The seal on the front teeth: tooth filling

A problem such as a tooth filling has ceased to be significant with the emergence of new treatment methods. A remedy can be done quickly and with minimal aesthetic loss. This became possible thanks to new developments in the field of medicine. The use of nano technology has made available aesthetic medicine, brought the science to consumers. Smile should adorn a man. But what if this is not possible, and the smile does not meet the General criteria of beauty, or needs to be adjusted? It becomes a big problem if we are talking about the front. You don’t always need to smile to others became visible defects on this site. This part of the face is visible to any person and the lack to hide just possible.

The specificity of the restoration of the front row

The fact that this section is also the most open to prying eyes, obliges to take measures to maintain it in perfect condition. Treatment, as such, does not solve the problem, so the aesthetic dimension is important for each person. On this basis, to get rid of the disease should in combination with restoration or recovery. Updated the surface should look as if there was no interference, should not differ from neighbors in tone and size.

Such requirements are satisfied by modern therapy. But the seal on the front tooth may be visible, if it is not done accurately, or technology that does not meet modern requirements. In this embodiment, all the efforts for the beautiful appearance reduced to zero.

Chewing function is characterized by lateral location. Therefore, in this situation an important strength, aesthetics currently plays a minor role. For this area it is appropriate that the cheaper therapy that will ensure normal chewing work. Other requirements to the front row. In this embodiment, the appearance plays an important role at that time as job functions become not so relevant.

Light seals

New queries fully meet the latest developments in the field of dentistry. Its name they got due to the fact that solidification of the composition occurs under the influence of blue light spectrum. The doctor dry oral cavity, special miniature lamps are placed directly into the treatment site. Due to the fact that the result of this operation is a fully updated, this technique popularly referred to as restoration or recovery.

The new method allows to achieve a maximum matching in color, size, shape. Light seals making a little medical intervention.

Smile is beautiful, natural. This is the result sought by modern dentistry. But besides beauty, also restores the work function, as this is the main «work» of the teeth. Such technologies often offer private clinics. They ensure implementation of new fixtures, taking into account the latest scientific developments.

Sealing cement

The most appropriate way to resolve the problem is to impose the seal on the front teeth. Use old familiar materials (cement, metal) for this procedure is no longer relevant. This method is perceived as a relic of the past and relevant only for those areas of the oral cavity which is not visible to others. However, this method has a significant advantage — cheapness. It’s the only thing you can put such a technique in the plus. In addition, after the installation of the cement can not eat 2-3 hours (as this can move it anywhere you install), it over time dries out, the small and the period of his «work» he usually is 2-3 years. The disadvantages should be added the low strength of the material. Cement visible, but it spoils the overall impression about a person’s appearance. Such activities are carried out in public clinics, and they are quite claimed and now.

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The benefits of new technology

This modern method many advantages compared to the old ways:

  • The ability to pick up the composite as close as possible to the natural color;
  • Aesthetically, the front end becomes better;
  • Selection of colors is carried out individually for 5 components (take into account the hue of the upper points and cutting edges);
  • Layer-by-layer technique of sealing allows to reproduce the striations and natural flare on the front teeth;
  • The service life of composite fillings is 5 years, but with good care, it can be increased in 2 times;
  • After the operation there is no need to refrain from eating, as the drying process is carried out in the doctor’s office under the influence of light of the lamp;
  • A large degree of plasticity of the composite. This allows you to give the necessary form without time constraints, which increases the quality of work;
  • Hypoallergenic makeup will not develop allergies;
  • The color remains for a long period;
  • Modern technologies allow to make the connection with the tooth surface restoration composition maximum. Experts say that the adhesion occurs on a molecular level.

Disadvantages of the new method

As every material, the light seals have several disadvantages. These include:

  1. The complexity of the composite with indigenous and far objects are located. The reason for that — the problem with the special lamp under the influence of which is the drying process;
  2. This method is not suitable for large damage, due to shrinkage. In fairness I should say that this problem is relevant not only for this treatment;
  3. In the first days you should limit eating foods that would stain a composite (beets, pomegranate, juice, chocolate);
  4. High cost.

But all these problems become insignificant on the background of a large number of advantages. For a reason such events are becoming more popular with the public, and, despite the high cost, the demand for them is constantly growing. A saying — «avaricious pays twice» is particularly relevant in this case.


The basis is a special composite, which is also called geliokompozitom. The photosensitive material under the influence of blue light begins to disintegrate into free radicals. This involves the process of polymerization — curing.

The set includes:

  • Heliocentic sometimes experts call it a polymer matrix ;
  • Filler (for this purpose, glass-ceramic, special glass). The choice of this component depends on the specific goals you want to realize in each case;
  • Substances that provide a bunch.

The metal component is missing in this case. This makes it possible to use the plasticity of the initial composition. The fact that great time of the operation, guarantees the high quality of the final result, as it allows to achieve the desired without fear that the original composition hardens to the point, when will be installed to the right place. The doctor is nervous and has the ability to safely perform the necessary procedures.

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Individual approach

The selection of the individual and must determine, based on the characteristics of the structure of the jaw, the physical condition of the front, tolerability of the procedure. At the request of the patient work may be carried out using anaesthesia, the possible consequences without prior obessolivanija. The doctor finds the filler for each case separately. It affects not only the result but also the price. However, this is not the case when it is worth saving. Better to spend money once and forget about delicate drawback for a long time.


The process is carried out in sequence. From observing all the details depends on how the overall result and the time that the result will please the client. Specialists carry out the following manipulation.

The choice of color

First, select a color that will have filling on the front teeth. This is determined on a scale, with the selection of the optimal variant. The selection includes various indicators:

  1. the color of the dentin;
  2. the brightness of the enamel;
  3. characteristics in various areas — upper, middle, lower (cutting).


The doctor uses the card, which should be taken into account 5 parameters of the optical characteristics of the surface. The end result must ensure full compliance with the natural tone of the entire series. If you are bleaching the surface, this procedure must consider the overall tone and therefore, the procedure is done for the entire series.
Because the first thing that catches the eye in contact with one’s appearance, it is not surprising that this indicator is being given such attention.

The next stage

If necessary, the patient is anesthesia. On the gums around the problem area to fit cotton balls to isolate from saliva. Place of work is a drill. After that, place is treated with adhesive ( a special liquid that before using you must prepare). The most important moment comes — layering and sealing material. At this stage there is a formation of the new configuration. After the manipulation is completed, the doctor dries the mouth by a special lamp. The final stage is the polishing and polishing the new surface. Restoration in the lower, cutting part requires elevated qualities of the ligaments between the material and the surface.

Some doctors believe that the final event should be considered as varnish. But not everyone shares this view. The solution of this question belongs to the customer. However, it is worth to find out if it comes to total price, or you have to pay separately.

Additional services

Some patients during the restoration, additionally order a cleaning from dental stone. In this case, it is cleansing, liberating the cavity of the problematic tissue. Such prevention allows you to extend the term of the «work» of restoration. Payment for this service, usually conducted separately and is not included in the cost recovery. This attitude is encouraged by experts, as in this case, it solved several issues. It increases the guarantee for a good final appearance.

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Art restoration

Not uncommon when healthy teeth have a flat shape, located far away from each other. Especially notable is a defect in the front. To resolve this situation have resorted to the art of restoration. It does not carry the therapeutic functions, and only provides a beautiful appearance. This is achieved with the help of the same techniques — object handling plastic material. It is called metal-free ceramics. The plasticity of the material allows for maximum conformity to the natural appearance of the surface.

The restoration will provide the customer with a beautiful smile, perfect as the front row. As a rule, the result is guaranteed for a period of 5 — 10 years. Service time depends on the care, individual to individual. A great role has the qualification of doctor. In unskilled hands the process will turn into torture and will not bring the desired effect.

Modern substances change color over time, durable, reliable, durable, but just to be sure that everything is in order, it should be 2 times a year to see a dentist. Despite the fact that this operation is not cheap, it is worth the investment.

The cost of the work

This concept includes several factors. The city where clinic is located. It has become the norm that in large cities for similar services need to pay somewhat more expensive than the small ones. In addition, the important status of the medical institution. The higher it is, the more expensive the service there. But there is a downside. High status guarantees a high quality as the procedure and conditions in which the patient made manipulation. In addition, this clinic can guarantee a longer time final result. Before you decide on a costly installation of the seal on the front teeth, specify the level of the clinic, the professional level of specialists who work in it.

An important criterion for determining the price of services is the amount of composition that will be spent on treatment. The more you go the composite, the more you will have to pay for the restoration.

A separate line is anesthesia. If the patient believes that the measures should be carried out with the use of pain medication, he should be ready to shell out some extra cash. But the front part is usually treated without such a step. This procedure is safely tolerated by patients. But the choice depends on the person.