Ointment sores for children: spray and gel with stomatitis in children

Creams and gels from stomatitis for children produce a good therapeutic effect, relieving inflammation, eliminating pain and discomfort, improving the healing of the affected surfaces. The prevalence of this disease is related to the weakness and vulnerability of the child’s body, in adults it often occurs as a result of immunosuppression, environmental degradation, malnutrition, and under the influence of other adverse factors.

The appointment of agents for the treatment of stomatitis

A given drug is considered clinical form of the disease and underlying factors. The correctness of the diagnosis and purpose of medication determines the success and the recovery time, the possibility of complications. Used to treat thrush ointments and sprays are diverse and aimed at the destruction of various types of pathogens. It is recommended that additional treatment of the oral cavity with the decoction of herbs and solutions containing plant components.

Usually therapy of this disease involves the use of complex means of removing the inflammatory process, inhibit the development and reproduction of bacteria and viruses. The efficiency with stomatitis in children such dosage forms as ointments, gels, aerosols, caused by direct contact with the inflammation the disease and the long-term impact on the affected area.

Treatment for infectious stomatitis

Distinguish between bacterial, fungal and viral form of stomatitis, treatment each of which requires the use of appropriate antimicrobials. Agents used in bacterial traumatic stomatitis, have disinfecting and anti-inflammatory action. Appointment of medicinal preparations should be made by the attending physician after examination of the child.

Chlorophyllipt. The composition includes an extract of chlorophyllipt. The spray has antibacterial properties against staphylococci. Valid for children aged 12 years and older. May be a side effect in the form of an allergic reaction.
Method of use: once or twice daily application to the affected area.
Spray Lugol. Antiseptic based on iodine. The composition includes glycerol and potassium iodide. Applied at the age of 5 years and older.
Method of application: spray on the affected areas of sores, frequency of application – from 4 to 6 times during the day.
Vinilin (balm of shestakovskoe). Eliminates inflammation, inhibits bacteria, improves tissue healing. The composition is polivinoks. Applied at the age of 1 year.
Method of application: apply the balm with a cotton swab and lubricate the vehicle struck the surface of the mucosa. Applied 3 times a day after meals and at night.
Ingalipt. An aerosol comprising water-soluble sulfonamides – sulfanilamide and sulfathiazol, thymol, oil of eucalyptus, peppermint. Antibacterial, highly effective against canker sores.
Method of application: spraying for 1 or 2 seconds to affected area three times a day.
Incapital. Herbal for conducting inhalation. The product includes pharmacy chamomile and sage.
Method of application: pour 2 tablespoons of the herbal tea 200 ml water, put in a water bath for 15 minutes, after cooling, moisten the affected places in children under 3 years and use mouthwash if the child is older.
Rotokan. A solution containing botanicals: chamomile, calendula, yarrow. The most effective in the treatment of aphthous stomatitis. Inhibits the activity of pathogens, reduces inflammation, improves hemostasis in the affected tissues and the recovery of the mucosa.
Use mouthwash and applying applications to the affected locations. For the preparation of a therapeutic composition is diluted 5 ml to 200 ml of warm water. The duration of treatment is 5 days, with a frequency of 3 times per day.
Methylene blue. An aqueous solution of methylthionine chloride, relieves pain and produces an antiseptic effect upon fungal and viral (herpetic) stomatitis.
Method of application: to moisten in the solution with a cotton swab and lubricate sore spots and ulcers. Note that the processing of the surface of the mucosa is colored in blue.
Miramistin. Spray with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effect. Sprayed in the affected place several times a day.
Exelis. Pills for resorption, to destroy viruses and bacteria, eliminate inflammation. Can be used from 6 years of age. Method of application: dissolve 1 tablet of the drug every 4 hours.
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Drugs for the treatment of fungal stomatitis

Fungal thrush cause a yeast-like fungi belonging to the genus Candida. As a typical representative of the normal microflora of mucous membranes of man, these microorganisms begin to proliferate and cause disease by reducing the immunity. The treatment of this form of the disease is based on creating an alkaline environment in the oral cavity. In mild cases, can help treatment of oral mucosa with a solution of baking soda, which is prepared by dissolving 1 teaspoon of powder in a glass of water.

With significant lesions of the oral cavity used drugs possessing antifungal activity:

  1. Candide is used for the treatment of oral cavity 1% solution of clotrimazole. Lubricate the affected areas soaked in a Candida with a cotton swab several times a day. The duration of treatment is not less than 7 days, the processing cannot be interrupted until the complete elimination of symptoms in order to prevent its recurrence.
  2. Holisal – gel for stomatitis, effective in all forms of the disease, especially fungal. Contains Catalonia chloride and choline salicylate. Reduces inflammation, relieves pain. Can be applied over the age of 1 year. Method of application: squeeze on the finger layer with a length of 5 mm and rubbed into the lesions of the disease.
  3. Nystatin cream or tablets exhibiting high antifungal activity. The penetration of the active ingredients of the drug in the cell membrane of the fungus leads to their destruction. Tablets are dissolved in water, the obtained solution or cream twice a day.
  4. Fluconazole is the drug in tablets, effective in severe forms of stomatitis. Possible administration to children from 6 years. Therapeutic dose determined by the physician taking into account the weight of the child. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the condition.
  5. Levorin – antibiotics in the form of ointments and powder. Applied aged 2 years. The powder is used to prepare the solution used to rinse the mouth, the ointment is applied to the site of injury. Processing is done 3 or 4 times a day.
  6. Daktarin is available in the form of a cream and a spray. Active substance – miconazol. Lubricate the inflammation twice a day with gentle massaging movements.
  7. Pimafucin is available in the form of cream. The active ingredient is natamycin. Lubricate the affected area several times (1 to 4) per day.
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Funds from infectious stomatitis

Tablets and ampoules for injection. Is used in severe forms of stomatitis caused by herpes simplex virus. Infants can be administered intravenously, and older children take the tablets for 5 days. Use in ointments to lubricate the affected areas is not recommended, as it can increase the intensity of inflammatory processes.

Oxolinic ointment
Non-toxic antiviral drug containing oksolina. Particularly effective 0,25% oxolinic ointment for stomatitis caused by herpes virus. The application of the ointment to the site of lesions is performed once or twice throughout the day, preferably with pre-treatment antiseptic.

Available in the form of ointment, gel and suppository. Has antiviral effect, strengthens the immune system. Candles are introduced rectally morning and evening, ointment grease the skin and mucous membranes in the places of lesions 2 or 3 times during the day.

Viru-Merz Serol
The gel containing tromantadine hydrochloride. Suppresses the herpes virus, eliminates itching and pain. Apply on affected area 3 to 5 times a day with light rubbing motions. The course of treatment lasts 5 days, until the cessation of appearance of new bubbles.

Ointment 0.5% containing bromination. Apply several times a day. Can be used for children of any age.

Tebrofenovaya ointment
Contains 2% terrafina with antiviral properties. The course of treatment lasts for 7 days. Apply the ointment should be 3 times a day.

Drugs for the treatment of aphthous stomatitis

  1. Actovegin
    Gel for stomatitis in children, which results in increased consumption of the mucous tissue of oxygen and glucose, the acceleration occurring in the cells metabolism and improving the healing of ulcers and damage. Applied to the surface aft several times a day.
  2. Methyluracyl ointment
    Improves the regeneration of wounds, reduces inflammation. Used in combination with rinsing the mouth with antiseptics and drugs to eliminate the cause of the disease. Applied to the affected surface for 20 minutes before meals and at bedtime.
  3. Tetracycline ointment
    Contains antibiotic tetracycline (3%), has a mild antimicrobial action and resolves the inflammatory process. Effective in stomatitis.
  4. Solcoseryl
    Gel or dental adhesive paste, improves tissue nutrition and healing of damaged surfaces. Apply after treatment of the wound with an antiseptic, after waiting some time to make it slightly dry. Applied gauze pad with a thin layer several times a day.
  5. Metrogyl Denta
    The gel that destroys the bacteria and relieving inflammation. After the application is held steadily on the oral mucosa. Can be used in the treatment of children older than 6 years. Should be applied to ulcers, morning and evening after meals.
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Treatment of other forms of stomatitis


Ulcerative stomatitis, treatment is primarily aimed at addressing the causes of the disease. As it can be insufficient oral hygiene, disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract, pathology of endocrine system, decrease in immunity. Products are used for pain relief, antiseptics to prevent wound infections, drugs that speed up healing of ulcers.

To cure allergic stomatitis first detected the disease causing allergen. Measures are taken to eliminate them, are appointed by antihistamines, for example, Parlazin, or Suprastin. Parlazin is a drop of the prolonged action. At the age of 3 months to 1 year children instill 3 drops once or twice a day, after 1 year and 5 drops.

Suprastin until the child reaches 1 year yield 10 mg, from 1 year and older – 20 mg. Additionally regulate the meals, using hypoallergenic products, minimize use of household chemicals, to prevent contact of the baby with Pets.

With the development of traumatic stomatitis maximally eliminate the consumption of foods that are irritating to the mucous membranes of the mouth. Assigned use of funds, providing pain relief, relieving inflammation and accelerating the healing of wounds. When infection are treated with drugs containing antibiotics. Eliminate the pain by using the gel Ledogar in the form of applications to the diseased areas.

In an antiseptic effective use of Propolis spray, sprayed on the wound for 1-2 seconds. But people with sensitivity to products derived from bees, it cannot be used. Tissue regeneration will provide lubrication wounds with sea buckthorn oil or rose hips, treatment of combined drug Olazol. Reduce inflammation allows rinsing the mouth with phytopreparation Stomatofit.