Ulcer on the gums of the child, treatment

Ulcer on the gums, the child generally not perceived by parents as a serious problem. Most often, this phenomenon does not pose a risk to life, however, improper treatment can cause the appearance of severe complications. In many cases, purulent pouch in the gums requires a surgical intervention.


Daily in the human oral cavity accumulates a huge number of bacteria, which under the influence of unfavorable factors can get into the deep layers of the gingival tissues. The result begins to develop inflammation, and suppuration appear. Ulcers on the gums externally represent white bump with sore red contours.

Most often the factor that may provoke the formation of an abscess on the gums in infants or older child is tooth decay. In the absence of timely treatment of the teeth begins to develop a pulpitis, which is characterized by inflammation of dental nerves. Over time it becomes periodontitis. In this case, the inflammatory process affects not only the visible part of the tooth, but the tip of the root.

If you get an infection in the pulp is the accumulation of white blood cells and dead cells, which dental canals run through the bone and penetrate below the surface of the mucous membrane of the gums. In this case, may develop an inflammatory process that affects the area between the tooth and gum. This is due to the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms in the dental pouch, resulting in the development of gingivitis, gradually turning into periodontitis.

Abscess in children can be formed in the upper jaw and lower. The location of the inflammation depends on which teeth were affected by caries. The most common causes of this disease are:

  • a failure in the endocrine system;
  • pathology of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • improper diet;
  • the use in food of poor water quality;
  • genetic predisposition to dental diseases;
  • violation of the rules of oral hygiene;
  • pathological processes in connective tissues;
  • decreased salivation;
  • mechanical trauma to the gingival tissues;
  • reducing the protective functions of the body;
  • increased looseness of the gingival tissue;
  • the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms due to the removal of the tooth;
  • improper execution of the procedure of dental filling.
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All these reasons can lead to the ingress of infection in the root apex of the tooth, which in turn is accompanied by abscess. In some cases, the abscess can rupture on their own, then on the surface of the gums appears a fistula (a hole leading to the inflamed tissues).

The symptoms and possible complications

At the initial stage of pathology development the child may complain of a sense of fullness in the area of the tooth, which often is accompanied by painful sensations. During this period, the gum forms a small cone of red color, inside of which begins to accumulate pus. As the progression of inflammation, the tumor has a white shade. The General condition of the child gradually begins to deteriorate. There is an increase in body temperature, loss of appetite, increased nervous excitability.

If untreated at this stage of the disease, white tumour on the gums may burst. After this comes the relief, the pain begins to subside, and overall health improves. But we should not think that the disease has receded, as the home purulent inflammation remains nasyrovym. At the slightest failure of the immune system again starts the inflammatory process, accompanied by the formation of a white pustule on the gums. It is therefore very important in the detection of abscess to consult a doctor at the earliest opportunity.

As ulcers on the tooth are the accumulation of pathogenic microorganisms, reducing the protective functions of the organism and the lack of adequate treatment can lead to the following unpleasant consequences:

  1. If the abscess appeared near milk teeth, the progression of the inflammatory process can cause the lack of growth of permanent teeth.
  2. Often, violations occur in the development of the jaw bones, which leads to occlusion.
  3. Prolonged inflammation is a violation of the protective functions of the organism, resulting in the development of allergies.
  4. In severe cases, observed the development of diseases of periodontal tissue such as periodontal disease.
  5. The frequent recurrence of the pathology leading to premature loss of deciduous teeth, which causes impaired growth of the indigenous.
  6. If you do not resolve the infection in time, pathogens can get into other organs (eyes, veins, mediastinum).
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If the infection gets into the venous system may develop thrombophlebitis, which often spreads to the sinuses and skull base. Additionally, infection of blood and bone, which in turn leads to septicemia and osteomyelitis. Infection of this nature is quite easily penetrates into the region of the tonsils, causing tonsillitis.

Methods of treatment

Not all parents know what to do if a child on the gums appeared a pustule. You first need to remember that it is strictly forbidden to carry out treatment independently without the consent of a doctor. To establish an accurate diagnosis and effectively cure the disease can only be a specialist, therefore, should be to visit the dentist. Do not forget that even a small abscess can lead to serious consequences, threatening the health and sometimes life.

In most cases, the abscess can be treated with surgery, which is carried out in stationary conditions with the help of special tools.

Before visiting the doctor can only relieve the unpleasant symptoms. In this case effective are the following procedures:

  • Applying ice to the patient the gums will help relieve swelling and reduce pain.
  • Rinsing the oral cavity with the use of various antiseptic medicines. For this you can use a solution of potassium permanganate, a weak concentration, furatsilina, or decoctions of herbs.
  • Eating the food, you need to follow to meet normal temperature and consistency (not too hot or cold, very hard).
  • To reduce intoxication, you should drink plenty of fluids.
  • If the pain is unbearable in nature, you should take painkillers, for example, caution or Ketorol.

In the presence of the gum ulcer should apply a comprehensive treatment that includes the use of different methods.Very often, an abscess is formed near the root of the milk or permanent teeth. The patient tooth needs to be removed as purulent growth in the future may hinder the growth of the indigenous. In addition, pathogens may penetrate to the submandibular lymph nodes and cause their inflammation.

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Regular pus from the fistula can lead to an inflammatory process in the tonsils, which in turn causes the development of chronic sore throat type. As a result of a child plagued by constant sore throat and colds. Pathogens often get in the bloodstream. Under their influence, reduced the protective functions of the body, resulting in allergies, respiratory diseases etc.

Once on the gums near the molar tooth of a child has formed a bump with a white content diagnosed periodontitis. In this case, the method of treatment is the same as in adults.

To self-medicate and use of traditional medicines is strictly prohibited, as these funds not only will not bring the desired effect, but will aggravate the situation, provoking the appearance of serious consequences and complications.


To prevent the formation of pus formation on the gums of the child, you need to follow some rules. The first thing to teach your child how to properly brush your teeth. The cleaning procedure should be carried out in 3 minutes and in any case should not miss, especially at night, otherwise the teeth will accumulate plaque, which contains a large number of microbes. After each meal is recommended to rinse your mouth with clean water or a special rinsing agents. Most of the oral diseases associated with poor hygiene, it is therefore very important to accustom the child to regular brushing.


It should be remembered that even the smallest ulcer in the mouth can lead to serious consequences, therefore, if you notice this phenomenon it is mandatory to seek help from a specialist.