Toothache: how to relieve pain at home?

If you have a toothache and you need to relieve the pain at home, you can use traditional recipes, massage or pain pills.

Aching tooth spoils the sense of self, not permitting you to sleep, work and eat, but can flow in the acute form, the pain will only intensify. It can be an inflammation of the gums or cheeks, deterioration of the General condition of the body, fever.

Causes of tooth pain

Unpleasant and painful process in the tooth can be caused by a number of different reasons and in order to correctly initiate treatment, the person must correctly identify it.

It can be:

  • thin the enamel of the teeth and small cracks on its surface;
  • caries — initially, pain may look inconspicuous, only feel anxiety at the effect on teeth is very hot or cold, sour or sweet. In advanced cases the pain will signal about themselves in the process of taking any food;
  • pulpitis (acute or chronic) — in inflammatory processes in the pulp the pain is formed abruptly, often at night, giving the ear;
  • periodontitis (acute or chronic) inflammation caused by any infection and can even cause the cyst;
  • periodontitis — pain that pulsates and grows stronger when you touch it. Tooth may be loose;
  • incorrectly or poorly sealed last tooth.

How to quickly relieve pain, if you have a toothache?

Modern medicine has reached unprecedented heights in dentistry. But what if the pain overpowered all of a sudden?

At home, the first thing to do is to stop eating some food, and carefully, gently clean all teeth. Right to make them clean by following the instructions. Remember that any food particles can be too much stimuli.

If drugs are not around, it is possible to pay attention to effective popular recipes. They are excellent substitutes for painkillers and does not harm the patient. Folk remedies are very convenient, and budget available for any person.

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Popular recipes

The people of the popular next popular techniques to quickly relieve the pain:

  • onion-garlic mixture in equal doses of 4 cloves of garlic and one third of the onions cooked the porridge, adding salt and stirring well. The mixture is applied to the tooth and cover with cotton wool. Salt causes the outflow of exudate, and the vegetables kill bacteria at the cause of action of volatile;
  • oil of cloves — in the area of gums to apply the gauze which has been soaked in clove oil (3-4 drops). In the absence of oil to help the common flowers that you should chew;
  • tails pumpkins — let them dry (8-10 pieces), and then pour a glass of boiling water and infuse. Further to rinse the mouth;
  • the decoction of Hypericum, calendula, chamomile or sage tablespoon of herbs is poured 0.5 liters of boiling water and infused for an hour, and then rinsed in the mouth area of the patient’s teeth;
  • propolis is a piece of glue from the bees need to put about aching tooth. This remedy quickly removes the inflammation;
  • the root of plantain, a plant must be washed and in its raw form apply to the sore tooth, half an hour later the pain should go away;
  • bacon — its the slice should be placed between the tooth and cheek. If the fat in salt, her previously removed;
  • vodka — 50 grams of thoroughly mixed with salt, a SIP of the mixture remaining in the area of the patient’s teeth;
  • the solution of birch buds and 50 grams of the kidneys need to pour a glass of vodka and let them infuse for 10 days. When the pain is necessary to moisten the cotton wool in the infusion, making nausea.
  • infusion of Vinca — 2 tablespoons of flowers pour boiling water, after which rinse your mouth with tincture;
  • the walnut Cup of boiling water pour 2 sheets of walnut. An hour later, when the foliage infusions, you need to rinse your mouth and to wet the cotton and apply on the tooth;
  • the infusion of the young flowers of the elder — two tablespoons of flowers pour a Cup of boiling water, infusing for an hour.
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Quickly relieve the pain, if it hurts the tooth using a special massage. Direct action should be carried out on the side of the tooth, on the upper surface of the ear.

You can also try a little poterebit or simply wipe the ear, anatomically, is full of nerve endings that will have an impact on pain in the teeth or jaw.

A good acupressure massage should be done with fingertips, gently, without sudden movements and great pressure, gentle movements in a circle. Massage should first clockwise, and then, after a time, counterclockwise.

  • so as soon and effective to relieve sudden pain in the tooth can be massaged with an ice cube brush in the area where is located the thumb and index finger. Should be wary to press, pressing the ice to a point that is located between these fingers for 5 minutes;
  • if ice was not available – you can just RUB this point. This should be the pain a person has to suffer. Pregnant the area to provoke should not, it can cause premature birth;
  • you can find on the jaw below the point, which is located on the external side. We must grit our teeth and where there is a palpable nodule, massage the area a few minutes;
  • the excellent point is located between the top lip and the nose right in the middle. You need to press and at the same time to massage this area for a couple of minutes;
  • good point for pain massage is located near the outer corner of the eye, in line with pupil from the cheekbones.
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Pain pills

Drugs in order to anesthetize the tooth are available in almost any medicine Cabinet at home, however, we must remember, as the right to use them because they are very toxic and can hurt people. All of these tools can be divided into a few groups depending on the mechanism of action.

  • non-narcotic remedies for weak manifestation of the pain — these include aspirin or analginum and paracetamol. These drugs have long been designed to relieve pain, fever, and a variety of inflammation;
  • non-narcotic medications when severe pain is great and safe drugs, which is excellent to remove pain, think, weakness, confusion, and Effective. The daily dose should be be not more than 4 tablets. Those are incredibly powerful drugs which include nimesulide, for example, Ketanov, but they have a lot of side effects and contraindications. Use should be very carefully adhering to certain dosages — not more than two;
  • narcotic group of drugs is composed of promedol and morphine — have to say that even with a powerful toothache, their use is not recommended, as their effects will disrupt the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain that affects the mind;
  • antispasmodic drugs, like papaverine or shpy is a means which quickly and effectively relieve spasms in smooth muscles.

Easy way to quickly remove the pain medications,however, picking up pills, you need to take into account the presence of chronic diseases that can serve as a contraindication to use.

  1. Baralgin is the maximum dose of two pills, however, not more than 6 pieces per day. You cannot apply to pregnant women, children under 15 years of age and people who suffer from kidney disease.
  2. Nurofen — get rid of the pain and also removes any inflammation, it is effective because the active ingredients of the codeine. Contraindications to the use is liver disease.
  3. Analgin — budget drug, however, is not very effective, especially in acute dental pain. Don’t suggest a pill of this medicine to put directly on the tooth, because that can easily damage the enamel.
  4. Nise — a strong tool, which is used only in powerful pain and only one tablet. It takes away the pain in just a few minutes, and the effect can manifest itself for up to eight hours. Contraindicated for expectant mothers.
  5. Ketorol is strong medicine, for one day you can apply to about three pills, while drinking an impressive amount of clean water. Failure to comply with this rule, the effect of treatment may not come or come much later.
  6. Tempalgin — do not use people who suffer from certain blood diseases and disorders of the kidneys and liver. The average pain in the teeth is recommended to take the drug one pill approximately four times per day. Dosage for the whole day should not exceed 6 tablets.
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What not to do when a toothache?

  • to warm the aching tooth with bags of heated on the fire with salt, all sorts of hot compress would only provoke sudden and severe blood flow to the disturbing tooth, resulting in unnecessary inflammation and increased pain. It is better to use ice in this situation;
  • rinse and herbal infusions in order to quickly relieve the pain of the tooth needs to be warm, but not hot or cold;
  • it’s wrong to lie — the pain in the supine position always increases, as blood flow to the jaw of the man who lies increases, so the tooth is formed, the high pressure that irritates the nerve fibers;
  • prohibited to use unknown medicines.

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