has been ineffective in my case. Just wasted money and time.


I thought that in 40 years the bite change is possible. But earlier this problem did not bother me, and only now had to pay attention to the teeth. It turned out, modern medicine can do everything, and I now rejoice with a new smile, went straight to the younger in the eyes.


The doctor treated my bite ten years, nothing helped. Turned for help to another specialist, he immediately sent for surgery. And though it is painful and unpleasant for a while had to give up a lot and call in sick, but I got the long-awaited result.


Acquired nearly invisible aligners. Easily corrected bite, and by design very few people noticed. Yes and not really she was in the way. I think this treatment is much nicer and better than any braces, since the records can be removed to wash, brush my teeth, and apparently they do not spoil the smile.