Stomatitis on the lip treatment

Stomatitis can affect not only the gums and the inner surface of the cheeks but also lips, because the skin there is too delicate, easy to damage and infection. Inflammation in this area is painful because the wound can be damaged by teeth or solid food, and to stretch out during a conversation. To cure sores on the lip simple, the main time to see a doctor and find the root cause.

Causes of sores on lip

Lip skin is delicate and thin, so it can be easily damaged, and she quickly crack from the cold or heat, often the inner surface of the man’s biting while chewing or «burns» the mucous acid products. All these factors increase the risk of stomatitis that is on the lips, because the wounds quickly become infected, causing inflammation.
The cause of the inflammatory process of the mucous membrane may be:

  • the virus, most often herpes;
  • bacteria (staphylococci, streptococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli);
  • fungi;
  • allergies.

Every agent will give different symptoms of stomatitis, and thus will differ and treatment of stomatitis on my lips.

Herpetic stomatitis

Herpetic stomatitis causes nonsexual herpes virus, symptoms of the inflammatory process may be on the inner surface of the lips or on the outside. It is easy to learn, as one of its main manifestations is the appearance of small yellowish blisters filled with lymph, which burst, or covered with little brown milky color. Often these small pustaki leave behind sores that take a long time to heal and cause severe pain. If one place got a few bubbles after they form larger areas of erosion.

Bacterial stomatitis

A bacterial form of stomatitis appears in the defeat of the wounds on the inner side of the lips staphylococci, streptococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa or Escherichia coli. Infection bacteria happens most often because many of them live in the human oral cavity as normal flora.

To know bacterial stomatitis can be small sores with yellow or orange crust that will appear on the inside of the lip, while the mucous membrane is red and swollen. One of the unpleasant manifestations of this form of inflammatory process are white or yellowish discharge on the surface of the ulcers, which have an unpleasant odor.

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Oral thrush

Oral thrush on lips less common because the Candida normally do not live in the oral cavity. Learn fungal inflammation of the mucous membrane easily, because the patient appear small ulcers, of which the inner part of the lips produces a large amount of white residue having a bad odor. The wound has a pink hue, accompanied by a small local swelling.

Doctors recognize oral thrush not only by a whitish coating on the inner surface of the lips, and at very high temperature of the patient, which is due to poisoning of the body with aflatoxin — fungi toxic waste.

Allergic stomatitis

Stomatitis may appear not only if you get an infection in the wound but an allergic reaction to medications or products owners of delicate and sensitive mucous membrane of the lips. Thus on the inner surface appear transparent bubbles, reminiscent of corn, and around them there is swelling. Usually allergic stomatitis is quick without any complicated treatment.

The treatment of stomatitis on my lips

When it was discovered the sores on lips treatment should be carried out quickly because of the sores in the mucosa interfere with chewing food, talking and just look ugly. Without therapy the affected area increases, so the wound can be formed not only on domestic but also on the outside. Don’t need to ask «how quickly cure stomatitis» on the forums or grandmothers, because home methods of treatment using herbs, iodine or Zelenka have no effect, and the last two funds can and does cause burns of mucous.

How to treat sores on the lip I can only say the dentist, after spending an examination and swab the surface of wounds to determine the causative agent of the inflammation. It is important to understand that the therapy is local, as preparations for internal reception give a very weak effect, after the moment of their penetration into the tissues of the mouth, they will have almost the entire body.

Ointments and creams from pathogens

To treat sores on the lips, more like ointments, or creams, as these drugs are oil-based, respectively, they will nourish damaged tissue, accelerating the healing of ulcers, and to prevent the penetration of a new infection. Independently choose these drugs, as they are specific and contain active substances that are suitable only for certain pathogenic microorganisms, such as antibiotics for bacteria or anti-viral against viruses.
To the antiviral creams and ointments are:

  • Acyclovir;
  • Zovirax;
  • Viferon;
  • Interferonov ointment;
  • Oxolinic ointment.
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From thrush most often prescribed:

  • Mikosan;
  • Miconazole;
  • Levorin;
  • Nystatin ointment.

Antibacterial drugs contain antibiotics surface, therefore at their selection it is necessary to accurately determine the kind of bacteria. The list of ointments and creams from bacterial stomatitis is large, it is impossible to tell which ones are used more often, because they are used to different pathogens.


Any kind of disease brings the patient severe discomfort when chewing, talking or brushing your teeth, so treatment is not without pain medications. They are also a local therapy because the use of tablets, their effect is quickly dissipated. To release pain medications can in the form of an ointment, gel, spray or tablets for the preparation of «slurry» which form is appropriate for the patient will be able to tell just dentist.
Inexpensive and popular local anesthetic are:

  • Lidocaine;
  • Benzocaine;
  • Hexetidine;
  • Ledogar;
  • Benzocaine.

Sometimes, the doctor may advise in addition to the use of local anesthetic drugs to rinse your mouth with a decoction of chamomile, calendula, oak bark or sage, diluted carrot juice — all these products have a mild anti-inflammatory properties, therefore improve the effect of painkillers.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

To quickly relieve pain and swelling, you need to use not only painkillers, but also anti-inflammatories which will gently eliminate the inflammation and redness. Such medicines are produced in the form of mouthwash, gels, sprays, tablets for sucking or ointments.
To anti-inflammatory drugs include:

  • Lugol Hexetidine and the eye drops sprays;
  • Kamistad and Actovegin gel;
  • various herbal preparations.

Wound healing agents


Any thrush leaves behind the delicate skin of the lips sores, and sometimes even vast areas of eroded mucosa, so patients must use a wound-healing drugs to accelerate tissue regeneration. Many drugs that promote healing of wounds, and also contain mild antiseptics and anesthetics, so they relieve discomfort and reduce the possibility of re-infection.
Wound healing popular medicines are:

  • Propolis (improves blood flow to the wounds, so regeneration is happening there faster, also, this bee product has a good antiseptic effect);
  • Vanilla balm (drug, accelerating the division of epithelial cells, has anesthetic properties);
  • Solcoseryl paste (regular application nourishes the affected tissue, improves blood circulation, speeds up the tightening of extensive erosions);
  • Serotonin or oily solution of vitamin A (this substance accelerates the regeneration and division of cells, so it is often used for healing of external sores).
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Of non-medicinal drugs, wound-healing effect has sea buckthorn oil, aloe juice, broth or oil from the hips.


If people have stomatitis caused by an allergic reaction, to eliminate swelling and redness use antihistamines in pill form. They contain an active substance which destroys histamine, which is formed in the tissues of the mucous membrane of the lips.

To find antihistamine pills very carefully as the wrong medicines can only strengthen allergic reaction.

Stomatitis on the lips not only spoils their appearance but also causes discomfort to the patient during talking, eating, and talking about kissing and you can forget all. The treatment of the inflammatory process of the mucosa depends on the type of pathogen that caused it, so to use medicines with antibiotics or antiviral substances you can not.

Therapy consists not only of medication, eliminating the pathogens, it also includes ancillary products: wound healing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, which will speed up the recovery.