Toothpaste against caries: prevention and treatment

Toothpaste against caries stands out among the others in that it has a higher level of active substances. This drug is effective in the prevention of disease, and the elimination of early stage caries in the form of spots on the surface of the molar. Many quite difficult to choose a toothpaste among all their diversity. It is recommended to choose a health — care facility with a specialist based on individual patient characteristics and specifics of a cariogenic situation in the mouth.

A variety of toothpastes against caries

Experts say that the most effective toothpaste against caries is the one which contains fluoride. It turns out that they ensure normal mineralization of teeth. They contain such substances binding action as a solution of starch and alginate, with which it is possible to achieve the desired consistency means. The presence of such components in the composition prevents drying of the drug, and abundant foam contributes to its uniform distribution in those areas, which are almost not accessible to a toothbrush. In the paste there is a small concentration of detergents, which helps to avoid irritation to the gums.

The addition of perfume oils or preservatives avoids microbial contamination and also makes the teeth striking and beautiful. Usually the cleaning product is stored in a warm room that is an ideal breeding ground for pathogens and bacteria. In the absence of preservatives toothpaste for relatively short period of time would come into disrepair. Improve organoleptici is due to the presence in the hygienic means of flavours, through which it is possible to achieve the refreshing effect.

The requirements for medical facilities

The modern market presents a preventive therapeutic and hygienic toothpastes against caries, and each of these groups has some features. Hygiene is usually represented pastas for children, in which there are only cleansers. Sometimes they contain additional compounds that have no impact on children’s teeth. With the help of health care resources can not only facilitate elimination of caries, but also to prevent its re-development. To achieve a positive effect can in the following ways:

  1. To strengthen tooth enamel perfect toothpaste with fluoride and calcium compounds. They are usually prescribed when there is insufficient mineralization of the enamel of the molars, which are characterized by high susceptibility to carious lesions.
  2. Good effect in the fight against tooth decay give hygiene with the presence of antiseptics, antibiotics or natural iron-containing protein lactoferrin. The presence of such active substances in the composition allows to stop the further proliferation of pathogens and bacteria.
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To get rid of accumulated plaque and stop the formation of stone is possible by using abrasive paste. In addition, to solve such problems and could use hygiene products, which consists of hydrogen peroxide and papain.

The use of desensitizing toothpastes and money with reduced abrasiveness gives the ability to clean the teeth without increased stress on the enamel. These hygienic products help to reduce excessive sensitivity of the teeth, and in addition to mineralizuet enamel to prevent tooth decay.

In some cases, can be administered for the treatment of gum paste, which contains vegetable components. To their aid resorted to in situations where the normal reading of teeth causes severe pain. In addition, these hygienic products are shown with a light gum damage, especially in children. Permanent injury to the gingival edges leads to the fact that accumulates a lot of bacteria, and caries develops. Gum treatment and elimination of pain helps to perform high-quality cleaning of the entire surface of the teeth.

Today at drugstores you can find a combined paste that solve several problems at once. Many hygiene products at the same time strengthen damaged enamel and destroy disease-causing organisms in the mouth. The use of such toothpastes significantly simplifies the care of the teeth of those patients who are unable to decide on the selection of hygienic means.

Paste the content of calcium and amino

To eliminate tooth decay in the mouth it is recommended to choose not only a toothpaste with a high concentration of fluoride. Good effect gives the use of hygiene products, in which there is calcium, amino and various antiseptic substances.

The main advantage of medicinal paste with amino is the elimination of tooth sensitivity. Remember that you should not use this drug in case if there are no indicators of sensitivity. The fact that this paste is able to mute the initial stage of tooth decay that will require more complex treatment.

Some pasta with amino can be antiseptic components that allow you to achieve a good effect in the elimination of bleeding gums. It is important to remember that it is not necessary to use these pastes for extended periods of time. This is due to the fact that they are not able to eliminate the root cause of the disease, and their long-term use can provoke candidiasis in the mouth.

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Experts advise to use the following types of pastes that contain a high concentration of active substances and extracts of medicinal herbs:

  • Colgate;
  • Siberian berries;
  • Arktikum;
  • Elmeks.

You can select the following calcium-containing toothpaste against caries:

  1. President Unique is one of the best toothpastes against caries, the use of the bark helps to recreate the affected enamel. The composition of such drugs, there are three easily digestible element of calcium. This toothpaste helps no problem to get rid of plaque on teeth, and the presence in its composition xylitol allows in the future to prevent its re-occurrence.
  2. SPLAT biocalcium is a hygienic product with which it is possible to dissolve plaque on the teeth. The cost of this pasta is not high, and this explains its relevance among patients.

Hygiene products with high concentration of calcium to help those patients who suffer from hypersensitivity of the teeth, and there are demineralized areas. For maximum results when using toothpaste is recommended with special care to clean the interdental spaces floss. It is important to perform this procedure at least three minutes, after which rinse the mouth polst with foam or a special fluorinated solution.

Toothpaste with fluoride

Medicinal toothpaste against caries with fluoride has some features which usually should pay attention to when buying. They are considered an excellent anti-inflammatory agent in the fight against tooth decay the teeth. Such minerals may be present in toothpastes in various combinations and proportions that determines the effect.

The pharmacy can buy toothpaste with the content of the following elements:

  • aminophthalide;
  • the fluoride of sodium;
  • monoftorfosfat.

You can find tools to clean the teeth a composition which contains several compounds. The most effective are the following fluoride toothpaste for caries prevention:

  1. PRESIDENT Classic is toothpaste made in Italy, which contains a therapeutic concentration of fluoride. In addition, the composition of such hygiene products is present xylitol, which has a neutralizing effect on the acid in the mouth and has a caries-static effect. Among the components present in the extracts of medicinal herbs, which gives it anti-inflammatory and refreshing effect.
  2. SILCA «Complete Herbal» tooth paste of German production, which are therapeutic dosages of sodium fluoride, urea, various medicinal plants and essential oils.
  3. El-ce med TOTAL CARE is suitable for people of any age, and especially patients after 40 years. As part of a therapeutic toothpaste from tooth decay in large quantities contains sodium fluoride and a special complex, which has a rejuvenating effect on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. Age causes thinning of the mucosa, it is becoming more dry and susceptible to development of inflammation and injury. The presence in the composition of the special component helps to slow down the aging process of the mucosa and enhance local immunity in the oral cavity.
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Additional prophylactic


To avoid the appearance of caries can not only using special toothpastes, but also for other procedures. To prevent the development of dental disease in the oral cavity is recommended:

  • to carry out hygienic measures to care for the oral cavity;
  • after eating be sure to brush your teeth, but if this is not possible, you can use dental gum without sugar content;
  • a good result in removing food remnants between the teeth of such devices, such as toothpicks;
  • to get rid of plaque on teeth, stones and some bacteria is possible with hard vegetables and fruits, which is recommended to drink after a meal.

The main difference between therapeutic toothpastes from prevention is considered to be the presence of high content of active substances.

A good effect such hygienic means give in if they start to apply at the initial stage of caries development, and also as prophylaxis for prevention of various pathologies in the oral cavity.