Sore gums after tooth extraction: what to do at home

Any dental defects in modern medicine are resolved almost painlessly. However, if a sore gum after tooth extraction what to do at home?

When it speaks of serious inflammation, and when pain is considered normal?

Why sore gums after pulling out a tooth?

Any surgical procedures are accompanied by pain after the termination of anesthesia. In the gum remains after removal of the wound and its healing takes up to 10 days, so the appearance of discomfort and pain in the first days is normal.

Pathological pain is a syndrome indicating an active inflammatory process. The reasons for this are, but all the complications have almost the same beginning is washing the formed clot. Due to falling food infectious process develops very quickly.

Pains can be:

  • a fragment of a tooth in the wound cavity, the pus begins to accumulate under the condition of incomplete removal of the tooth, often this happens when you remove a «difficult» teeth with curved roots;
  • formation of hematoma may be accompanied by pain and fever. There is a danger of suppuration of the accumulated blood in the soft tissues. Most complications are those with diabetes and heart disease;
  • alveolitis is an inflammation of the gum tissue infection provokes food, poor hygiene, and especially the presence of carious teeth;
  • osteomyelitis is considered a dangerous complication, since the infection not only affects the soft tissue, but also the jaw bone. Penetration of pathological bacteria it occurs when a weak immune status or a result of the prolonged delay of treatment. The danger of the disease is that it creates the risk of infection of the brain.
  • cyst — develops in the root of the tooth at the time of infection. Sometimes it is not removed with the tooth and therefore causes severe pathological process;
  • «dry hole» is difficult to see the common man, the result of careless hygiene the clot is washed away, opening the wound and making it available for bacteria;
  • inflammation of the trigeminal nerve can lead even to paralysis and hearing loss, so at home this complication to treat is dangerous;
  • the bleeding appears in 90% of cases and is considered a normal process. Prolonged bleeding requires immediate treatment of the wound at the dentist and establish its causes.
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How long gums sore after tooth extraction?

How long can pain last? If the first 2-4 days there is mild pain, then this is normal. The longer the discomfort lasts, if inflammation or ripped out a wisdom tooth. This phenomenon is due to the normal trauma of the gums, which occurs even when not complicated extractions.

Throughout the month the pain can not continue, so if you have retained such a symptom, it is better to consult a doctor to exclude a pathological process. Epithelialization is expected to begin on the 4th day, but if healing does not occur, it is better to consult the dentist. Miss the beginning of the inflammatory process is easy enough for an inexperienced person.

What to do if a sore gum after tooth extraction?

The situation when the tooth pulled and the gums ache, and the pain interferes with normal activities, is familiar to almost everyone. To treat at home all the negative feelings should be done with care so as not to cause infection and washout from the wound formed clot. Best help such measures:

  1. The imposition on the cheek in place of surgery cool compresses. This measure contributes significantly to the removal of edema, pain, is not actively the formation of a hematoma.
  2. When the hole is periodically bleeding, it is better to impose on it the application of a sterile bandage, pre-soaked in antiseptic. With frequent attacks of bleeding cannot be constantly applying compresses, you should immediately go to the dentist!
  3. Pain reliever for a short period, but still helps to relieve the pain. It is important not to use such medicines too often.
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Folk remedies is better to use in a few hours, when the blood thickens at a wound from a tooth and there is no danger to wash. Decoction of calamus root, oak, aloe, sage and chamomile help to not only remove pain, but in General, disinfect the oral cavity. Regular rinsing helps prevent inflammation. For these purposes it is useful to use solutions of salt or soda.

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When to see a doctor?

Pain is normal after a tooth pulled. However, a person needs to monitor their condition in order to determine when this symptom becomes a symptom of the pathological process. On inflammation was evident in the following factors:

  • swelling;
  • the pus in the wound;
  • weakness;
  • the spread of pain to other parts of the face;
  • ripple in the hole.

What to do in case of complications

If any of the complications you can not try to engage in self-treatment or simply to relieve the symptoms that bother you. Always require the intervention of a dentist who should arrange for cleaning and disinfection of the wells to prevent the spread of necrosis.


The resulting hole wash with Chlorhexidine or furatsilinovoy solution. The pre-anesthetized area. If the inflammation is slight, these antiseptic solutions be replaced with hydrogen peroxide. The procedure of treatment of alveolitis is an extraction of all the dead particles.

When the hole is cleaned and drained, the wound impose a special antibacterial formulations, designed to prevent the enhancement of infection. The gums applied a small bandage soaked in analgesic remedy. Active healing starts on the second day.

When running the alveolitis required physical therapy. Her actions have a restorative effect on the body. Along with this, the patient takes vitamins and antibiotics.

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Severe pain that occurs when the disease are treated through a wide range of anti-inflammatory therapy. In striking symptoms make novocaine blockade. Repeat them if necessary until the disappearance of symptoms. As in the previous case required vitamin therapy and physiotherapy.


Treatment of cyst determine its characteristics and prevalence. Sometimes it is quite complex antibacterial therapy, but if the cyst is large, it is required to remove it surgically. The operation can go almost unnoticed by the patient, if she had not hit the adjacent teeth.

With laser is the treatment of the in lesions of the adjacent teeth. This technique simultaneously reduces inflammation, stops the growth of cysts. Laser dialysis complement conventional surgery to remove the fragments of teeth. Thereafter the patient pick up the medication to conservative therapy.


Bruising is not dangerous to humans, severe symptoms does not provoke, but it brings other inconveniences. To quickly get rid of a hematoma better to apply the medicine to the injury to speed up its resorption and remove puffiness.

Sometimes this symptom says about the infections, so prevention on a regular basis rinse with antiseptics, use of antibiotics even. Spread bruising can interfere with the compress.

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