Novigan: instructions for use what helps?

We describe such a complex drug like Novigan, instructions for use and explain what it helps. Because often there are situations when to stop the pain of different origin. But not all of the pills available over the counter, should be taken lightly.

Only after reading the manual, and even better, consulting with a doctor, you can use painkillers. Some people happen side effects, and in some situations, and is contraindicated to take most drugs, even those sold in pharmacies without a prescription. The individual characteristics of the organism, allergic predisposition and chronic diseases significantly affect the availability of medicines in your home medicine Cabinet.

The composition and form of issue

The drug Novigan contains a complex of active substances. This:

  1. Ibuprofen has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effect, in the amount of 400 mg;
  2. Hydrochloride etafenone, which affects the smooth musculature of all organs, eliminating cramps, 5 mg;
  3. Fenpiverinia bromide, further ensuring a relaxing and calming effect, in the amount of 100 mcg.

Due to these components Novigan acts simultaneously as an anesthetic drug in many situations, antispasmodic and can reduce high fever in inflammatory processes in the body.

Ibuprofen inhibits prostaglandin synthesis and blocks pain signals in the CNS. And all of these components are able to quickly help the person feel better and eliminate unpleasant symptoms.

Novigan available in the form of tablets, film-coated. One blister Packed in 10 pieces.

Indications and contraindications

Doctors prescribe this drug in all cases when it can affect a painful syndrome and if you want to normalize your body temperature. What helps Novigan:

  • Headaches and migraine.
  • Gynaecological problem, particularly in cases of dysmenorrhea and menstrual syndrome.
  • Myalgia, neuralgia, sciatica, as well as in the treatment of other neurological disorders.
  • Eliminates the discomfort in the joints.
  • Dental pain of various origins.
  • With intestinal, gastric, hepatic diseases, biliary dyskinesia and other problems, when due to spasm of smooth muscles may feel sick.
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The duration of drug intake should not exceed five days and must be met specified by the doctor dosage. And in some cases completely prohibited to use this tool, as it can cause various negative consequences. Contraindications are:

  • cases of intestinal obstruction, gastrointestinal diseases, especially in acute condition, with internal bleeding, ulcers, gastritis and other lesions of the mucous membrane of the stomach, duodenum, etc.;
  • particular caution should be taken to the drug, if there are violations of liver or kidney;
  • heart disease, blood vessels, the complex substances are able to increase or decrease the pressure and disturb the process of hematopoiesis;
  • glaucoma and diseases of the optic nerve;
  • prostatic hyperplasia;
  • in the elderly;
  • in cases of diabetes;
  • if you had observed any allergic reactions to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of urticaria, bronchial asthma, polyps of the nasal mucosa, rhinosinusitis, etc.
  • during pregnancy and during breast-feeding;
  • at the same time with alcohol or even Smoking;
  • after long-term use of other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or medications such as anticoagulants, SSRIs, antiplatelet agents, oral corticosteroids, etc.

Instructions for use Novigan

At the main recommendation of these pills drink an hour before meals or 2-3 hours after. But if there is irritation of the gastric mucosa, it is possible to use them directly after a meal or at least drink a glass of milk. This files most often prescribed three times a day one tablet. In some cases, doctors prescribe two or three times a day, then the maximum daily dose should not exceed six pieces.

They should take no longer than five days. In cases that require prolonged treatment should always be seen by a doctor and control the condition of the liver, kidneys and blood with the help of analyses.

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How many begins to act? Depending on the individual characteristics and the sensitivity to the drug components, Novigan can eliminate pain symptoms within 15-20 minutes after taking it in. But sometimes it takes up to an hour.

Side effects

With proper use Novigan and taking it in the recommended doses, adverse reactions occur very rarely. However, about the possibility of their occurrence need to know. So, after the use of the drug or overdose may experience the following reactions organsim:

  • worsen hepatitis;
  • appears shortness of breath or bronchospasm;
  • aphthous stomatitis, gastropathy, ulcers of the mucosa of the stomach or intestines, pancreatitis and other problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the attacks of tachycardia, increased blood pressure or heart failure cases;
  • occurrence of migraines and headaches, the appearance of nervousness, dizziness, irritability, insomnia and other disorders of mental activity;
  • aggravation of renal and hepatic diseases;
  • anemia, thrombocytopenia, agranulocytosis or even thrombocytopenic purpura;
  • problems with hearing, eyesight, tinnitus, paresis ccomodation;
  • allergic reactions of different nature.

When the first negative manifestations, discontinue use of the funds and to consult a doctor for help. In acute cases of overdose or allergies need to call an ambulance.


The cost of medication in pharmacies of Moscow is in the range of 80-110 rubles per pack of 10 tablets. In Kiev Novigan will cost 150 hryvnia for the same amount of medication.

To know exactly how much this means you need to check with the pharmacies of your city, as these prices are indicative.

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I often use this analgesic, when tormented by the head or the abdomen during women’s days. But because of the large dosage of ibuprofen I try not to get involved. The pill only when don’t feel.


For me it is the only tool that can relieve the pain. Especially if you are concerned about tooth or head to work is quite impossible. And then, the pill had a drink and half an hour later forgot about the issue. A good and effective cure. Sorry, only addresses the symptoms and not the disease itself.


Once I was given Novigan as a pain reliever. It is, of course, helped, but then I long stomach suffered from side effect. Better to find a product suitable for the body and less harmful, and so it is possible one to get rid of, and another problem to make money.

Further questions

► What are the analogues?

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The analogue means may be only the ibuprofen that is present in many drugs. It’s Nurofen, Ibuprom, Bifax, Brestan, Dolaren, Ibuklin, Infragistic, Modafen and others. But in these drugs there are not all components Novigan. No such additional substances as pitofenone hydrochloride and fenpiverinia bromide, so that the effect will be weaker.

► Compatible with alcohol?

No. The statement pointed out that alcoholic drinks to take during treatment with this remedy, you should not. In addition, alcoholism is a direct contraindication to the use of the drug.