Plastic braces: pros, price, photos, reviews

An excellent alternative to expensive systems of correcting the bite of steel plastic braces. Pros, price, photos and reviews describe in detail, to have an idea whether to choose this treatment.

Malocclusion is a quite a popular problem among the population. One of the fixes for are braces. For many people, both teenagers and adults, the main disadvantage is the visibility of the structure. It restrict movement, rubbing the soft fabric, a person feels uncomfortable in dealing with people, and among children and does is the subject of ridicule.

How did?

Originally malocclusion has been a complicated and inaccessible. For these purposes, created the braces, and the first material for them was metal. Its appearance left much to be desired, and often from treatment, the patient refused to be ashamed of unnecessary elements in the teeth.

And the only time the orthodontists came up with a more aesthetically pleasing design, made of sapphires, ceramics, and more created and even lingual braces. First become an expensive decoration for the teeth, and the second is completely hidden visually, as installed on the rear part of the dentition.

To afford such luxurious jewelry not everyone can, so the doctors went ahead and replaced the expensive items in the system cheaper and affordable for most people. So there were plastic braces on his teeth.

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, plastic is able to partially replace expensive materials, but it has a number of pros and cons, which we will mention in detail. The advantages of plastic braces:

  • Neat appearance, they are completely transparent or matched to the natural shade of the teeth.
  • The ability to create any coloring of the plates for the original people or teenagers.
  • The cost of construction, for what and used cheap material. This gives you the opportunity to correct the malocclusion to almost everyone.
  • Plastic does not cause allergies and it is installed even those who are prone to hypersensitivity.
  • Convenience material promotes easy addictive, there is no rubbing of the mucosa, and the patient is much easier to tolerate their use.
  • There is a soft correction of malocclusion, as the impact on the smooth tooth that causes no pain.
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But there are a number of disadvantages:

  • Plastic has less strength than metal and ceramics. Accordingly, design based on it is also short-lived, they break easily.
  • If the malocclusion is too severe, then the plastic can’t handle the treatment, it will be too soft.
  • This material is easily stained from beverages and foods, which diminishes its transparency and invisibility on the teeth.
  • Unexpected and frequent repair of the structure will lead to a significant increase in the initial price.
  • Due to gentle effects of treatment becomes longer.

Cons of material deterred many patients, but there are those who are willing to sacrifice the favorite food and carefully to a bracket system for conservation and low cost.


Types of plastic braces

Even this simple design has a number of varieties:

  1. Silkon – is used for the manufacture of non-porous material, which reduces the possibility of friction, which gives convenience and comfort during operation.
  2. With metal slot Elan – this design has the best performance of the slip and improved resistance to abrasion. And this, in turn, increases the service life of the product.
  3. Spirit – the frame of the braces is made of metal that increases its durability and reliability, and also improves the healing ability.

Which option to choose depends largely on the financial capacity and strength requirements and aesthetic appearance to the structure.

Particular care

The system chosen for the sake of economy. But it turns out to be feasible, and the braces had to be changed or repaired sooner than you will need, you should learn the basic steps to care for them:

  • Avoid eating hard foods that can break your design – nuts, seeds, hard candy, etc.
  • You should also reduce your consumption of smoked foods, sweets and sticky foods, and chewing gum to completely give up, as they contribute to a rapid backlog of plates from the tooth enamel.
  • Any products that can stain the braces, accelerate the changing of their hue. And if you care about transparency or naturalness of the plates, and then these beverages and foods should not be daily diet.
  • Very important to have regular and quality cleaning system. For this purpose, not only orthodontic brushes and special brushes, irrigators, and other devices.
  • After every meal to gently but thoroughly brush your teeth or at least rinse them.
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Only with the utmost care to guarantee the reliability of the design and cure the underlying problem in a shorter time.


Of course, each clinic can set different cost for any dental services and construction. We indicate only the average range in order to navigate, how much are braces.

So, prices for the most simple plastic construction fluctuate around 6000-9000 rubles on one jaw, and installing them is a doctor – to 500 rubles. If to speak about more costly system elan or spirit, then the price will be higher. Any additional coating, coloring in the desired color or the use of other materials serves only to increase the cost of construction. And yet, the plastic braces are more affordable option than any other.

Video: braces — the pain of the first days of installation, before and after photos.



As a teenager I refused to wear metal braces, as an adult I had to find an alternative to correct the bite. My doctor told me about more expensive, but the aesthetic designs, which I can’t afford it, then showed me something so simple plastic braces. He also said that care should be extremely careful, many will have to give if I want them to be transparent constantly. I’m willing to tolerate such inconveniences, but now my options are almost invisible and comfortable treatment for my problems.


For a long time I was deciding which braces to choose, because they are not established, and people need to communicate constantly. Settled on the plastic version, but I have quickly broke down. I blame myself, as I got used to them, forgot about their existence and began to eat nuts. Repairing the braces for an additional fee, I am now more careful to treat him and hope that this time they will last longer.


After learning that my daughter needs to correct the bite, at first I was upset, because I understand that she’ll never want to wear a metal structure in the mouth. It’s such a vulnerable age! And expensive beautiful sapphire we have no money. It turned out that you can set multi-colored plastic braces. Daughter is happy and has chosen a rainbow color. Now she’s in a class all jealous and ask their parents to supply them with the same braces, even those children who do not ought to fix anything.

Further questions

► How much they will need to wear?

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Doctors give a guarantee on the plastic braces for a year, believing that with careful use you can keep them in integrity about that amount of time. But for the full bite correction may need to use them for treatment. Everything here depends on the complexity of the problem and how the dentition will succumb to correction.