Toothpaste plaque: paste for hair removal and for removing stone

The key to a beautiful smile is not only a balanced diet and regular visits to the dental office, but meticulous oral hygiene. The last paragraph will help to protect teeth from the formation of ugly Tartar, which not only spoils the appearance, it can cause tooth decay and other diseases. The main factor in the formation of solid deposits is bad cleaning of the teeth. Toothpaste plaque and the correct technique will help keep healthy teeth.

What is calculus

Probably everyone noticed the bright grains in the plaque on tooth surfaces after 5-6 hours after cleaning or after sleep. This soft substance contains destroyed food particles, dead cells of the mucous membranes of the mouth, bacteria and some mineral elements (calcium, iron, phosphorus). Plaque is easy to remove with a brush or solid foods (apples, pears, cucumbers).

If a person regularly leaves on the teeth plaque, it accumulates at their base and starts to stick due to slime, and then hardening due to the mineral elements. In the end, the people formed a solid stone on enamel, which is to remove yourself is almost impossible.

The causes of stone formation

To stone formation on the teeth can be several reasons:

  • constant neglect of oral hygiene;
  • solid water, the abuse of salt in food;
  • the predominance in the diet of soft foods without solid fibers;
  • the usage of poor quality tooth-brushes and pastes;
  • the metabolism of mineral elements in the body;
  • chronic diseases of the oral cavity (stomatitis, caries).

It is important to understand that calculus alone can not be removed, as it is fastened to the enamel and dissolve it only at the dentist, this procedure not only is expensive but also increases the sensitivity of the teeth.

To avoid solid growths helps toothpaste against dental plaque and Tartar, which has a special composition that thoroughly removes plaque from the teeth and prevents the accumulation and hardening.

Paste plaque

An important role in the prevention of formation of dental calculus is played by the toothpaste, it should include components that effectively dissolve plaque on the enamel that prevents the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and soothing the gums. If a person has a predisposition to the formation of solid clusters on enamel, it is better to consult a dentist and find the right hygiene products. If you just want to prevent the emergence of Tartar on the teeth, it is possible to learn about toothpaste and to choose something for themselves.

Pasta Radonta

Topping the list of pastes for removing Tartar Radonta, the effectiveness of which has been recognized by many dentists. Plus, this hygienic means that it requires different care in the morning and the evening. For brushing your teeth in the morning, use the paste Redonda, it effectively dissolves the plaque formed during sleep, but also permanently protects the enamel from the accumulation of food particles and bacteria. Session evening cleaning used gel Radonta, which thoroughly washes away from the tooth surface accumulated during the day of the RAID, and its plant ingredients gently soothe gums.

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Pasta Radonta used not only for prevention of dental calculus, but also for the care of the oral cavity after removal or during treatment of caries, because it has an antibacterial effect.

Paste Jason

Paste Jason — the American guest of pharmacies, which has been put there recently. It includes active calcium and fluoride that strengthen the teeth and prevent the accumulation of salts in the RAID. Pasta is cheap, but the price is reasonably another advantage, Jason does not contain harsh preservatives, so the normal microflora of the oral cavity does not suffer during brushing. Many dentists recommend Jason toothpaste for removing Tartar on the early stages when they are still plastic.

New pearl

Discussing toothpaste to remove plaque and plastic deposits on the teeth can not forget about the New pearls and hygienic means of Russian production, which effectively fights for a healthy smile person. The structure of this means includes active calcium and fluoride, which protects enamel from deposits of salts and plant extracts, soothing the gums and gently whitening teeth.

Paste Dabur Gvozdika

Fans of such spices as cloves, suitable paste Dabur «Pink», composed mainly of only natural ingredients, it practically does not contain surfactants, preservatives and dyes, but it copes with the removal of plaque. Dabur Gvozdika not only cleans the mouth, but gradually normalizes the composition of the microflora, heals wounds in the mucous membranes.

Sea Fresh

Sea Fresh is another effective fighter against Tartar and gingivitis. This toothpaste contains in its composition calcium fluoride, extracts of seaweed, and the extract from the seeds of grapefruit, which is a natural antibacterial substance, it mildly inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria and some fungi in the oral cavity.

Because of the reduced content of SLS toothpaste Sea Fresh is not so much foam, but it reduces the abrasive action on the mucous membranes in the mouth who suffer from surfactant in a cheap, hygienic means.


The name of the pasta speaks for itself, the composition of hygiene products Silver contained not only the ions of calcium and fluorine, but also the molecules of silver, which Polish the teeth, removing plaque and staining substances from the teeth. Also Silver has a strong antibacterial effect, so this toothpaste can be recommended for the prevention of not only solids, but also of tooth decay.

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This paste contains silver ions as the previous one, so it effectively cleans the tooth surface from plaque and disinfects the oral cavity, removing pathogenic bacteria. Sesitive toothpaste is suitable for those with sensitive enamel, which is easy to get hurt while cleaning, it also accelerates the healing of minor wounds, reduces inflammation.


Completes the list of effective toothpastes to prevent dental calculus Determin — tool, containing in its composition calcium fluoride and Zirconia, which has a polishing effect, it gently cleans plaque and whitens the enamel, which slightly changes color under the influence of tea and coffee. Pasta Demartin in its composition contains essential oils that inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms in the mouth and freshen the breath.

What you need to know about pasta

Many people believe that the acquisition of toothpaste against plaque would be sufficient to preserve the health of a smile, but they do not take into account that:

  • toothpaste from Tartar on the teeth will help dissolve and remove the enamel already formed and hardened accumulation of plaque;
  • toothpaste against dental stones are only valid in the complex, that is, without the correct technique of brushing and proper diet cannot fully protect a smile;
  • toothpaste will protect from stone only with regular use 2-3 times a day;
  • pick up hygienic product to prevent the formation of dental stones must be given their own problems with the oral cavity (weak gums, bad breath, tooth decay, enamel darkening), not for reviews;
  • people who regularly observe oral hygiene and have no tendency to the formation of Tartar on the teeth, it is not necessary to constantly use toothpaste for the prevention of solid deposits, it is better to do it courses 1-2 times per year.


From the above we can understand that toothpaste plaque is not a panacea from all the diseases of the oral cavity, it should be used only when necessary or for courses prevention.

How to use a paste of Tartar

If you just apply the toothpaste of Tartar and slightly rubbed it with a brush — effect is not worth waiting, because the active ingredients simply will not cover the entire surface of the enamel and will not be able to protect her. Brushing your teeth with the use of funds from solid deposits need to correct using a few simple steps:

  1. The paste should be applied on the toothbrush and gently distribute the light movement on the surface of all the teeth from the outside. Don’t need to use too much because the excess foam could damage the mucous membranes and enamel.
  2. After applying hygienic means for all teeth in a circular motion to walk 5-7 times completely around the dentition. It is necessary to separately clean each jaw, reaching to the edges of the dentition.
  3. When the external surface of the teeth will be cleaned, you need a sweeping motion to clean them from the inside. It is on the inner surface of stronger accumulate food debris and bacteria, so Tartar occurs there.
  4. We should not forget about the tops of the teeth, which also can form stones, fully it is necessary to walk 3-5 times.
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During brushing it is important to raise brush all the teeth (many people during this procedure do not affect the brush extreme painters, especially at the top, so there is a faster decay and Tartar). The edges of the dentition should be massage brush for 20-30 seconds each.

After brushing, rinse your mouth to wash away the remnants of the foaming components of the paste. It is better to use boiled pooled water, because it contains less minerals that can Deposit on the enamel.

The purification procedure of the oral cavity can be completed with a rinse using chamomile, celandine or sage — these herbs soothe gums, promote healing of wounds, and the last plant has antibacterial action.

Toothpaste to protect enamel from plaque it is necessary to use 2-3 times a day, preferably after application do not eat or drink 30-40 minutes for active components means has completed its action. But we shouldn’t brush your teeth more often 4 times a day, it will istonic the enamel to irritate the gums.

Hard water, irregular oral hygiene, poor nutrition and disorders of mineral metabolism in the body contribute to the formation of Tartar, which spoils the appearance of the enamel can cause tooth decay and tooth loss. To protect the oral cavity will help the pasta from hardened deposits of plaque, but it is not only the right to choose, but to use, because there are no hygiene will not help if poor quality to clean teeth.