Sapphire braces on teeth: before and after photos, price, reviews

What are sapphire braces? Photo of teeth before and after wearing them, how they helps to restore the normal bite?

The price of such orthodontic appliances, and real reviews. Are they better than metal, plastic or ceramic braces?

Sapphire braces: what is it?

Sapphire braces are made from sapphire material, so that they become clear. Harder artificial sapphire – the only diamond that allows manufacture of a dental implants. Unlike conventional metal braces, sapphire, aesthetically, as it is virtually invisible.

The alignment of the teeth with their help ideal for people who are unaffordable or simply do not want to «decorate» your smile visible structures.


The most popular types of braces are:

  • Inspire Ice produced by the American firm. They are transparent, sturdy and don’t break when you bite hard food. When removing is not damaged tooth enamel due to the peculiarities of the structure and deposition of the braces. Because they do not have sharp corners, are excluded damage to the mouth. Since the degree of friction between the teeth and the minimum arc duration of wearing the system is reduced;
  • Damon Clear – clear braces are self-regulating with a low degree of friction. They are not spots appear, they do not change color under the influence of the coloring substances. Firmly fixed on the teeth, but in spite of this, easily removable;
  • Miso — have sliding latches in the valve. Due to this peculiarity, the change of arc or correction of the system gets faster and more convenient. In addition, lock fixation allows to move the braces, thus simplifying the care of the teeth and their treatment;
  • Radiance — have a special reason, because of which they are fixed in the centre of stronger and weaker at the edges. Thanks to easily removable without using special tools;
  • Pure have absolutely a smooth surface that they do not damage the mouth, they are not going plaque and food debris. Upon contact with solid food braces do not deteriorate. Complete with a set of white arcs;
  • combined bracket system is designed to improve the efficiency of the alignment of the teeth, reduce the cost of the procedure and involves the use of two types of braces. On the upper front teeth (usually three pairs) that are visible when talking, smiling, set braces sapphire, and all the other metal. Thus, the teeth are aligned faster, and the smile looks aesthetically pleasing.
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Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of sapphire brackets:

  • transparency and aesthetics;
  • do not change color under the influence of dyes in foods;
  • do not cause discomfort, it is easy to get used to.


  • look aesthetically pleasing only white teeth, yellow are more suitable ceramic;
  • fragility;
  • long-term wearing;
  • not able to correct serious violations of the teeth.

Photo: before and after

The installation of sapphire braces

Installation requires patience, as the procedure takes some time. You first need to cure all your teeth, because the mouth should be free of inflammation. Then begins the actual installation of the braces.

With the help of special glue on the front teeth attached «locks» and wire arc, which performs the main function in the process of alignment of the teeth. The procedure is completely painless.

The first time after the installation of the braces, discomfort can be felt – it is a normal reaction and experience on this issue is needed.

How to care?

While wearing any braces you need to brush your teeth after each meal. But, in addition to the standard brush would require special — valachobniki bristles – you can buy it at the pharmacy.

You will also need floss with hard ends and brushes designed for braces – they need to clean the surface between the structure and the teeth. It is recommended to buy a special mouthwash. To care for your teeth is easier with the help of the Waterpik device, which produces the fluid.

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Rules of care of teeth in the period of wearing braces:

  1. Brushing your teeth not only morning and evening and after each meal, because the braces can be pieces of food that a few hours later begin to rot, contributing to tooth decay and bad smell from the mouth.
  2. To clean braces dental threads and special brushes. Do not use sharp steel products – they can be replaced with plastic needles.
  3. Removing food debris from inaccessible areas with the help of oral irrigator. A thin stream of water with additives of fluorine teeth are cleaned to sterility.
  4. Despite the strength of sapphire braces, you should avoid hard and sticky foods that can damage your system. Also worth eating sugar to prevent caries.
  5. If there is discomfort or structure is damaged, an urgent need to make an appointment to the dentist.
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Video: setting sapphire braces.

Ceramic and sapphire braces: which is better?

Despite the fact that ceramic and sapphire braces according to its characteristics similar, the difference is still there.

How do they differ?

Ceramic Sapphire
Price Up to 25 000 rubles 45 000
Aesthetics Merge the color with the enamel, there is no Shine in the sun Transparent and inconspicuous
Properties Durable, securely fastened Not get dirty and not painted


Olga, 24 years

Wore sapphire braces a little over a year, today is shot and can’t get enough! His crooked teeth I hesitated for a long time – since high school. Not so, and the curves they had, but for some reason did not want them to show, it seemed that everyone pays attention to them. Set the braces quickly, it didn’t hurt. After much discomfort was not, though many write that in the first days even have to drink a pain reliever so it hurts the teeth. The first week was uncomfortable there – had to go on a liquid diet. And then everything is fine. The result is stunning! To remove not painful, just unpleasant.

Svetlana, 28 years

I was always proud of her smile: I had smooth, beautiful teeth. But a few years ago, everything changed when I began to appear, wisdom teeth. They do not have enough space, I erupt hard, and the were crooked. But I wasn’t worried about it – still don’t see them. But after some time began to warp and front teeth – wisdom teeth started to push. Dentist advised braces. If I were younger, would wear metal, but for almost 30 years, it would look weird. How to arrive to a business meeting with serious people with metal braces? Put a sapphire crystal. The installation was painless, but the first couple of months it felt discomfort. Chewing was fine, but otkazyvatsa something hurts. But it can survive. The important thing is that now I have straight teeth again!

Valentina, 31 years

Teeth I have from childhood is not smooth, but nothing special – quite bearable. Anyway, I never worried about imperfections of their smile. But the time came when I had to think about the alignment of the teeth. I was offered a good paying job in the beauty salon. You have to work with people and moreover impress a beautiful, well-groomed woman. That had to have teeth. Sapphire braces are almost invisible, so I installed them. The period of wearing braces was not too pleasant, but I was expecting the worst. The main inconvenience is the careful care of the oral cavity, time-consuming and discomfort in the first weeks while eating. Everything else is good, I’m happy with the result. In two years my teeth were perfect! More fulfilled professional whitening, and now proudly display around Hollywood smile!

Further questions

► Does it hurt to put braces?

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The installation is completely painless.

► How long does it take to get used to the braces?

Usually discomfort and irritation disappear within weeks after installation.

► Is it possible to remove the braces before the end of the process of alignment of the bite?

No, do not. You can remove them only after reaching the desired result.

► How often should I visit the dentist during the period of wearing braces?

Every month to correct the system and change the arc.

► Do sapphire braces are not visible to others?

They are transparent, but it doesn’t mean completely invisible. Sapphire braces look aesthetically pleasing, and completely invisible braces are not yet invented.

► How much to wear?

It all depends on several factors, including patient age, degree of severity, the estimated time offset of the teeth. Usually sapphire braces have to worn for several years, although in some cases this period may be reduced.

► How much?

The cost of sapphire brackets is higher compared to ceramic and metal. Price varies 45000-75000 rubles including installation, maintenance and removal.