Question about gutta-percha and forename


Fill a tooth by the method of lateral condensation and one of the channels left guttaperchivye pin. Just have not performed this method. Better pereplanirovat pin or just leave it? After all, there is just a channel sealed thananam and guttapercha simply cut off, but the technique is not spent.


Hello. Fortran makes possible to implement three actions in one operation:

  • quick antiseptic treatment of the dentinal tubules;
  • the introduction of antiseptic substances prolonged action;
  • reliable filling of root canals.

Therefore, it’s okay if one channel is sealed by the method of one pin. The rest of the space filled with a filling material, which is quite a good antiseptic and obturator. Often use method one guttapercha pin in narrow or curved canals. Therefore, pereplanirovat not necessary.

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