Sore gums after tooth extraction what to do: how to relieve, soothe the pain

Sore gums after tooth extraction, what to do to relieve this feeling, very important to know. The character and duration of this state depends on many factors — from professionalism to personal characteristics of the patient’s ability to tolerate discomfort. Regardless of why sore gums after removal, there are ways to deal with it yourself and ease the pain in the tooth.

Causes of

Pain in the extraction of molars can last more than one day, and its reduction depends largely on the patient’s compliance with recommendations of the expert. There are a number of reasons influencing this process:

  1. The volume of work produced — if snatch had a lot of teeth at one time, healing time increases;
  2. The degree of damage of the molars to hole after removal of the tooth is less traumatized, it needs to be removed as gently as possible;
  3. The presence of inflammatory process — entering of bacteria into the open wound negatively affects the speed of healing;
  4. Related dental disease — pain in the gums is slower if patient presents with stomatitis, dental caries or periodontal disease;
  5. Chronic disease;
  6. Overall health, age.

Special attention should be paid to the psychosomatic factor, for example, often the pain after tooth extraction do not cease because of mental attitude. And often of a throbbing character indicates alveolitis, in which inflammation affects the nerve.

Signs of a pathological process

Aching pain after tooth extraction is a normal phenomenon, a certain set of measures should reduce this condition and it must pass. To determine whether it can develop into a pathology, to help the following symptoms:

  • Swelling of the gums, swelling of the jaw;
  • Purulent discharge from the socket;
  • Increased symptoms — more aching spot removal worse the General condition of the patient;
  • Increasing the temperature to 38 degrees if at the time of extraction it was much lower, there is reason for concern;
  • The appearance of unpleasant mouth odor.

If you have a sore jaw after tooth extraction and there is one of these symptoms, you must seek professional help.

Recovery time

The main question that troubles many is how much a pain in gums after tooth extraction. To tell the exact time, you must consider the personal characteristics of the patient, but there are approximate dates. For example, even severe pain after tooth extraction for the first day should be less, and after three almost completely subside. If this has not happened, and there was a swelling, bad breath, General weakness and other signs of the pathological process, independent efforts will not help.

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In most cases, suggesting how many days can hurt the gums, it is better to be guided for a period of four to seven days, provided that there are no complications. Success recovery depends on several factors:

  1. The professionalism of the doctor. Easier than managed to pull the aching tooth, the less painful and easier healing. Specialist, tugging the aching molar, should conduct appropriate diagnosis;
  2. The complexity of the work. To account for the size of the molars, the complexity of root development, bone health, etc.;
  3. Modernity dental equipment;
  4. Other personal characteristics of the patient;
  5. Compliance with recommendations in the recovery period.

That might hurt in addition to the gums

Often when you have a tooth pulled, it hurts the gums, but the molars often cause more problems. For example, do not worry, if after the event there was pain in the ear is a normal reaction, over time it should subside. But if it hurts longer than necessary, you should consult a specialist to exclude alveolitis.

Or it happens that the molar teeth cannot pull without some difficulties — damaged tissue and nerve fibers, which can ache the tongue and throat. It happens, it hurts the removed tooth, and it seems that the next, but this does not mean that it was damaged during extraction.

Headache is not considered as a cause for concern when she disappears along with discomfort in the extraction matter how long it lasts and does not give in the ear.

How to help themselves

Regardless of how much it hurts the gums after extraction of a molar tooth, relieve the unpleasant symptoms the patient is able. Whine hole may, for example, in the result of an allergic reaction to that used for extraction of the analgesic, then you need to use antihistamines. Here are some other tips:

  • If you removed a tooth, sore gums and the doctor prescribed the appropriate antibiotic that relieves the symptom, to take it the whole course, even when the discomfort has gone;
  • If two days after extraction still hurts the place of the removed tooth, you should begin a course of rinsing. Is water with dissolved baking soda and add few drops of iodine;
  • Painkillers is to apply for the appointment of a specialist and at the indicated doses;
  • Any rough, sharp and hot foods are eliminated from the diet;
  • Go to the sauna, to the beach, take a bath, you can at least four days after the operation.
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Wondering why a toothache after removal, we get the answer — due to the inflammation. If this process has begun, the specialist prescribes antibiotics, which may include the following medications:

  1. Vilprafen. Issue — in the form of tablets, has a strong effect, actively fighting against the agents of the inflammatory process;
  2. Grameen. Produced as lozenges, assigned to adults and children up to 12 years;
  3. Exelis. The drug includes active components such as Lysozyme, Biclotymol, Enoxolon. Has the combined effect of anti — inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral. The reception every two hours, up to 8 tablets per day;
  4. Exaspera. Analogue Hexalite with the active component Biclotymol, designed for spraying in the mouth;
  5. Neomycin. The tool also is versatile, effective in the treatment of alveolitis. Laid directly into the hole with a specialist after it is cleaning;
  6. Oletetrin. This is an antibacterial medication used is similar to Neomycin. At the discretion of the specialist for the best result in the hole add a local anesthetic.

Recommended painkillers

It is worth to mention that in order to avoid side effects should not take strong medicines, it is better to use proven and appropriate that you means. It affects not only how long toothache after removal, in your case, but how safe is the healing process. Among the drugs that give analgesic and calming effect it is worth to recommend:

  • Analgin — recommended for mild or moderate the severity of the pain;
  • Allergy — is assigned with moderate symptoms, also has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Ketorol (Ketanov) — drugs coping with intense pain but can have side effects, requires a prescription;
  • Baralgin is made on the basis of dipyrone, also has a weak analgesic effect;
  • Nimesulide is a strong drug that facilitate complex state and distinguished strictly according to the recipe.

Drugs to rinse

No matter how long toothache, and a gargle, or rather basins, help to speed up the process and improve the General condition of the patient. Can be used improvised solutions, and also sold in pharmacies:

  1. Furatsilin. It is an antimicrobial agent used in various diseases of the throat, inflammation. It is available in ready solution and tablets that need to be diluted with water. You must use two to three times per day, for several minutes holding it in your mouth, then spit;
  2. Miramistin. Works as an antiseptic, active against including herpes virus. Used the same pattern as the Furatsilina;
  3. Chlorhexidine. For a solution of the characteristic bitter taste that greatly helps as a prophylactic against infection wells. Works, enveloping the fabric with a protective film, the liquid needs to be kept in the mouth for at least one minute;
  4. Herbal infusions (chamomile, eucalyptus, calendula). You can prepare yourself and buy in a drugstore ready-made solution. Action compared with the aforementioned compounds are weaker, to keep in the oral cavity may require up to three minutes.
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General guidelines


To quickly soothe the pain in the hole and not spend a lot of time, it is necessary to implement the recommendations of the specialist. Depends on a positive result from what will happen at home. Here are some of the principles that guided that you will understand how to relieve the pain after tooth extraction:

  • Do not eat sweet, until the recovery;
  • In the cold season, breathe in the street only the nose so the cold air does not complicate the healing process;
  • Take antiseptic baths, but refrain from rinsing, otherwise natural protection is broken and then who knows how many will root tooth;
  • Watch the temperature of the food — it should not be hot and cold, and as comfortable as possible, so as not to irritate tissue;
  • Refrain from alcohol, Smoking — it also depends how much of a sore tooth after removal;
  • Avoid any impact to the hole as possible;
  • Do not take a hot bath, don’t do warm compresses. Should advise the option — a cold lotion or poultice.

Pull and stupid character of the pain is not worrisome, but the sharp sensations can talk about inflammation.