The child has a sore tooth than to numb the pain: medication for children

The first thing concerned parents, when a child hurts a tooth than is safe to numb the torment his tooth and how to do it fast, and most importantly, without harm to the health of your beloved child. Methods depend on the age of the child and the reasons for this state, but in any case, they had to be very careful. For the first time with a toothache, the child was facing about 4 months with the eruption of the first molars, but later common causes of sickness becomes caries, hypersensitivity of the enamel and other common diseases.

Why is there pain

For the child to maintain healthy teeth are very important parental control is, firstly, children often neglect sanitary measures, and secondly, at an early age they are not always immediately can show you exactly what’s bothering them. So be sure to at the first suspicion of any dental disease refer to a specialist, and temporarily relieve the pain can be in the home. For now, consider all the possible options that can cause such pain in children.

The eruption of the first molars

Around the middle of the first year of life in newborns begins a natural process of emergence of deciduous teeth. Unfortunately, sometimes it is quite long and usually brings a lot of trouble to their parents, need it just to survive, trying in every way to alleviate the suffering of the child. During the eruption are observed the following characteristic symptoms:

  • Redness and swelling of the gums;
  • Increased salivation;
  • Need to pull in the mouth different objects, fingers, while feeding the baby bites the nipple harder;
  • In some cases, the temperature rise of the body — so the body reacts to what is happening.


Baby teeth are extremely susceptible to external factors, and if you add to that a bad oral hygiene and sweet tooth, the carious lesions of children’s molars — conventional dental picture. Without treatment in a dentist’s office in this case is not complete, and depending on the stage of the lesion, the tooth may ache less or more intensively.


It is actually running a form of caries in which the pulp is already affected. The pain is usually throbbing and intense due to the close proximity of nerve endings, the decision on removal of the tooth is taken individually.

Extraction of molars

After removal of the tooth or even after his loss in children can occur quite intense pain. This happens in the case of dryness of the formed holes or alveolitis, which is characterized by red gums. Also, do not exclude an allergic reaction, which is possible with the introduction of anesthetics.

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With advanced forms of caries or pulpitis sometimes there is such a side effect. This can be understood on the following grounds:

  1. Deterioration of the General condition of the body;
  2. The aching pain is characteristic, quite intense, which may radiate to temples, neck, ear;
  3. The increase in body temperature;
  4. Swelling, redness of the gums;
  5. The increase in cervical lymph nodes;
  6. Swelling of the cheeks on the side of education of flux.

High sensitivity enamel

Typical symptoms, i.e. pain, appear when exposed to cold or hot temperature, acidic substances. This may be for several reasons: wedge-shaped defect, the exposure of dentin at the neck of the tooth, an imbalance of minerals in the body, and diseases of the endocrine and Central nervous system.


For children it is normal to fall, so the risk of injury the teeth is quite high. Pain may occur as a result of injury, cleavage, dislocation or fracture of one of the molars. Any of these cases it is impossible to neglect, be sure to consult a professional in order to avoid unpleasant consequences in the future.


To help parents not always can come painkillers, although today, more safe and effective means for kids. And here are some simple recipes and painkillers rinsing usually do not have any contraindications and it is quite good at relieving a toothache. Specific therapies should choose a specialist, and parents to alleviate the condition of your child while visiting impossible.

Universal tools and tips

Try the following techniques to relieve pain — they do not require any special preparation and can be very useful when you have to visit to the dentist a lot of time:

  • Try acupressure ear for five minutes it is necessary to intensively massage the upper part of the shell;
  • Prepare a solution for rinsing, adding it to a glass of warm water a teaspoon of salt or baking soda. This structure must hold in mouth for one minute, the procedure is repeated every two hours. The recipe is good to use also in the inflammatory process, the appearance of cracks on the enamel surface;
  • In the formation of cavities in the tooth for relief of the condition, there is laid a cotton swab soaked in mint oil, propolis;
  • Try to distract the child from anxiety, turn on your favorite cartoon, for example;
  • Follow the diet your child that the food was mild, not able to injure a sore molar. When a toothache all drinks must be room temperature;
  • In any case, do not heat, hot compresses in the inflammation that will only worsen the condition.

Traditional medicine

Before you take a medication for a toothache, you need to ensure that for children it is completely safe, many only apply after 12 years. And the above recipes have no age restrictions, however, the child should not be allergic to the medicinal components. Also, try to prepare a decoction of chamomile, sage and lemon balm is a good calming tool, and if you make it from oak, you’ll get an anesthetic effect.

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Local impact

In some cases, especially when inflammation of a certain area and pulsating character of pain, it is better to use special gels. They can be quite effective, but it also requires strict adherence to instructions. The following remedies for toothache children need to be applied topically:

Kalgel. The main active ingredient here is the lidocaine.
Kamistad. The basis is the same as advanced in the present Daisy. There is an age limit cannot be used under 12 years. Alternatively, you should also recommend the Dentinox.
Holisal. This tool is designed to reduce the pain during teething. It is both an analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drug safe for infants.
Baby doctor. In the composition you will find only the plant components (marshmallow, plantain, Echinacea, chamomile) to relieve the pain, inflammation, restores tissue.
Scars Ointment based on natural ingredients, homeopathic, used as an analgesic and relieving inflammation.

Pills for pain

It pain pills — a last resort, when nothing else helps or feeling too intense. Thus, for example, Paracetamol and Dipyrone can not be used under 12 years of age. But for younger children make special syrups that have a lower analgesic effect Ibuprom, Nurofen, Ibuprofen, Panadol.


Additionally, we note the following tablets for a toothache:

  1. Nise, Nimesulide, NIMULID. They effectively reduce pain, caries, pulpitis, reduce inflammation. There is an age restriction — only after 12 years;
  2. Nurofen tablets. Produced a special children’s drug, but it has the same limitations, it is additionally not recommended when the diseases of the liver, kidneys, heart, gastrointestinal tract, as well as in hemophilia, leukopenia. Well relieves swelling and inflammation, pain moderate severity;
  3. Baralgin. Helps with minor pain, has a slight effect;
  4. Ketanov. This drug helps very quickly, but can also have a negative impact on the child’s body, so it is used strictly according to instructions.


When a large swelling and itching should take those medications that are usually prescribed for allergies:

  • Parlazin. This drops containing magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, cetirizine hydrochloride, and also some other components. They actively relieve swelling, ease breathing;
  • Fenistil. This tool performs the same function, but in contrast to the previous the drug, these drops can be applied several times a day. There is dimetindene maleate, disodium edetate, sodium hydrogen phosphate, dodecahydrate etc.

Additional drugs

In addition to the above means, try to apply the following medications:

  1. Candles Viburkol. Part of: chamomile, belladonna, dulcamara, Pulsatilla and other plant components. After applying the observed analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, sedative effect, candles, well help during the eruption of tooth;
  2. Spray Asepta. This anesthetic drug acts as an antiseptic and analgesic. The result is noticeable after a minute after application and lasts for 15 minutes.

Teething buy special baby toothpaste that are beneficial to this long process. In particular, Splat produces several variants — Splat Junior Magic Foam Splat.

When the pain is severe

If your child caught a sharp pain, causing severe suffering, buy in a drugstore a solution of novocaine or lidocaine, no prescription required. Next, make sure that a diseased molar no food residues and place in the cavity of the drug-soaked cotton swab. It will literally freeze the pain, appears a little numb, but this is an emergency measure, so try to immediately go to a specialist for treatment.

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Sometimes pain appears after treatment of caries if the seal installation was carried out with violations. First, make sure that the tooth is well cleaned, no food debris, then try a pain reliever, well in this case to cope NUYS.

When sudden onset pain at night, prepare a concentrated salt solution with a few drops of iodine. You will need to wash them with your mouth, and then put a small piece of tablet of Analgin, let it slowly dissolve.

Preventive measures

After elimination of the source of pain or even if everything went without professional intervention, periodically inspect the baby teeth for the presence of caries, deterioration of the situation in the oral cavity. Also, after the eruption of the first molar do not forget to show the baby to a specialist, so he could give his assessment.

Pay attention to how your child is eating — perhaps he chews on only one side, and it is a sign of future serious illness. Make sure he efficiently cleaned teeth, its diet should be fruits, vegetables and dairy products daily.