Strengthening of the gums with periodontitis: at home, medicine, reviews

Strengthening your gums if venous disease — periodontal disease is the basic method of treatment. Of course, by themselves activities to strengthen not can lead to full recovery. This requires qualified medical assistance and appropriate medication support. However, the techniques described below can significantly improve the condition of the gums, accelerate healing, improve teeth.
How to strengthen gum tissue can be divided into 4 large groups:

  • Folk;
  • Medical (using drugs);
  • Hygiene (applying toothpaste);
  • Diet.

Traditional methods of strengthening the gums

Methods of traditional medicine should be applied at the initial stages of the disease, when the teeth have not started to wobble. In some cases the early treatment of folk remedies leads to complete recovery, but this happens rarely. Most vegetable recipes improve the condition of the oral cavity and prepare it for medical interventions. Effective are the following tools from the Arsenal of folk medicine:

Salt water

The most simple way. For the preparation of the treatment solution in regular drinking water dilute a teaspoon of salt. Received the product 2-3 times a day, treated the gums and teeth, rubbing his finger in the mucosa. Salt has an antibacterial effect, prevents the development of infectious and septic complications, reduces bleeding gums and slow the pathological process.

Fir oil

What to do if teeth are just starting to stagger? As one of the variants of the folk treatment it is proposed to use fir oil. With the aim of strengthening the gums with periodontitis it is applied with a cotton swab twice a day applied to the gums. The duration of the procedure usually takes 10-15 minutes.

Treatment of pine oil continues for 10 days. However, if necessary, use this recipe and longer. Vegetable oils do not lead to overdose or develop other negative effects.


Another proven tool that can be used when wobbly tooth, is the plantain. The plant should be collected in ecologically clean areas, far from roads and industrial plants. Better if search the grass will be out of town, deep in the woods. To use plantain in order to strengthen the teeth, it is possible by various methods. The first involves chewing medicinal plants to the point until it loses taste and not turn into an amorphous mass. According to the second method, of plantain it is necessary to obtain juice, which is rubbed into the gums.

Strengthening your gums plantain leads to a rapid disappearance of bleeding, subsidence of the inflammatory process, partial recovery of the gum tissue. In the initial stages of periodontal disease plantain is one of the most effective means of treatment.

Tincture of celandine

Celandine crushed and poured into a quart jar. After the grass should pour vodka or diluted to a concentration of 40% alcohol and place in a warm and dark place for 2 weeks. Immediately before use required for a single rinse, the amount of the drug is diluted with water in ratio of 1:1, then rinse your mouth. The procedure is performed after each meal within 10 minutes.

Treatment celandine should not exceed 10 consecutive days. If necessary, a second course of therapy should take a break of 3-4 weeks.

Do not use alcoholic liquors in the presence of:

  • Open injuries of the mucous membrane;
  • Late stages of periodontal disease;
  • In young children;
  • In persons treated for alcoholism.

Infusion with horseradish

To prepare horseradish crushed, pour boiling water and cover. The drug is considered ready after it has cooled down to an acceptable temperature. Infusion with horseradish is used in the form of a rinse. Need to score the composition in the mouth, hold for 3-5 minutes, then spit out. Infusion on the basis of horseradish has antibacterial, wound healing, firming action. Contraindications to its use there. However, at the beginning of treatment to monitor the patient’s response to the drug. The individual intolerance of the funds and related reactions.

Some sources recommend infusion to swallow after rinsing. However, you should not do that. The drug does not have such a strong disinfecting effect to destroy all pathogens present in the oral cavity. Once in the stomach and intestines, the bacteria may trigger the development of dysbiosis.

Medical methods for strengthening the gums

Medical ways to strengthen the gums are used in cases where the process of destruction of the gums has gone far enough and the use of folk recipes is not able to rectify the situation. List of drugs used for strengthening and healing of the gum tissue, include:


Anti-inflammatory and disinfectant gel, designed for use in dentistry. Helps to reduce swelling and inflammation of the gums, open mouth, destroying pathogens. Indications for use are almost all diseases of the periodontal tissues. The contraindications individual hypersensitivity, pregnancy and lactation.

The drug is used topically, by applying on the gums for 30 minutes before or after a meal. May cause a slight burning sensation on the mucous membranes, passing without interference. The gel is applied 2-3 times a day for 10 days or more. Overdoses to date have been identified.

Metrogyl Denta

Used in infectious complications of periodontal disease. By the time the teeth are loose, pathogenic flora in the outbreak of the disease is almost always present. The gel is classified as antibacterial and antiseptic means intended for local use.

The gel was applied 2 times a day, morning and evening. Before applying the medication, you need to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth decoctions of herbs, baking soda, a weak solution of potassium permanganate. This will allow you to achieve maximum therapeutic effects of the drug.

When using metrogel it is necessary to observe the mode of its application. Otherwise, the microorganisms, which are directed against the action of the drug, adapt and become insensitive to the drug. Due to the low concentration of drug in the gel metrogyl for topical application may be administered in conjunction with its preformed shape.


In the preparation includes chamomile extract and lidocaine. The gel has excellent analgesic effect. Anti-inflammatory effect is negligible. Can be used for pain relief and as an aid in the treatment of toothache with periodontitis.

Kamistad not too easy to use, as it causes numbness of gums, tongue and cheeks. Use of the drug should be several times a day for weeks.


Firming effect is achieved when using the ointment solkoseril. The drug is created based on animal components, has a strong healing and regenerative effects. Virtually no pain medication, so should be used in conjunction with the «freezing» teeth and gums means.


Because of their animal origin, solcoseryl is often leads to the development of local allergic reactions. To begin treatment it is necessary gradually, tracking the patient’s response to the drug. If you develop signs of an allergic reaction to stop the use of solcoseryl.

Toothpastes and mouth rinses

In the treatment of periodontal disease plays a significant role proper hygiene of the oral cavity. The most effective means of hygiene can be considered:

Toothpaste «lacalut active»

Medical toothpaste, which includes:

  • Chlorhexidine
  • Anti-inflammatory substances;
  • Binders;
  • Fluoride.

Toothpaste effectively relieves inflammation, reduces sensitivity of teeth and gums, helps restore enamel. A loose tooth she would not strengthen, but in an aid «lacalut Aktiv» is used quite actively. To use the paste more than 2-3 weeks is not recommended.

Toothpaste «Eveline.»

The paste is created based on plant extracts and fluoride. Relieves inflammation, helps to restore gum tissue, and strengthens and cleans teeth. Restrictions on time of use is not, as in the paste does not include chemical drugs.

In addition to the botanicals, «classic» contains fluoride, which has a positive impact on the tooth enamel, help prevent caries development.

Homemade toothpaste made of birch bark

This recipe can be attributed to folk remedies. For the preparation of homemade toothpaste takes 1 tsp.l. salt, 2 tea spoon. baking soda and ash (3 tbsp), obtained by burning the top layer of birch bark. The components are mixed, diluted with water and used as a therapeutic toothpaste.

To apply the tool for a long time. Allergic reactions do not occur. Soda in combination with salt and ashes helps to cleanse the teeth, reduce gum bleeding, subsidence of the inflammatory process.

Rinse «Elmex protection caries»

One of the most effective rinses for the mouth. Contains ethyl alcohol, therefore not recommended for use in the later stages of periodontitis, when teeth are already wobbly. Elmer also should not apply to drivers and children under 6 years.

Rinse «President classic plus»

Created based on plant extracts, can therefore be used by children, drivers and other persons who are contraindicated the use of alcohol. Is characterized by a weak anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Can be used regularly for a long time.


To strengthen the gums, in periodontitis, contributes to a competent diet. Patients suffering before the disease are encouraged to eat:

  • Foods rich in vitamin C (citrus fruits, rose hips, buckthorn);
  • Products containing calcium (cheese, milk, dairy products, cheese);
  • Foods containing phosphorus: (fish, legumes);
  • Other foods rich in vitamins.

Supplement vitamin diet you can use multivitamin complexes. However, this does not negate the need for dieting. In addition to the above list, patients are advised to eat relatively solid food (slightly dried bread, hard cheeses). The chewing of such products contributes to increased blood flow in the gums and accelerates the regeneration of tissues.

Meals with periodontal disease should be sparing. Banned is annoying, spicy, salty, overly acidic foods. It is recommended to give up Smoking and drinking alcohol. All this has a negative impact on gum tissue and increases significantly the time needed for recovery.


What to do if diagnosed with «periodontal disease»? Of course, you should first contact your doctor who will prescribe the appropriate treatment. Funds for strengthening the gums described in this article are helper methods and are not suitable for a full treatment of periodontal disease.
However, we should not neglect people’s health and support of nature. Rinsing the mouth with decoction of herbs and special rinses, the use of therapeutic toothpastes and diet creates the necessary «base», which depends on the effectiveness of primary treatment and the timing of regeneration of the gum tissue.

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