Metal crown: from the list, care of crowns

Metal crowns are currently installed in virtually every dental clinic. The prices are quite reasonable for average statistical citizen of the country. With the latest technology and materials, the products have fairly long life. In appearance they are almost identical to healthy human teeth. Are characterized by high aesthetics and beauty.

Why do we need crowns

Metal-ceramic crowns today are used everywhere. Provided that their sets are an experienced professional, met all the necessary requirements, the product life is 7 years or more. Protective permanent dentures do not require the implementation of specialized care. Perfect for business people. Are the best solution for those who are very concerned about their appearance, but has very little personal time.

Metal-ceramic dental prosthesis is installed in the following cases:

  1. Most razreshimosti natural tissues dental units. Sometimes, after the treatment of caries, pulpitis, periodontitis remains only a thin wall. To protect the tooth from further damage, it is covered with a crown;
  2. Prosthetics with their loss. In this case, made bridges. Two crowns to gain a foothold at the expense of natural support turned on or installed implants;
  3. Increased abrasion of enamel and dentin;
  4. Abnormal form of dental units, which affects the aesthetics and chewing function. Wrong structure, large interdental spaces successfully adjusted to modern prosthetics;
  5. Fluorosis caused visible lesions in the bony tissue.

Many people wonder, how does protective design

It looks similar to real teeth. The inside has a metal frame. Ceramic veneer completely covers the design. With proper installation and fabrication, metal should not be visible at the base of the gums. In order to remove the visual unattractiveness, to reduce the contact with allergenic components are made of special design. Crowns on teeth with shoulder mass takes into account the special turning, where a shoulder is created – the-shoulder.

The pros and advantages

Can be called the basic positive qualities of products from metal

  • Aesthetics and beauty. The prosthesis takes into account the color features of the enamel of these teeth units person. With the help of special color scales, achieving the full identity of the prostheses.
  • Skillful technicians, allows you to recreate the anatomical structure: fissure, sulcus, periodontal gutters. After fixation of orthopedic structures, they are absolutely not visible when communicating;
  • The preservation and strengthening of the dental walls;
  • High functionality of the cermet is not inferior to natural teeth. After prosthetic treatment, a person can safely chew foods of different hardness. High-quality durable material not prone to fracture and destruction. In order not to damage the ceramic-metal crowns, you need to exert quite a large force. In most cases, chipped dentures occur: when shock, drop, split nuts, chewed bones;
  • Quite a long service life. With adequate treatment and care structures are quite long, 7 years or more;
  • The possibility of prosthetics for all units: canines, incisors, molars, chewing teeth. Design can be secured on the implant. In this case, there is a possibility of installing a completely new beautiful teeth, even for fully edentulous patients;
  • The product is made from high-quality modern non-toxic materials. They in rare cases cause allergic reactions and is not harmful to human health;
  • Hygienic ceramics ensures that development of pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity. Dental material does not change its original color. Even after years of crowns and bridges look like new.
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Whom the procedure is contraindicated

Metal-ceramic protective design copes with its functions. However, despite many advantages, they have contraindications:

  1. Pulpitis, periodontitis, caries, gum disease. Before the prosthetic, the person should undergo a thorough examination and to decide all questions relating to the health of the oral cavity;
  2. Allergic reactions to the metal and its compounds. In most cases, the presence of allergic reactions, indicate the patients themselves. In daily life, people are constantly faced with different metals: cobalt, Nickel, chromium, gold, silver, copper. When contacting them, you may experience the following unpleasant symptoms: itching, redness, burning. After some time, there are cutaneous manifestations: rash, non-healing ulcers, papules and vesicles.
  3. The presence of chronic diseases, in the period of exacerbation. Prosthetics is carried out in good health, in the absence of obvious manifestations of the disease.
  4. Temporary contraindications include: SARS, herpes. After full recovery, installation is possible.

Before you install PFM crown on the tooth, think carefully not observed do you have any Allergy to metals. After the installation of orthopedic products, if you experience unpleasant symptoms, ranging from design, you will need to give up and to decide on its replacement. A great alternative in this case can serve as ceramic crowns.

The procedure of prosthesis

Crowns of metal-set when indicated. Involved in the work of several experts: a dental therapist, orthopedic technician. The quality of work performed, each of the artists depends on the end result (quality, convenience, the lifetime of the product).

First and foremost, the person being directed to undergo a preliminary treatment. It is necessary to remind that the installation of structures is carried out on pulpless teeth. It is very important to conduct high-quality filling of root canals. If healthy tissue is preserved is very small, at the base of the root strengthens the set pin. In the case of maximum destruction, made a solo tab. After the full rehabilitation of the mouth, comes the immediate stage of carrying out orthopaedic operations.

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There is simultaneous work of two specialists. The podiatrist carries out preparation, selects the color, removes individual casts of patient’s jaws. At the time of manufacture of the product, the doctor establishes a temporary plastic bridges. Temporary structures machined protect the tooth from exposure to the environment, reduces the possibility of injury. In addition, the plastic products have an aesthetic function.

Follow-up work of a podiatrist is the implementation of a number of fittings and carrying out remedial work. After the design is completely ready, the doctor sets it in the mouth using temporary cement. Crown on the implant is inserted the same way. In the absence of unpleasant sensations within 1 – 2месяцев, temporary cement is replaced permanent.

From work and professionalism of the technique depends very much. It is literally a skillful Creator. The original master molds the one-piece frame. Most often it consists of a medical alloy. It consists of the metals: cobalt, chromium, Nickel. However, some clinics may offer more expensive compounds, which include: gold, platinum, palladium. Precious metals make the design better. Increases the life, reduces the possibility of allergic reactions. In addition, maximum aesthetics and beauty products.

The created frame, the technician causes the ceramic lining. Manual work requires a high level of professionalism and ability. After the first two stages, the product is baked in a furnace at extremely high temperatures. High temperature components helps to join in a chemical bond. The finished prosthesis has the appearance of natural healthy tissue provides amazing strength.

Crowns with high demands

Metal crown with shoulder mass — it may advise the physician when carrying out prosthetics. Often such products are installed on the teeth, which are in the smile zone. They prefer, because this kind of designs, is of great beauty and aesthetics. In addition, products with a list is very practical, sturdy and durable. Due to the fact that the gums are not touching the metal frame, and has contact only with ceramics, reduces the risk of allergic reactions.


The procedure for fabrication of these structures is slightly different from the classic. Metal frame products are pruned. The ceramic part of the increase. For removing plaster casts, the teeth grind in a special way. Creates a rounded ledge. When the cermet shoulder mass is not visible metal frame, there is no continuous irritation of gums.

Minus is the high price. If the specialist will work very unprofessional, can occur: bleeding gums, irreversible atrophy of the soft tissues at the base.

What to do after installation?

A similar question has puzzled many people, a successful prosthesis. The answer is simple. Care for ceramic crowns is quite simple. They need to be cleaned as natural teeth, twice a day. Clean interdental spaces with the help of special brushes and floss. Caress your mouth with clean water after every meal.

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Irrigator for mouth – modern assistant that needs to be in the house. It provides professional care and concern for your teeth and gums. A thin jet of water delivered at high pressure, quickly cleans the mouth of harmful bacteria. Irrigator is essential for daily hygiene of the oral cavity. It is used to prevent gum disease.

To clean a metal can with a soft brush and special toothpaste. They must be free of corrosive and abrasive components.

After the installation of protective structures, is almost instantly addictive. However, some patients report the feeling of a foreign object in the mouth, a metallic taste.

With good care, the service life of dental crowns-metal is from 7 years or more. Breakage can occur if dropped, shot. While eating, remember, it is not necessary to split teeth shells of nuts, to chew meat with bones and cartilage. Possible damage if not properly maintained:

  • Chipped and crumbling ceramics. The exposure of the metal frame;
  • In the case of a strong blow, may break the tooth and fall out along with the prosthesis.

Before carrying out prosthetics, conduct deponirovanie nerve. However, poor sealing of the root canal, you may receive the inflammatory process and form granuloma. The person will feel pain when biting. If the pain is under construction fails, be sure to consult your health care professional. He will make the and decide what tactics to stick to it further. In some cases, the design will need to be removed. After removing the inflammation, the quality of the fillings, prosthetics have to be performed again. Most clinics have warranty service for several years. All manipulations in this case are free. In spite of this, carefully choose the clinic and the doctors before entrusting their precious health and time.