Why toothache after removal of the nerve and filling channels

Why toothache after removal of the nerve and sealing of the channels is not always clear to the common man, not the dentist.

Try to understand the reasons of appearance of unpleasant symptoms, also give advice on the step-by-step actions.

Natural pain

Teeth can hurt and without nerves, because when you remove from the root canal, extracted only a part, a branch from the main nerve bundle.

And all of these ligaments can answer for the whole body or jaw, and therefore give pain in places such as:

  • eye;
  • ear;
  • jaw;
  • the gums.

In the separation of the nerve trunk occurs from tissue damage, which is invisible during anesthesia and cleaning of channels, but over time the anesthesia wears off and the pain appear.

Pain after stopping of channels called postprobationary, sometimes they are stored up to a week and there are periods during meals and touching the tooth. Such manifestations are not associated with the professionalism of the dentist and are valid after the intervention in the internal part of the tooth.

The problem is arbitrary pain if they occur in the evening and at night and do not allow them to rest and sleep. Sometimes deteriorating health and lost appetite.

The tool can pass out through the canal of the tooth and cause a hematoma at the top. It will hurt when pressed, when the jaws are compressed, should not lead to discomfort and lasts more than 2 days.

Errors in the treatment of

Doctors are using new techniques and modern equipment when removing nerves and filling of root canals, but it does happen and unexpected situation:

  • insufficient filling in case of insufficient filling of the tooth canal in the beginning does not bother, the effect of imaginary well-being, but he’s sure to remind yourself after a while. The consequence of such errors is the occurrence of a cyst or granuloma at the root, which leads to the resection problem tooth;
  • the hole in the root and the material outside the channel — if infected tissue is going to be the tip of the root, the surrounding bone will become inflamed, and the tooth will ache and react to hot immediately after the treatment;
  • the ingress of foreign bodies into the canal — sometimes filling material outside the root and the patient has pain, the tooth are concerned in the same day. You can see this with a computer or x-ray. Remain discomfort for several months, it depends on the material, its quantity and reaction to a foreign body. Modern methods of application of gutta-percha pins and thermafil system in order to prevent unpleasant consequences.
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Tough for the doctors break off the handle of the tool in the channel, some panic, but you need to correct the error and save the tooth. If you leave the chip in the channel of the tooth will certainly hurt. The inability to get to the top will not allow normal processing and flush the canal or sealed to fill filling paste.

Other reasons

Among other unpleasant sensations that overtake patients after procleaning of channels, can be:

  1. Allergic to filling material, the first may appear a strong pain already when filling the canal with paste to stop pain difficult even for powerful painkillers. Discloses a reaction and swelling of the gums, especially if the tool has gone beyond the root. Swelling may cheek and lip, it all depends on the degree of exposure to the allergen. The gums continue to swell and the swelling lasts a week, and a strong pain occurs after clicking on the tooth. With such manifestations is violated a full meal by the patient. Allergy may first make itself felt when working with channels, so dentists are in the dark, why toothache after removal of the nerve and the degree of pain is not reduced.
  2. The inflammatory process.
  3. The soft tissue damage.

If the damage to the gums during treatment or presence of an inflammatory process associated with destruction of the tooth, pain may persist. Apply antiseptic solution to rinse, local lotions and even antibiotics on prescription.

Sometimes one may experience pain in the adjacent teeth, but the feeling that bothers you just sealed. An experienced dentist will make a thorough check of the surrounding tissue and identify the problem areas after the treatment which will disappear unpleasant symptoms.

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What if toothache after removal of the nerve and sealing?

When a sore tooth after removal of the nerve and canal filling, the pain can be relieve the popular methods. Here are some effective recipes:

  • rinse containing iodine and salt — in a glass of heat water take from 2 to 5 drops of iodine and a teaspoon of salt or baking soda. With this solution several times rinse your mouth in the area of the treated tooth. Pay attention to whether the pain subsides after a time or it worsens;
  • apply a cotton pad moistened with tincture of Valerian or lemon balm;
  • chamomile, yarrow, sage, and calendula can relieve the inflammation if you make a decoction or infusion of these herbs;
  • moisten a cotton swab with a few drops of pine oil and apply to the tooth without touching the gums to avoid burning. Keep this compress for 10 minutes;
  • relieve pain will help the ice cube that you want to keep, until it is completely melted. But for the best effect useful freeze the broth and use the healing cubes with cooling effect;
  • clove oil — you need to handle the problematic place with a bandage or cotton swab.

Use alternative methods: massage the ear from the patient’s teeth, stretch the area between your thumb and index finger, apply to the sore spot lard or a plate of propolis.

When traditional remedies are ineffective or want to get rid of pain, analgesics: Tempalgin, Nurofen, Analgin, Baralgin, Ketorol, Ketanov, I, Deksalgin. Try not to exceed the recommended dose of the drug and to meet deadlines in between. Overdose can result in the occurrence of complications.

The possible consequences and how to avoid them?

After removal of the nerve and sealing of the channels you will experience some discomfort when biting, but still it’s necessary to eat, albeit slowly, but from hot and very cold food will have to be abandoned for some time. Here are a few tips:

  • better to chew on the opposite side, allowing the sealed teeth to relax;
  • do not eat sweet and sour food;
  • prefer liquid meals and soft in consistency.
  • if you smoke, for a few days, refrain from this habit, and best of all permanently.
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Further questions

► How many of a sore tooth after removal of the nerve?

It can be disturbed from a few hours up to 2 weeks. Usually the pain goes away within a few days if there are no complications and no allergic reactions to medicines.

► Removed the nerve, sore gums – what to do?

If the pain is not intense enough to take painkillers and wait. If the pain does not pass and is added to swelling, you must consult your doctor.

► Began to hurt sealed the tooth with a remote nerve a month later or a year

Such pain can occur during poor disinfection of channels or insufficient filling cavities with a filling material. Find out why on an x-ray or CT examination. In case of confirmation must rasprobovat channels and to repeat this procedure.

► Nerve pain after removal of wisdom teeth

This is normal, because the damaged tissue surrounding the tooth that affects the nerves and blood vessels. The pain should recede within days. If it persists, it indicates the accession of infection and the presence of inflammation, should the appointment of special medicines and disinfection of the affected area.